Muscle tightness leads to early practice exit for Alshon Jeffery

Getty Images

It can be easy to overreact to news of a player suffering a bump, bruise or other physical setback during training camp and that’s especially true when the player getting nicked has a recent history of injuries.

Bears wide receiver Alshon Jeffery falls into that group after a 2015 season that saw Jeffery miss seven games while dealing with muscle injuries in his legs. As a result, it catches the eye when there’s any hint that Jeffery might be dealing with them again.

There was just such a hint on Wednesday. Jeffery left practice early with what coach John Fox described, via Adam Jahns of the Chicago Sun-Times, described as muscle tightness. Fox isn’t known for being forthcoming with injury information, so it’s not a great surprise that he passed on the chance to share which muscle is bothering Jeffery although he did say that the heat was a consideration in shutting him down for the day.

There’s a fair chance that means there won’t be any lasting impact, but Jeffery’s history and the role last year’s injuries played in his inability to land a long-term contract will keep eyes on the situation until he’s back on the field.