10 days later, still no talks between Bosa and Chargers


The Chargers and defensive end Joey Bosa traded proposals on Thursday, July 28. Since then, the team has opened training camp and practiced for a week. Since then, the Chargers and the third overall pick in the 2016 draft have engaged in no further talks.

By far, it’s the longest rookie holdout since the 2011 labor deal dramatically simplified the process. For the Chargers and Bosa, however, the simplicity is part of the problem.

With only a small handful of issues on which team and player can haggle, the Chargers and Bosa are at odds on all of them. They have no way to find a middle ground because there are no other issues on which they can compromise.

As it stands, the Chargers want offset language attached to Bosa’s fully-guaranteed deal, and they want to defer a large chunk of his signing bonus into March 2017. Bosa wants either no offset language or full payment of the bonus in 2016.

With their positions defined, there’s really nothing to talk about, no gray area into which the two sides can slide in order to find a solution that allows each to feel like it won.

With the deadline for trading Bosa coming in only two days and no indication that the Chargers are considering that option, the question soon will be whether the Chargers and Bosa will get something done before the start of the regular season. If not, they’ll have until the Tuesday after Week 10 before Bosa can’t play at all in 2016.

Surely, it’ll never get to that point. Then again, who would have ever imagined it would get to this point?

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  1. Failure is defining Bosa right now. His father and agent are fighting for failure payout. What a great way to start a career.

  2. If this is true, it sounds like the Chargers have more responsibility for this. It sounds like Bosa will compromise and take either/or, but the Chargers want it all their way. If a team takes a guy 3rd overall they should be confident in their coaches to develop him and not need offset. Or else, get out the check book and pay his bonus. I doubt many other guys in top 3 are taking deferred bonuses AND adding offset language…

  3. I wonder how much his agent has advanced him based on future earnings? It ain’t cheap to have personal trainers working for you.

  4. “They have no way to find a middle ground because there are no other issues on which they can compromise.”

    That’s not exactly true. If the offset is the key ground for disagreement between the two, then the King Solomon “split the baby” compromise is a 50% offset between the two positions, which is the midpoint between “offset” and “no offset.”

    Based on their history, I suspect the Chargers are embedded in “full offset” language to avoid setting a bad precedent, while I’ll bet Bosa would be more likely to be willing to accept a 50% offset.

  5. Most of the teams are united on the matter of the offset language. They see that players shouldn’t get the opportunity to double dip if they fail. Joey needs to understand that it is unlikely that San Diego will back down on this. He is getting bad advice if he expects them to fold and he needs to get on the field ASAP if he is serious about his career.

  6. Joey’s dad and grandfather were both busts. Why would the Chargers not want offset language? Why is Joey wanting all bonuses up front? In case he’s a bust too!

  7. He can’t make a few million work for 6 months until he gets the rest of his signing bonus in March!? You were expected to fall between #’s 5-9, so be humbled that SD took you #3 and sign your contract Joseph.

  8. Tom Telesco thought that it would be cool not to talk with Bosa before the draft to surprise the fans and the other teams in the NFL. See where that got them
    You would think that if they had, that someone would have come up with the idea of asking him….. “if you are drafted by the Chargers are you willing to sign a rookie contract as-is without hesitation?”
    In every picture of Tom Telesco that I’ve seen he has a dumb-founded look on his face. Maybe it is what it is…. Another Telesco mess!

  9. It will be interesting to see if he misses the first preseason game and if the Chargers get pressure without him. If they do I wonder how long it’ll take him to sign then…

  10. As a San Diego native, I don’t mind the fact I have the most bumbling ownership in the history of the NFL.

    It’s very easy to not mind when I’ll be sitting on the beach sipping a beer with not a care in the world.

    My team may be complete garbage, but everything else is pretty darn sweet.

  11. No other #3 has ever excepted what the Chargers are offering, not ONE. Why should he? The Chargers make the Browns of the last ten years look like geniuses. Way to get the city behind you for a new stadium, losers.

  12. I hope he goes back into the draft and winds up a 3rd or 4th round pick, losing A LOT of money along the way.

  13. The Chargers… Wow, they take the kid 3rd overall and don’t want to pay him the bonus he earned by being drafted where he was drafted. I hate Ohio State being a Canes fan but the guy is from South Florida (best athletes in the country, period, look it up if you think I’m wrong), and I’m rooting for him at the next level. They really need to commit to the kid and not hang him out to dry as a greedy person. Poor team management. Then again it’s the Chargers so their fans should be used to this by now.

  14. You’re right chargerDillon, it doesn’t get any better than SoCal.

    Living in South Orange County on the coast is almost as mice as San Diego.

    The Raiders on the upswing only makes it sweeter.

    Enjoy the summer, see you in the water.

  15. As I understand it, the Chargers don’t want his final year guaranteed until after the previous year ends? Which essentially means, they want the option to get rid of him if he doesn’t pan out with minimal financial impact. To take that one step further, it really means that the Chargers don’t even have confidence in themselves to not blow it on the 3rd overall pick. Sad.

