49ers quarterback competition “just getting started”

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The two candidates have stark differences, in style, pedigree, career accomplishments, recent performances, and offseason desire to play for the 49ers. But Blaine Gabbert, a failed first-round pick who has positioned himself to become the starter, and Colin Kaepernick, a second-rounder-turned-Super-Bowl-starter-turned-one-of-the-best-ever-turned-disappointment-turned-trade-bait, are in a legitimate and genuine quarterback competition.

Via Matt Maiocco of CSNBayArea.com, offensive coordinator Curtis Modkins says the battle for the starting job is “just getting started.”

“Kap’s done a good job. He was very visible in the spring, he was around here, doing all he could do,” Modkins said, referring to the fact that Kaepernick wasn’t cleared to practice in the offseason.

“He’s done all we’ve asked him to do so far,” Modkins added. “The competition is really just getting started. I’ve seen him from afar for a long time. He’s a good player. And I think he’s right on track.”

It’s a surprising turn of events, given that Kaepernick wanted out and the team accommodated his wanderlust by letting him meet twice with the Broncos. Forced together by a fully-guaranteed $12 million salary that no one wanted to assume and that Kaepernick didn’t want to reduce, the ingredients have been placed in the bowl and both sides are hoping that, when the mixing is done, chicken salad may emerge.

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  1. Who would have thought chip jelly is in this one area better than hue Jackson? Chip is being smart and letting this thing play out while hue is itching to name a starter because of this tired belief that your starter needs all these “meaningful” reps with the ones with no pads and required walk throughs where you literally walk. In 2012 Pete Carroll let Wilson, Flynn and Tavaris Jackson split reps until week 3 of the preseason and everyone was ripping him for it. That team was 23 seconds away from the NFC championship game. The niners have about as good a chance as the Browns to have that kinda season but chip is doing the right thing here. #everybody does and will for awhile have it better than you #22yearsandcounting

  2. So they’re slightly disfigured and connected at the head. But combined, those two make up one pretty decent chick.

    Not Another QB Competition.

    Summer 2016
    Rated R

  3. Kaepernick came into the NFL during the lockout, so there was no pre-season his first year. Since Alex Smith had Harbaugh’s playbook during the lockout, and was able to hold workouts with all the players, Harbaugh allowed him to run a very conservative offence that first season. Harbaugh switched QB as soon as he had an opportunity, and Kaepernick came a whisker away from winning the super bowl his first season as QB. His second season he came another whisker away from winning his second NFC championship. This kid was two whiskers away from being a two time super bowl winner. And then the 49ers got the new stadium deal done and Harbaugh’s feet got pulled out from under him. Control of the organization was transferred from Harbaugh to others. The 49ers immediately returned to their pre-Harbaugh form, and the wheels came off the cart. Many great players saw this trainwreck and bolted for the doors. Now all the sudden Kaepernick can’t play football??? Wow, do I have a bridge for sale.

  4. Both are capable of running Kelly’s offense, but Kap has proven that with a steady O-line and competent receivers he can take the team deep into the playoffs. I’m excited to see how it pans out.

    As with any Niner article, we can count on our resident trolls from the northwest with their inferiority complex. 5 > 1

    GO NINERS!!!

  5. bert1913 says:
    Aug 4, 2016 5:17 PM

    these 2 Santa Clara 49er qb’s should be competing for a back up on a good team


    Does coming from a PODUNK town make you jealous that a suburb of San Francisco is still better than your home?

  6. Both of them are in the top half of the league as far as starting QBs are concerned. Gabbert has more upside because he’s younger, smarter, and just as good an athlete, so I’m pretty sure he wins the job. The one thing Kaepernick has on his side is that contract, which has been shown on the open market to be twice as big as it should be. Without that and his injury/surgery scam to guarantee the contract for this season he wouldn’t even be around.

  7. Gabbert has the talent and will be the startet no doubt. He can run as well. He’s not an all pro but Kap cannot hit the broad side of the a barn with a pass. For what Chip Kelly does, Gabbert will work

  8. braceyourselffor12 says:
    Aug 4, 2016 5:23 PM
    bert1913 says:
    Aug 4, 2016 5:17 PM

    these 2 Santa Clara 49er qb’s should be competing for a back up on a good team


    Does coming from a PODUNK town make you jealous that a suburb of San Francisco is still better than your home?

    9 1

    Dont insult Santa Clara. It is not a suburb of SF. It’s 60 miles away…and the richest county in the US.
    It’s not a sanctuary city cesspool……not yet at least

  9. Kap has proven to be an option qb. Neither Harbaugh or Warner could squeeze anything out of him. They should of kept Alex Smith; at least he can lead a team to the playoffs and keep his starting job. Kap is a one trick pony and can’t read as he drops back. Gabert will be the starter because he has something he has never had before, good coaching. 49ers, 9 & 7.

  10. Qb competition just getting started?

    How embarrassing to be a Santa Clara fan. Most of them are norteño cholos that don’t know much about football but at least their jerseys match their red bandanas…….

  11. So basically Santa Clara 49er fans The question posed- Gabbert or Kaepernick

    Would you rather die by Electric chair or Lethal Injection?

  12. braceyourselffor12 says:
    Aug 4, 2016 4:40 PM

    we can count on our resident trolls from the northwest with their inferiority complex. 5 > 1
    Ah, Yes! You must be referring to the 1-2’s.

  13. I get Oakland and Seattle’s inferiority complex with San Francisco and thus the Niners.

    Oakland has played second fiddle to San Francisco since its’ inception and Seattle is the red headed step child everyone forgets about. As Al Michaels once said “Seattle … to the rest of the country, might as well be in Bulgaria”.

    The Oakland/San Antonio/Carson/Las Vegas Faiders haven’t even had a winning season in over 12 years. And much like a lesser sibling Seattle needs to constantly poke at it’s older better brother for attention that it craves, but at the end of the day 5>1.

  14. Please, fool me once,…….. First the gm would not trade kaperdink. Second he went out and brought chip kelly who develops running qb’s. Gabby will end up on the bench be ause he cant execute chips plays and kaperdink tzkes over. He may very well excel and have a great year. Gabby is trade bait.

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