Jim Irsay: This incompetence can’t happen again


A visibly agitated Colts owner Jim Irsay expressed frustration today that the Hall of Fame Game had to be canceled due to poor field quality, pointing the finger at the Hall of Fame for failing to get the field painted properly.

“This shouldn’t happen,” Irsay said on ESPN. “It’s not difficult. Obviously, everyone out there says, ‘You’re a $12 billion league. How can you have a field not ready to go?’ Well, the Hall of Fame is sort of separate and gets run a little different from the league. . . . We’ll have to get it right so it never happens again.

Irsay noted that attention to detail is important in football, and should have been important to the preparation for the Hall of Fame Game.

“It comes down to detail,” he said. “We are only as good as our equipment man.”

Irsay said the league owes it to the fans who showed up to make sure nothing like that happens again.

“This shouldn’t happen,” Irsay said. “Yes, we’re upset. . . . We have to make it right to our fans and also get to the bottom of exactly who got this paint job done and why was there incompetence.”

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  1. I would think both teams would be happy that they were able to dodge another useless injury fest. I wish my team could skip a pre-season game. It’s a good thing.

  2. My first time in agreeing with Irsay – though I would say that the NFL has lost focus in its determination to extend its power without ensuring that the game retains its “integrity”. That’s Goodell’s job isn’t it? Incompetent? I agree.

  3. I agree with him, but it creeps me out a little bit that Garcia’s “Tiger” and Prince’s “Yellow Cloud” are in this weirdo’s possession.

  4. He’s right. This is pretty f’d up. I know people like to blame the NFL, but I dont recall this happening before so no reason the NFL should have been on the lookout for the HoF to screw up like this. From now on the NFL should fully take over this game.

  5. Now isn’t this rich…
    The man who instigated/enabled/supported/excused/emboldened the NFL’s incompetence is now unhappy with it.
    Wake up, Jim and realize that if this is all the repayment you owe Goodell, you’re still way ahead.

  6. The league should be ultimately responsible for field conditions, and oversee all aspects of painting (specifically at a neutral field site like this, the Pro Bowl and, of course, the Super Bowl). Even if this was someone who worked for or was contracted by the HoF, it makes Irsay come off as petty by outright blaming them, and claiming it to be a separate entity. This was an NFL game on a field bearing an NFL owner’s name. Like it or not, the NFL is responsible and accountable. Find any scapegoats you want. People make mistakes, but it SHOULD be the responsibility of a $12B league to get it right, rather than pointing to the HoF as the cause.

  7. Irsay didn’t want to risk injuries in a meaningless 5th exhibition game and got his pals in the league office to scam their way out of it. Pipe in some crowd noise and hang a participation banner you junkie crybaby.

  8. Seriously, does anybody really care this game was cancelled?

    It’s the 5th pre-season game for both of these teams and nothing more then an additional wallet stuffer for the two owners. Careful what you say Jimbo. One day you’ll be kissing the fannies of the same people your now criticizing as you lobby to get yourself voted into the Pro Football HOF.

  9. Thats what they said when the sold Super Bowl tickets in Dallas to fans when they hadnt installed the what was it, 1000 or so seats in time?

  10. As a leader you are responsible for everything your department does and fails to do.
    It will be interesting to see if Troy Vincent, the EVP of Football Ops, takes responsibility or dumps it on someone else.

  11. During the daytime coverage of the HOF game yesterday, behind the analysts, you can make out Rodgers & Nelson dressed like the Mario Bros w/fake mustaches spraying the end-zones.

    That, my friends, is how much they hate the preseason.

  12. I don’t understand how they didn’t evaluate the field Friday night after the concert and take appropriate steps on whether to paint it or not. Sounds like it was the type of paint used? Didn’t dry properly?

    Somebody(s) out of a job!

  13. Maybe Jim should of got his cash and guns out of the truck to motivate the ground crew.

  14. He’s agitated because the booze didn’t start flowing. We are only as good as our equipment guy? Those guys s*cked last year. Remember colts balls were deflated too.

  15. You gotta believe all hell is brealing loose over this. Your opening your season going up against the olympics and the game has to be cancelled for a paint job? They were trying to say it was due to divits from folding chairs on the foeld the night before.

  16. Ok so what does that bad paint job mean, logos too slippery? Too sticky?

    Remember the days (not that long ago) when they basically spraypainted concrete at the Vet and other of those older stadiums and called it turf?

  17. Hey Jim….you sure like to blame others. I thought you would turn this into an opportunity to blame the Patriots….maybe get someone suspended….

