Report: Rolando McClain has codeine addiction

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With Cowboys linebacker Rolando McClain suspended 10 games to start the season and absent from the team, a new report explains that his problems arise not from marijuana but from a supposed codeine addiction.

Brandon George of the Dallas Morning News reports that McClain’s most recent positive test was for opiates not marijuana metabolites. George also reports that McClain has a codeine addiction, arising from the concoction known as “purple drank” — a mixture of cough syrup and Sprite.

Technically, the information reported by the Dallas Morning News shouldn’t be publicly known, but the confidentiality provision of the substance-abuse policy routinely is violated, often by the league itself through reports appearing on league-owned media. That’s likely why the Cowboys officially are mum on McClain.

“Even we don’t know all the details,” Cowboys executive V.P. Stephen Jones said Tuesday. “We just don’t know.”

Unofficially, someone knows — and someone is talking.

The talk includes speculation that McClain may not want to play football any longer. Even if he does, McClain needs to choose football over whatever substances that are causing him to test positive. He consistently hasn’t, which means that his career is far closer to the end than the beginning.

89 responses to “Report: Rolando McClain has codeine addiction

  1. Doesn’t matter if this is true…this is gossip.

    Yes, players know that their lives will be exposed when they’re in the limelight, but that doesn’t mean it has to be this way.

  2. Codine & Sprite? What a stupid combo, I can here it now:
    Sorry Rolando, all out of Sprite…7-up ok?

  3. misterplowthatnameagainismisterplow says:
    Aug 2, 2016 6:18 PM
    Jerry’s team is having a bout as good a week as the Donald is.
    Same team – Jerry Jones is a big Trump man

  4. Stay away from drafting Mobile based students, russell, mcclain, cousins …. something in the attitude.

  5. I have family members battling with addiction and I have seen the toll it can take not only on the person but their loved ones. I am hoping he can over come his issue. I am sure he has plenty of resources. Good luck

  6. Nothing like those Hippa ” rules for the NFL players.
    As to McClain one had to think something was up when he
    disappeared in the last 6 weeks of the offseason. Apparently he had
    more than a custody battle keeping him off the field. When he returned he looked awful. I bet he was at least 285.
    Despite his entitled manner, I still hope he can overcome his addition and straighten out his life. Playing in NFL is ways down
    on the priority list.

  7. Jerry needs to retire and let his son put him in a ALF. It is where feeble minded old folks spend there last days.

  8. Also gained 40lbs as well? McClain is done with football. Hopefully he gets clean. The only future for drug addicts are prison or early deaths from OD.

  9. Total Chaos says:

    “Jerry needs to retire and let his son put him in a ALF. It is where feeble minded old folks spend there last days.”


    After all, Jerrah is a Trump man. lol

  10. I wouldn’t even dirty up a glass to mix up something that dumb sounding. Even I have more class than that.

  11. He’s probably already broke and will expect people to feel sorry for him. Sorry, he’s a loser and nobody should feel sorry for him. I don’t understand these idiots willing to throw away an NFL career (and all the millions that come with it).

  12. Make no jokes about it, codeine is one hell of an addiction to have as I know from personal experience…..very hard to break and once you do can never touch it again

  13. Sad because everyone on here seems to be judging him but it’s NFL’s team doctors that were probably prescribing it to him for football pains and then he got dependent on it. Guess we will never know. But I think this is a real problem in America with their lack of help for pain management

  14. If you ignore all my posts read this one.

    The NFL will preach it as cough syrup and it was only his fault.

    What got him in the substance abuse program?

    What do team doctors prefer?

    Is codeine a painkiller?
    One of the strongest.

    Bash McLain all you want and as a Dallas fan it sucks bc I know how gifted he is and actually a very bright guy, substance abuse can’t be controlled even by smart people.

    Marijuana should be legalized for all players. Doesn’t matter who your political party is, Republicans smoke plenty too.

  15. dwilkinson1968 says:
    Aug 2, 2016 7:25 PM

    Total Chaos says:

    “Jerry needs to retire and let his son put him in a ALF. It is where feeble minded old folks spend there last days.”


    After all, Jerrah is a Trump man. lol
    Jerry Jones has done more in his life than both of you could do with your limited intellect in 20 lifetimes.

  16. Again….

    This team is a such a train wreck, disaster!

    Never have been , Never will be America’s Team!

    They’re the clown — Jerry’s team and that’s as far as it has ever gone!

