Gase not happy with performance of offense in scrimmage


The Dolphins had an intra-squad scrimmage on Saturday night. The defensive half of the squad significantly outperformed the offensive side. And coach Adam Gase wasn’t happy about that.

The first-year coach’s biggest complaint about the offense came from its lack of fire.

“The first thing you notice is the intensity level,” Gase told reporters.” I think the last time we were in it, we had probably the best practice that I had seen in a while as far as intensity, just the way the guys were flying around [and] the hitting. This [practice], the defense went to another level. They took it even more than what they did last time. And then offensively, there was just no juice whatsoever. It was almost just like a walk-through.”

Asked to explain the performance of the offense, Gase said he’ll need to review the film but reiterated his overriding concern: “There just was no juice.”

“It irritates me,” Gase said. “You get to practice one time a day and you get a limited amount of practices and how many times you get to be in pads. I think it’s like 22 [padded practices] for the whole year. To not take advantage of that, that’s bothersome.”

It should be. As noted by the team’s official website, the offense managed one first down in eight possessions.

“Any given night,” defensive end Mario Williams said. “That’s why you play the game. You don’t go out here and say, ‘It’s going to be a stalemate, this is going to happen. You’re going to get blown out, you’re going to dominate.’ That’s why you compete, that’s why we play. Fortunately for us, on our side of the ball we came out and we executed what we needed to.”

It was good enough to prompt celebrations from the defensive players. The offense won’t be celebrating anything, and Gase is left trying to figure out how to fix it.

“I think when you get smacked in the mouth, you got to have guys step up,” Gase said. “Not all the time is it going to be vocally, but somebody’s got to either make a play or we’ve got to stop the defensive line from penetrating, we’ve got to pop a run, we’ve got to complete a ball — something.”

Ultimately, that something they need is juice. And if the current starters can’t provide it, Gase and the front office will surely look for guys who can.

21 responses to “Gase not happy with performance of offense in scrimmage

  1. Ryan Tannehill is government cheese…..the only starter still left on the team since his rookie year is Mike Pouncey.

    An entirely new offense, new offensive line, an entirely new receiving corps, new tight ends and new running backs, but still the same results 🤔🤔🤔

  2. Tannehill is OK. If anyone will whip him into shape, it’s Gase. But Gase also knows who good QBs are. If I’m a Dolphins fan, I’m hoping he sees something in Tannehill or it’s a major need next year.

  3. Umm, it’s one scrimmage in August, during the first week of camp.

    Let’s maybe take a wait and see approach before we start talking about the front office cleaning house on offense?

  4. Lets say Tannehill is just average.
    Thats still a lot better than many other teams situations like the Jets. Bills, Broncos, and Eagles.
    Maybe Goff and , Wentz, and Lynch pan out, and maybe 1-2 of them is a bust.

  5. After four seasons Tannehill has proven he can not win in the 4th quarter, he has no fire and he is not a leader yet this team continues to have this fantasy that one day he’ll turn into Dan Marino.
    it’s not happening and since this team refuses to address the quarterback situation it will be another 6- 10, 7 – 9 at best type of year, what else do you expect dolphin fans?

  6. It will take more than a week and a half to get rid of the “aw shucks” and “act like any mistake will kill you and don’t take any risks” mentality that Joe Philbin put into them.

  7. I really like Gase and I hope he does good things for the fins. We in Denver were worried about how he handled the O-line and run game in Denver. He seemed to get it together in Chicago though as OC. Hopefully he can do the same for the fins. I’d like to see him have some success against the Pats.

  8. Those practice squad guys must be playing too hard again. I wonder if Tannehill taunted them again for actually earning their modest paychecks in practice.

  9. When is management going to realize that Tannehill is not a franchise QB? Most of the fanbase knows it. He’s only slightly better than his predecessor, Chad Henne, who’s a backup now. It’s like Tannehill has incriminating photos of Stephen Ross. That can be the only explanation as to why Ross continues to think Tannehill is suddenly going to morph into Tom Brady or Aaron Rodgers. The fact is after 4 years of watching him play, he’s just not that good. At some point, you have to cut bait.