  16. My, My, My..!! Boy if Bosa was a Minority, there would be over a Billion negative comments on this site about his holdout…#MakeAmericaGreatAgain…

  17. ….looks like he wants to be traded from San Diego…..just like Eli. And really
    who blame him…the Chargers are cheap and the owners are morons…..STAND YOUR GROUND…..this will fun to see how this plays out.

  18. The offset fighting is ridiculous.
    The NFL and the NFLPA should have a discussion. I don’t know if a player gets cut if he deserves two paydays. However, a declining player with a 12 million dollar contract can be cut or forced to accept a lowered salary.
    Define the standard practice so this BS doesn’t crop up every year.
    Wealthy owners shouldn’t be able to leverage and squeeze broke 21 year olds.
    Rookies should show up to work and not be forced into this bizarre fight with their boss before ever working.

  19. As much as people dump on Bosa here…why on Earth are the Chargers trying to defer a huge portion of his signing bonus? I haven’t heard of any other team trying to do this to a pick like they are with him. Seems cheap, what are they short on cash?

  20. well who can blame the guy “BOSA” ?
    Who wants to play for a team that DON’T EVEN KNOW WHERE they will be next year?
    the new field in LA , San Antonio ?
    why pack up your stuff , rent a house , move your family for a lousy year ?
    would rather know WHERE I’M SPENDING MY LIFE than do a move just to move again in a year.

    said it before , don’t think he wants to play for the chargers,i’m not the only 1

    jonathankrobinson424 says:
    Aug 7, 2016 2:50 PM
    ….looks like he wants to be traded from San Diego…..just like Eli. And really
    who blame him…the Chargers are cheap and the owners are morons…..STAND YOUR GROUND…..this will fun to see how this plays out.

  21. The Chargers should at least give him his full signing bonus. It’s the money he is due upon signing the contract. It’s not that complicated.

  22. Wanna trade Bosa for M0? Along with Charger 1st pick, then we can deal… =)

    Then Charger will not have to worry about the contract with M0 for several years, and his productions always rocks.

  23. Someday people are going to be asking if Bosa’s disappointing rookie season was due to the training camp holdout. No, Bosa’s mediocre play will be because he is a mediocre player. Should never have been a 3rd overall pick

  24. Get your money Bosa.shame the chargers are trying to defer his bonus and add offset language to his contract. Why pick the guy at 3 if you need all of these assurances? What is the vetting process like for sd?

  25. It seems many are taking sides based on political leanings. Pro-union vs. anti-union. The offset issue is odd. Why should any player be paid twice? The argument that the Chargers should be confident in their pick and therefor cave on the offset demand should also apply to the player. Bosa should feel confident in his abilities too, shouldn’t he? Offsets are not just for when a player ‘underperforms’. Players can passive-aggressively wear out their welcome and force the team to cut them without ever doing anything that can be deemed egregious. How do you justify that player being paid twice if he manages to find another team?

    The deferred payment argument, to me, is a situational decision. If, for some reason, the deferred payment enables the team to get better through another signing or rewarding another veteran on the team earlier than required to avoid a future problem, then I think the player should allow it. If it is only so the team can earn extra interest then, no, give the man his money.

  26. sportoficionado says:

    Why pick the guy at 3 if you need all of these assurances?

    Number 3 picks Joey Harrington, Braylon Edwards, Vince Young, Tyson Jackson, Trent Richardson are why, and thats just since 2002.

  27. Pay him his money now
    I think some of you aren’t getting the fact that as a rookie he has no money. If he wasn’t to get any bonus money,he won’t be paid a dime until the regular season starts. Wouldn’t you want your players to be settled with a place to live and money in the bank so all of their focus is on football. Chargers are dead wrong on the bonus money

  28. My prediction –

    The day before the season starts, Bosa gives in, and signes the 26.5MM contract giving up both teh double dip and early bonus.

    The consequences are:

    – he wont be productive in 2016

    – he will still develop into his full potential (be it bust or star) in 3-4 years, so missing pre-season will not have any impact on his career.

    – the Chargers will still have to pay him his entire salary (6.5MM) in 2016 despite getting no production

    – the Chargers will start out with bad relations with Bosa, for no reason.

    This is not harming Bosa in any way, and does harm the Chargers.

    According to the CBA Bosa is entitled to double dip. If the Chargers want him to give it up, they should offer him something.

  29. Stand your ground kid. The owner of the Chargers is cheap, and has been trying to get the smart taxpayers of SD to build him a new billion dollar stadium for years!

  30. This is insane for a player who will never be a permanent starter, his father pulled the same exact thing on the dolphins in 87, dolphins owner Joe Robbie said fine miss your rookie season and dad raced to sign and of course got injured and was a major draft bust, guess it runs in the family.

  31. For everyone dumping on Bosa, this is the Chargers doing. Bosa is basically asking for what is the “typical” contract language for top 10 picks since the 2011 CBA. Chargers want to do it “their” way.

    The Chargers are a billion dollar company, fighting over a few million in interest and possible offset money.

  32. Mrs. Bosa your son didn’t pull an “Eli Manning” because he’s too busy trying to be “Ryan Leaf.”

    Even if he does sign with the Chargers, you’ve just doomed your son to be enemy of the San Diego fan base. Never EVER invoke the name “Eli Manning” in San Diego. Big mistake.

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