Jeff Fisher refers to Case Keenum as Rams’ “starter”

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Rams coach Jeff Fisher capped his Wednesday press conference explaining that Hard Knocks isn’t a distraction for his team.

“The players are out here to help win games and to improve, not to make a movie. They’re not actors, they’re players,” Fisher said. It’s still unknown whether Fisher, when it comes to his eventual quarterback depth chart, is acting and not coaching.

Earlier in the session, Fisher was asked to address the performance during practice of quarterback Case Keenum.

“He made some really good throws,” Fisher said. “I mean, some really good throws throughout practice. That’s what you expect out of your starter.”

Wait, what? Keenum is the starter? For when? The preseason? Week One of the regular season? Indefinitely?

Fisher wasn’t asked to explain whether this meant that the depth chart was settled into September. Still, it’s hard not to wonder whether the team that took full advantage of the two weeks of having the No. 1 overall pick in the draft by using it to build suspense regarding whether it would be taking Jared Goff or Carson Wentz giving NFL Films and Hard Knocks a story line where there otherwise isn’t one.

Surely, the Rams didn’t trade up to No. 1 to put Goff on the bench for all or a large part of his rookie season. In recent years, the pendulum has swung decisively toward throwing young quarterbacks into the fray. This year, however, all three of the first-round quarterbacks (Goff, Wentz, Paxton Lynch) may not be playing when the games that count begin.

Maybe Fisher isn’t acting. Last year, the top two picks in the draft, Jameis Winston and Marcus Mariota, started from the get-go and passed the eyeball test and their head coaches have since been fired. Maybe it makes sense to keep that ace in the hole, if for no reason than to be able to use the player’s potential as the kind of hope that can get the folks who picked him another year beyond the year in which he was picked.

The logic surely doesn’t apply in Denver and probably doesn’t apply in Philadelphia. In L.A., however, maybe a potential plan to put Goff on ice is aimed at staving off a hot seat. Or it’s just contrived drama for the purposes of Hard Knocks. Either way, it’s too damn early for me to figure it out.

19 responses to “Jeff Fisher refers to Case Keenum as Rams’ “starter”

  1. For now. Every indication is Goff is catching on to pro concepts and the playbook.

    If Goff is still sitting on the bench in week one the Rams are overthinking it.

  2. Keenum will start because he gives the Rams the best chance to win now and because the Rams are not out of a chance for the playoffs yet.

    Whenever one of those become not true, Goff will start.

  3. Do we really need to get that worked up over what Captain .500 has to say about his QB situation at the moment?

  4. he didn’t name him the starter he’s simply saying you expect your starter to make throws like that…moving on

  5. How does Jeff Fischer still have an NFL head coaching job? This guy is the very definition of mediocre….and that is on an up year.

  6. sounds like he’s naming him the starter, i mean he did refer to him as the starter, your own post says that. you must be an indenial Goff fan

    eazeback says:
    Aug 4, 2016 8:57 AM

    he didn’t name him the starter he’s simply saying you expect your starter to make throws like that…moving on

  7. My guess is that Keenum starts the Monday night game in SF and the opener against Seattle in LA. You can’t lose both and hope to make the playoffs.

    If he wins both… he keeps starting. If they lose one or both Goff “wins” the job going forward due to his great play in practice, understanding of the playbook, fill in coach speak hear yada yada yada…

  8. Mediocrity, thy name is Jeff Fisher. How he is not the Cowboys HC is beyond me.

  9. Being a top QB pick in the NFL probably gives you about a 50-50 chance of making it in the NFL, and an even lesser chance of starting.

    The list of top picks who failed is long and includes many names who were thought to be sure things when drafted. Fisher knows that from personal experience (see Vince Young). The list includes Ryan Leaf, Gary Beban, David Carr, Art Schlichter, Johnny Manziel, Tim Couch, Jamarcus Russell,

    The list of truly great NFL quarterbacks includes many whose pedigree wasn’t any better than Case Keenum’s. That list includes Johnny Unitas, Bart Starr, Brett Favre, Warren Moon, Kurt Warner, etc.

  10. All those pedigree QBs had head coaches that have winning records…

    Just saying

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