  10. RT is not a leader of men, he is below avg, has been his 5 yrs in the league…..anyone that needs to see more is lying to themselves, he is the worst QB in the East, you can’t win when no one respects you and I’m talking about his teammates

  11. Tannenhill never earned the job. Matt Moore should have started in 2012. Even the Patriots, Giants, Packers, Denver ALL draft QBs with clear established starters. Makes you wonder that the Dolphins can’t figure that out. Matt Moore should be backing up Russel Wilson, Newton or Luck, the new young starters that if they are winning and get hurt Moore can win some games. Miami needs a challenger to Tannenhill.

  12. Every player can’t be one of those “quiet leader” types. You need a couple guys in the lineup to inject emotion. You’re not getting that from Foster (he’s chill AF) or evidently from Tannehill so you better find it somewhere. Here’s a thought, coach. Instead of watching a lethargic offense, then watching film, then figuring out what went wrong, then wondering how you’re going to fix it, why not nip it in the bud next time and fire them up yourself? It’s ok to yell at guys *during* practice and games.

  13. I know I am going to catch flack for this as a Homer, BUT we have 2 different types of Dolphin Fans. The ones that are naysayer and the ones that always have hope. I went to the scrimmage last year and Philbum had the Offense score 3 TDs in just 12 plays! Then came the Pre-Season games and the Offense was sharp; did the job and gave the ball to the 2nd’s. Then came the Season; barely beat the Redskins and stumbled on Offense the restof the way until the anomolies of the Titans and Texans. I have to admit everything is different and opposite this year. The Defenses the 1st week of Camps around the league have the advantage. I am not giving up yet. The Offense is all new players, new Coach and new System with a lot of talent. If this were Philbum, he would tell the Media the Scrimmage went “Great” and we would have another surprise crappy season. It IS DIFFERENT and I have hope for this year.

  14. Let there be…LAPS. Somebody wants to take a play off or lacks the urgency/intensity to be successful? Replace them with somebody else why the slacker runs a few laps around the field. If it is a bunch of players, then pause practice and make that whole unit do it. It shows the players the coach is paying attention, singles out those that need it and may even get them in better shape.

    If they are going at less than full speed then the practice is not really effective anyway so send the message and keep it from ruining future practices. Yes, I know that these are grown@ss men that get paid to play football and not kids but if they cannot find the motivation themselves then give them some motivation. The coach will see very quickly who he can count on and who wants to be on the team and get better rather than just cashing a check.

    I like Gase and the fact that he is angry about how they practiced is a step up from Philbin. Now, he needs to get involved immediately and fix it during practice.

    Many fans will no doubt point and say “I told you so” or act like the sky is falling, but this is not as bad as it seems. Yes, it shouldn’t happen at all but the coach now has the ability to address it first hand. Don’t forget that Philbin encouraged a lack of fire/intensity and no risk taking in favor of a measured mistake-free methodical and predictable offense that adhered to his system and personality. That became the norm for most of these players and it may take a little time to shed those bad habits. If they are still having this issue at the end of camp then worry all you want but right now this is a necessary part of the process to fix what Philbin broke.

  15. If Tannehill doesn’t start clicking in year 5 – we are in -serious trouble. OK I know – look at ALL the coordinators he’s had, but at some point HE himself knows what works & what doesn’t, and since he’s the leader of the offense- should give input on that fact…..unless –
    Tannehills REALLY been blowin smoke the last 4 seasons.
    Just something to think about, I’m tired of making excuses
    cause I honestly think he can play alot smarter.

  16. 2016StockMarketCrash says:
    Aug 6, 2016 11:48 PM
    After four seasons Tannehill has proven he can not win in the 4th quarter, he has no fire and he is not a leader yet this team continues to have this fantasy that one day he’ll turn into Dan Marino.
    it’s not happening and since this team refuses to address the quarterback situation it will be another 6- 10, 7 – 9 at best type of year…

    Yet just last week you had them winning the division

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