  17. As easy as it seems to pile on McClain because of his attitude, work ethic, and what teams he has played on lets not forget that he’s still a person no matter where he ranks socially. I’m a drug counselor and codeine addiction is no laughing matter. The withdrawal and detox from codeine is especially painful and can lead to death. It is a really underrated drug when it comes to how severe the addiction can become. A lot of these football players especially McClain have had a really bad childhood that some posters on here may not even imagine living through. Money can’t buy you happiness and peace, you have to go back and make amends and it seems like McClain hasn’t done that and has demons just like the rest of us.

    By the way I am in no shape or form a cowboys fan it’s just kind of sad to see people rooting for a guy to fall just because of what team he is on. He has tried to better himself, he left millions on the table from the Ravens in order to do so.

  18. NFL – Opiate addiction is just fine !

    But the CBD products of evil week, that have no psychoactive effect and are not addictive, they are the most evil substance a player can put in his body.


    Goodell and his vile cronies must go

  19. All of America is addicted to narcotics. Everyone can judge if they want, but a lot of our healthcare policy is being driven by big pharma and that is a big problem. It’s not funny in the slightest.
    RIP casualties of the fake American drug war.

  20. If it’s not one thing, it is another thing with this guy! Kick him out of the NFL period! He is a marginal player and person at best!

  21. why is it when a player gets caught using a drug, they immediately have a crippling addiction and must go to rehab? every single time.

  22. We lost the big pharmacy war when the genius republicans decided it was OK to advertise prescription drugs directly to consumers. What a racket.

  23. So many people act like giving up opiates/opioids is a piece of cake. Why do you think so many players get addicted? Favre said he was taking like 12 vicodin a day. Well vicodin has an opioid in it. This is serious stuff. Most people who get addicted to heroin start off with pills for pain. Then their Rx runs out or the cost of buying pills on the street gets way too expensive and they go to the much cheaper fix-heroin. But keep making fun of all of these people. If it’s that easy to get off of it, start a drug rehab facility and preach the good word for $50,000 a client. “But you shouldn’t have ever gotten addicted in the first place you idiot!” I can hear it now.

  24. “babygaga” Rolando and Jamarcus were total bros while they were on the Raiders right. Rolando was drafted on April 22, 2010 and Jamarcus was cut May 6, 2010, oh ya they were best buds-they we’re never on the field together troll…

  25. kevpft says:
    Aug 2, 2016 5:24 PM

    Can’t believe the Cowboys didn’t make a major push for him. I have no idea what they’re thinking.

    I agree. The Cowboys have half the D line either suspended or injured and they don’t sign a guy with his credentials? Yes he’s on the downside but he’s never taken a play off that I can see. Cowboys are a joke as we all know or Freeney has better sense than to sign with Jerrah!

  26. Hey JJ, generally when you wash out of the Raiders you have hit the rock bottom basement floor and there is nothing left worth salvaging. Let him go. We know, he was beautiful to you. Everybody sing!!

  27. Opiates are downers, literally. They suppress the central nervous system. That said, why are we looking to punish a guy because he likes to suppress his central nervous system?
    Alcohol is a downer, literally. It suppresses the central nervous system. That said, what is the basis of criticism from the commentariat?
    Sorry. When one’s off-the-job afflictions will eventually impede one’s on-the-job achievements, that should be a self-regulating environment. If this guy is “addicted” to codeine, and can perform the duties of his job, why should we care? Why should the league care?

  28. …but the confidentiality provision of the substance-abuse policy routinely is violated, often by the league itself…

    More often by the player and/or his agent, who take advantage of the League’s confidentiality in order to put out their own version of the truth, knowing the League can’t/won’t refute it. I know you’re mad because your buddy is a lousy agent and losing business because of it, but that doesn’t make everything that happens the League’s fault.

  29. I sip syrup keep ballin. I sip so much codeine im aboht to fall asleep..

    Thats a song lol by Riff Raff on his Peach Panther Album…

    People love that stuff… I understand the rappers like Lil Wayne and Riff Raff that party and perform.. But these football players its the opposite reaction of what their body needs. You cant slow down and not be able to think and be in football shape.. One thing after another with McClain. I thought he was starting to turn the corner but obviously not..

  30. JaMarcus set us Raiders back 10 years, this guy added an additional 5 years. SMH. Stick to hydrocodone and oxycodone. At least you’ll go out like Ryan Leaf and not take the whole team down with you.

  31. Hey Yo! Don’t forget Justin Bieber be rappin’ bout that lean yo! Somethin’ like “Skinny jeans an lean always git me down🎶🎵🎵. “.

  32. “McClain needs to choose football over whatever substances that are causing him to test positive.”

    There’s always the chance that something will happen to Goodell and the players will be free of his shackles.

  33. I would not call him stupid. Substance abuse is real and becoming addicted to opioids is very easy, I think these doctors need to be held accountable also for given opioids out like regular Tylenol

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