Terrelle Pryor has a big day in his return to Ohio Stadium


Last year, Browns receiver and former Ohio State quarterback Terrelle Pryor ultimately didn’t play during a scrimmage at Ohio Stadium. This year, he played — and he played very well.

Pryor caught a pair of touchdown passes, including a 75-yarder from Josh McCown to end the scrimmage. He also threw a long pass after a pitch from quarterback Robert Griffin III. Marlon Moore was unable to run down the bomb.

“He’s done a tremendous job,” coach Hue Jackson told reporters after the session. “There are a lot of guys that I can say that about, but he’s definitely one. H has taken this opportunity and he is trying to make the most of it. Remember I drafted him with Al Davis when he came out to Oakland. He couldn’t do any football for six weeks, and he wanted to be a quarterback. That is what really believed he was. I’ll never forget last year when he was with me in Cincinnati for a little while and wanted to be a quarterback. I didn’t have enough confidence to ask him to change positions at that time, and that’s why we let him go to be honest with you because I felt like he needed to make a decision about what he needed to do. . . . He made that decision, and he has never looked back. I think we see the fruit of his hard work. That’s what it is. He’s worked extremely hard and that’s what you see.”

Jackson said he made no effort to showcase Pryor in his return to Columbus, and that the performance just happened. When the preseason begins, we’ll see if Pryor has similar performances. If he does, the Browns may be ready to move even closer to becoming contenders.

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  1. So Hue Jackson thought he might make a better receiver but he didn’t ask him to switch? Good job coaching their Hue.

    He needed to make the switch by himself, because you didn’t have confidence??? Because it’s better to cut him, and perhaps not have the best roster possible?

    Meanwhile now you are praising the guy who caught the TD pass at the position you couldn’t tell him to play, and not the guy who threw it.

    You know the guy who is the better drop back QB and you are benching him in favor of RGIII.

    He probably knows McCown is the better QB, but feels the potential of RGIII and the support from Hue’s superiors of RGIII means it has to be a fake, short QB competition.

    Sort of like how Hue just admitted Pryor should of been a WR, but he couldn’t ask him to switch and would rather cut him.

    If/when things go south, tidbits like this are going to show you the thought process within the Browns organization from top to bottom including Hue are the reason why.

  2. Besides *there (instead of their)…

    As for the Browns moving even closer to contenders… no, they aren’t even close. Their roster is far worse today then it was last year.

    A step closer might not happen until 2017, as they look to be worse this year.

  3. Browns got a long way to go. Heaven sakes they are the addict cousin who just keeps crapping on his own life. Lets talk self respecting play before we approach contenders.

  4. So Josh McCown is still throwing those “seriously why does he suck on every team he’s every played for who’s city didn’t start with the letter “C” passes. The guy at one point last season was out playing every QB in the league and even got his jersey hung up in the Hall of Fame for breaking the single game passing record. 2015 will forever be the bizarro year when teams were wishing they had productive QB’s like Josh McCown and Matt Hasselbeck and it not be a joke.

  5. …a lot of guys that I can say that about, but he’s definitely one. H has taken this opportunity and he is trying to make the most…

    Who’s “H”?

  6. Something “Special” is happening in Cleveland and all of the haters know it. First the Cavs… now the Tribe… and here come the Browns.

  7. i have always matched pryor and taylor mays together cause they both could of had decent careers had they came into the league at diff positions pryor a wr like he is now and Mays should have became a lb long time ago!!!

  8. Yes, I know it’s Cleveland. I know it’s the Factory of Sadness. I know they have a long, long way to go. But somehow I sense that the pieces are slowly beginning to come together. It’ll take a couple of years and several more quality players for the Browns to become contenders, but I have a feeling that they’re finally on their way toward turning things around. Hue Jackson is a good coach, RG3 seems to be coming along, they’re getting some good receivers…they’re making strides. I don’t expect the team to have a winning record this year, but I believe they’ll surprise some people. The Browns are moving forward, and it’ll be fun to watch the long-suffering Cleveland fans be rewarded in the next 2-3 years. We’ll see what happens…

  9. It’s so hilarious to read hating comments from those sitting on their couch, who’ve zero opportunity to make an NFL franchise team. Here’s wishing good luck to Cleveland, RGIII and Pryor!

  10. I live in Boston and cheer for the Patriots and Seahawks. But I agree with the commenter above. Something special is going on in Cleveland IMO. And all of the RG3 haters will be left speechless and dumb by the end of the season. They just want to ignore how great this kid was as a rookie. And how Gruden just strip mined him of his confidence. I am cheering for him to succeed. And the Browns to bark loudly in that tough division. I wouldn’t be shocked if they are one of the surprise teams in the AFC/NFL this year with anywhere from a 7-9 to 10-6 w/l record. They are going to be a tough opponent to beat. Especially if Pryor is the real deal. And Josh Gordon can stay clean after the 4 game suspension. That could be a lethal big, tall, fast and powerful duo of wideouts. Potentially one of the best in the NFL. And with a resurgent RG3, they could become as dangerous as it gets, with those 2 big tight end size in WRs, with blazing speed and elusiveness. Look out AFC. And ignore the haters Brown fans. You all have a great buzz going right now. I can’t wait to see your team play.

  11. ReligionIsForIdiots says:
    Aug 6, 2016 8:43 PM
    If RGIII and this bust are the hopes the Cleveland has of being a good football team, LOLOL enjoy the first pick!

    Even IF that happens, we’ll also have a top 10 pick from the Eagles. One more draft like this past year, and they’re going to surprise EVERYONE.

  12. Julian Edelman did an AMA where he made it known he wished that he was still a QB. He was smart enough to put his ego aside, make the switch, and now enjoys a 4 year $19 million contract. Ego kept Pryor from fulfilling his potential.

  13. Was at the scrimmage and Pryor looked very good. Clean, crisp routes. When Josh M. threw the bomb on the sideline, Pryor just flew and ran about 60 yds for the TD.

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