How long will Marvin Harrison’s speech be?

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Every year, the speech from one of the new Hall of Fame inductees takes way too long. That likely won’t happen this year with former Colts receiver Marvin Harrison.

During his career, Harrison rarely spoke. At his Hall of Fame induction, he’s not expected to say much.

Former teammate Robert Mathis, who’ll play in the Hall of Fame game on Sunday night, gave on Thursday an estimate as to the length of the speech: “What is the average? 10 minutes? Seven minutes tops. Five-to-seven minutes.”

Even at an estimate of only five minutes, take the under. And then Harrison can yield the balance of his time to the gentleman from Hattiesburg.

19 responses to “How long will Marvin Harrison’s speech be?

  1. He is a murderer. He should get up there, plead the 5th, then walk off. No way this bum belongs in the hall of fame

  2. Marvin Harrison and Pete Rose. PFT should write an article about the stark contrast between the two Hall of Fames of each sport.

  3. I don’t care,since it should’ve been T. O. instead of him making it. Ppl always talk about character,being part of vetting process,but he wasn’t retired when he shot/killed man(even though not charged). T.O. produced better stats,but b/c writers thought he was a bad teammate(unproven) he’s the “bad guy”

  4. smelltheglove2 says:
    Aug 4, 2016 11:08 PM
    Hall of pretty good. Not a hall of famer in my book.
    Don’t look at stats very often, do ya……….

  5. “T.O. produced better stats…” (and similar stats-based arguments)
    But it isn’t a Hall of Stats, it’s a Hall of FAME. The two are of course interconnected but aren’t the same. And you don’t need a hall to see who tops the stats, you just need a book/list. The other point is that the stats are often very limited – for example, all receivers are pretty much considered only on receptions/yds/scores but not blocking, which in the case of a slot receiver or a tight end can be half their job. Then there’s the defender with not-quite-top stats but who was a long-standing captain and a top field-marshall of the defense, or might have always held the locker-room together and always helped the rookies, and so on. It is, after all, A TEAM sport. Then there are the true all-rounders who only get listed under one stat category or another, but there hasn’t been a true one of them since Troy Brown retired. But my biggest complaints with the HoF is that half the time it seems to come down to who has the best media profile after they retire – and because it is a team sport and all too often you are onlt as good as your teammates. Marvin was great, but would he be a candidate if he’d had Rex Grossman instead of Peyton as a QB? Probably not.

  6. smelltheglove2 says:
    Aug 4, 2016 11:08 PM
    Hall of pretty good. Not a hall of famer in my book.
    What an embarrassing comment.

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