T.O. still thinks he can thrive with the Rams, or some other team

Like Bruce Willis in The Sixth Sense (spoiler alert), NFL players are usually the last ones to realizes their careers are already dead.

For Terrell Owens, the gold band hit the ground and rolled away a long time ago. But he still refuses to fully acknowledge it.

Appearing on Thursday’s edition of The Dan Patrick Show (guest-hosted by the guys from The Drive on 910 FOX Sports in Phoenix), Owens said he can still play at a high level.

“I could insert myself somewhere strategically with a good offensive coordinator throughout the season,” Owens said. “I would say anywhere [form] 800 to 1,000 and that’s on the shy side.”

He specifically mentioned the Rams as a potential candidate, because: (1) he’s in L.A.; and (2) “I don’t even know who their receivers are.”

Still, it sounds as if Owens won’t be pushing it very hard for a job with the Rams.

“At this point in time in my career that’s not a focus of mine . . . but if they needed me for whatever reason, I would do my best to get into [game] shape,” Owens said. “I understand it would be more so for a mentorship role, but at the same time I would still like to compete and get something out of it.”

Owens, who is eligible for the Hall of Fame but was passed over for Marvin Harrison, would see his five-year waiting period re-set if he appears in a regular-season game. Given the de facto waiting period for receivers who already are eligible, he still may get in at the same time, even if he’d return for a season.

37 responses to “T.O. still thinks he can thrive with the Rams, or some other team

  1. Any of us that were ever part of a locker room understands the damage that can be inflicted by a team cancer like owens. Back in the days when i wore my hair undermthe helmetmlike pete athas we used to call guys like owens ” bomb tossers” their talent never outweighed the aggravation. Martellus Bennett the ame way

  2. I’m sure he also shilled for his clothing line and whined about not getting into the HOF as well.

  3. “… I understand it would be more so for a mentorship role..”

    This made me laugh out loud. Maybe mentor players for what NOT to do. Nice try though.

  4. He saw Chad Johnson’s name in the headlines and didn’t want to be left out.

  5. I believe he has more instinct and skill than half of the WR’s that are on rosters now. Don’t know if he has enough speed and endurance left. But if he does………..

  6. he’s still better than 50% of the wr’s in the league…his attitude and track record are whats working against him…similar to randy moss

    you cant question either of them from a physical standpoint….

  7. Harrison before T.O, that just shows you how clueless the H.O.F “committe” is

  8. As fit as Owens is, I’d not be surprised if he could still make a contribution. Couch jockey’s with kangaroo pouches here have no frame of reference for Owen’s level of fitness well into his 40’s, so of course they can’t relate to Owen’s still being capable of playing. Duh.

  9. And that question that I ask my kids frequently applies here…”Exactly what color is the sky in your world?” lol

  10. The most overrated receiver ever!! Why? He was born with that size etc. Give a guy with amazing heart and talent and work ethic the same body and that guy would be the greatest. A Steve Smith or Hines Ward , imagine how good they would have been with that size and strength. Owens dropped balls all day long and was a cancer every year. I would never vote an underachiever into the HOF.

  11. PeterKingandFlorioGiveEachOtherBackRubs says:
    Aug 4, 2016 3:01 PM
    He can mark the Pats off of his list because… you know… he’s not their color of preference, if you will


    There is actually no rule saying that you HAVE TO dig out some sort of way to turn everything on the internet into a racial beef. Just in case you didn’t know.

  12. Tom Brady is suspended for the first four games. He might come to his home in LA.

    Catch passes with him and test yourself.

    Then again, why not meet up with Fitzpatrick before he signed??? If you’re confident in your skills, why not call QBs yourself??

  13. He probably can still play. The problem is, he’s still not worth all the drama. Nobody is willing to put up with him anymore. If Dallas won’t sign him you know it’s over.

  14. ……some team should teach him a lesson……sign him…make him bust his butt in camp….get his hopes up…..and then cut him on final cuts. Sorta like what the Eagles did to Teabow last year.

  15. “I don’t even know who their receivers are.”

    I’ve got news for you, T.O. ………….not many Rams fans know who their receivers are either.

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