Broncos’ kicker doesn’t buy Justin Tucker’s 84-yard field goal claim

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Ravens kicker Justin Tucker claims he can make an 84-yard field goal at Denver’s mile-high altitude. Denver’s kicker doesn’t buy it.

Broncos kicker Brandon McManus told KUSA that if Tucker wants to back up his boast that he could make an 84-yard field goal under perfect conditions in Denver, McManus will pay for his trip to Denver.

“I will give him an all-expense paid trip if he can do it,’’ McManus said. “I’ll pay for his flight, his hotel, if he wants to come out here and do it. I’ll kick with him, I’ll witness it and I’ll vouch to the world that he can do it.’’

Tucker claimed that during pregame warmups in Denver, he tried an 85-yard field goal and hit the cross bar. McManus says he watched Tucker’s warmups and never saw him kick one from beyond the mid-70s — and even then, McManus said Tucker’s trajectory was so low that in a real game, such a field goal attempt would easily be blocked.

Tucker’s career-long field goal of 61 yards in Detroit in 2013 cleared the cross bar with a few yards to spare, so his sea-level range might be 65 yards. Kickers and physicists alike have estimated that the altitude in Denver can add 10 percent to a kicker’s range, so Tucker might be able to make one from beyond 70 yards in Denver. But beyond 80 yards? McManus is right to be skeptical.

52 responses to “Broncos’ kicker doesn’t buy Justin Tucker’s 84-yard field goal claim

  1. You forget that the 61 yard field goal was inside a dome. Longest indoor field goal in history. If he can do that indoors, I would wager that he can hit from 65-69 in Denver.

  2. After a fair catch you can have a free kick. In a case like that I don’t think there is a defensive line allowed so the low trajectory would not matter.

    Be interesting to see a field goal attempt from his own 26 yard line.

  3. It’s all completely moot, because such a long kick would only be considered in a last-second, last-gasp effort to avoid a game loss and most coaches would still probably prefer the even chances of a hail mary into a crowd of players than the low percentage of a 70+yder. The only time would be at the end of the half but given the risk of a block on a low-ish kick-trajectory so close to your own goal line (which, unless they’ve changed the rules again, becomes a live ball), again no coach is going to risk a 70+yder.

  4. This is actually more fun than the pro-bowl.
    It would be cool to have 1 on 1 boasts settled on TV.
    While we’re at it how about:

    Eli Manning passing to OBJ with Josh Norman covering.

    Brandon Marshall vs Antonio Brown (for a car)

    Open your mouth, put up some money, and we’ll gawk.

  5. I think that would be a great idea, right after the season. It is easy to make that offer right in the middle of training camp when he knows Tucker can’t take him up on it but knowing Tucker, if he extends that offer to the off-season, there is no doubt Tucker will be there. Tucker will be there even if he has to pay his own way because he doesn’t make the kick but Tucker won’t back down on that if he makes the offer when it can truly be done.

  6. I like the Pro-bowl idea.

    Let’s see at what football pressure the Colts are moderately competitive?

    Or if the Ravens can find the right eligible receiver.

  7. sounds like a charity event in the making.

    Get a bunch of kickers. each one raises 50K or so in his city then put all the money in a pot. Winner’s charity gets a b0nus and all the charities get something.

  8. Like I stated yesterday.


    (He’s apparently a compulsive liar in order to get attention. It’s seems to be contagious (see: DJT).

  9. jchipwood says:
    Aug 5, 2016 8:05 AM
    Does this mean Brady could throw a football farther than 10 yards in the air in Denver?
    I’m a Patriots fan, and even I thought this was funny. I gave it a Thumbs up.

  10. jchipwood says:
    Aug 5, 2016 8:05 AM

    Does this mean Brady could throw a football farther than 10 yards in the air in Denver?

    Another Patriots fan making it all about the Patriots all the time… jchipwood spends more time commenting on the Patriots than Patriots fans, its weird. And it would be fine if it was clever or funny or whatever, I like a good joke. But “Brady cant throw more than 10 yards” over and over and over and over and over and over and over is just soooooo lame, not to mention stupid. Don’t tell me, your next joke will be “maybe Brady can complete a pass to someone not named Edelman or Gronkowski. Brady takes what the defense gives him, and his offense has been arguably the most successful offense for the last 15 years. Your lame “burn” on Brady is the equivalent of saying Ichiro sucks as a hitter because he didn’t hit enough homeruns…

  11. Hey sports dad, jchipwood, wouldn’t it be nice to have a QB who averaged over 30 yards per attempt? Drew Bledsoe had some deep ball skills. You prefer he helm the offense?

  12. In a related story Tucker was heard saying…

    ” I’m the 2nd most accurate kicker in NFL history and have more game winning field goals than this loser could dream of.

    I bank 8 times what this clown does and he’s doubting me?

    shut your mouth when you talkin bout da best!!”

    End quote

  13. He doesn’t even have to fly to Denver. Post some video of making kicks from 75+ yards in Baltimore. The ball only travels around 10% further at altitude.

  14. jchipwood says:
    Aug 5, 2016 8:05 AM
    Does this mean Brady could throw a football farther than 10 yards in the air in Denver?

    Good to see the patsanoia is alive and well

  15. Of course he can kick a 84 yd FG.

    He just has to hit the “X” button 3 times real fast, and then the “A” and “B” buttons at the same time.

  16. On a long fg attempt, is the defending team permitted to place it’s best jumper at the post to block a ball that might barely squeeze over the crossbar? And if so, would it be a live ball?

  17. Kickers are like children. Should be seen and not heard. Actually that’s not true. Children should be encouraged to participate. Not kickers though.

  18. Wow!! A kicker who can kick a field goal from 84 yards away.
    Those steroids are really something!!

  19. Tom Brady’s kicker can probably kick one 85 yards, as long as Tommy get’s to have access to the footballs ahead of time. I’m kidding but I figured it’s become a rule that somebody has to reference that subject on every story.

  20. Tell me, what exactly was the PSI of the football he claims he can kick 84 yards? The kicking balls for the Ravens have often been rumored to be over inflated.

  21. Still the seldom used rule – Fair Catch Kick. If you fair catch a punt/kickoff/onside kick you can attempt a field goal from the spot of the fair catch and the defensive team must line up 10 yards off the ball.

    I saw the 49ers attempt this two or three seasons ago

    This would be the only way you could nail one from 70+ because you would have to kick on such a low trajectory it would be easily blocked.

  22. This kind of thing is what I want the pro bowl to turn into. The kickers place HORSE but with trick kicks instead of B-ball shots. Other positions do similar things. The competition would be better. I’d watch it.

  23. @bigredgoog

    You bring up a very good point about a very odd NFL rule: after a fair catch, you are allowed to make a free kick without the defense attempting to block it. It’s called a “fair catch kick.” The defense must be 10 yards off the ball. This can either be a drop kick or held, as on a kickoff (you would be an idiot if you tried to drop kick, by the way).

    Phil Dawson attempted a 71-yard FG in 2013 against the Rams using this very rule, with a few seconds left in the half. He missed — short and left. But, it is definitely conceivable to do this in a game with like 1 second left from 84 yards. Whether any human can hit from that distance is another matter. But, if we’re splitting hairs, trajectory might not matter.

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