  18. Here is another reason Rodger should be let go. The guy and the league are becoming a laughing stock. He can make up to 50 million a year or so , and still be totally incompetent . They should dump his rear end as soon as possible.

  19. It’s Green Bay’s field. But the buck on these things stops at Goodell. And once again, Roger dropped it.

  20. Irsay didn’t want to risk injuries in a meaningless 5th exhibition game and got his pals in the league office to scam their way out of it. Pipe in some crowd noise and hang a participation banner you junkie crybaby.

    0 0

  21. I heard those boys in Kansas City were the best in the NFL and they could turn a dust bowl into a putting green.
    I’m no KC honk… but that is what I heard.
    And on Kenny Stabler’s inauguration game?
    At least pass around a whisky bottle on the field to the players in his honor.

  22. 2016StockMarketCrash says:
    Aug 7, 2016 9:26 PM
    Would have been more exciting if this occured before a playoff game.

    Just when we think the irony couldn’t be any richer, a fish fan mentions something having to do with playoff excitement

  23. Try to make sure someone doesn’t overdose in a town house you bought for them, too. You’re only as good as your drug dealer. Incompetent clown.

  24. And … I don’t know why I said it’s Green Bay’s field. So many Packers’ fans in one place, I guess. But it is Roger’s fault.

  25. They must have been too focused on checking the PSI of footballs to catch this…. After all Rogers admitted to over inflating his & you know the colts have needles on the sideline to check balls….

    Everything I said is true….Patfiots strike again!!!
    In everyone’s head!! LOL

    Can’t wait to see the new rule regarding the paint to be used know….
    Will the cans now have to be Stamped NFL approved?? Lol

  26. Says the pill popping weirdo who inherited a team from Daddy and spends money like a 16 year old dork.

    As stated who cares, GB was going to start a 4th stringer at QB.

    Didn’t Billick refuse to play a game in Philly years ago for crappy feild conditions?

  27. Let me start by saying Erin probably had something to do with it bc he looked pretty exhausted. Perhaps from seeing too many UFO’s coming his way. Lol

  28. Just curious. Does ESPN have to refund the sponsors? Does the NFL have to refund ESPN for not providing the product they agreed on? Are the owners going to lose a penny due to this PR nightmare? Are spectators who bought tickets, hotel rooms, plane tickets going to be given satisfaction for expenses incurred for what ended up being a non event? Irsay is right, should have never happened. Of course the buck is already being passed to the lower levels instead of putting blame where it truly belongs. Start at the top and don’t go too much further down.

  29. Hahaha Packer fans, what a waste of plane ticket and time to go there. Oh wait, Packer fans love going to places for nothing. Just like they say they’re going to Super Bowl every year. Enjoy watching from your home TV, clowns.

  30. All you with your lame Irsay jokes need to buy some new material. Don’t give up the day job, McDonald’s needs you as the students are going back to school. Irsay is a great owner!

  31. Meh, a bunch of NFL owners and Goodell are on the board of trustees for the HOF. They approved a used field being installed at Benson stadium for the game and also approved the preparation of the field.

    Irsay wants to crucify a painter?

    I guess the new committee the NFL Executive office formed this season to monitor the condition of fields used by NFL players for practice and games in stadiums other than NFL venues is beyond reproach.

    because integrity

  32. Tom Brady > Jim Irsay
    Stands up for his “equipment manager”

    Let’s see if the National clusterFudge League can figure out a way to pin this on the Patriots.

  33. All you need is a field with yard lines (suitable paint or chalk would do). This game was cancelled due to branding. They used the wrong type of paint but honestly the game would have been played if not for the need to shove a logo or sponsor in our faces. They could have just removed the paint but it would have looked like crap and that is probably the real reason they didn’t play.

  34. I say more than likely had something to do with it. He has event cancellation insurance , he probably didn’t want to play the extra game or something shady … Or say is true incompetence and shoukd be in jail.

  35. At this rate the starters will only play the 4th quarters of games, football fans are hungry for football, don’t you know that?

  36. Was there this weekend.
    They sure didn’t skimp on Security.
    Felt like a police State instead of a Fan experience.
    Being herded like cattle through the Bust Gallery was about all I could stand.
    Thanks for nothing HOF.
    The TSA would’ve been impressed I’m sure.
    Wouldn’t allow parking on the streets surrounding the HOF Complex either.
    At least the local residents made some $$$.
    Charging those of us who drove to park on their lawns.
    Thoroughly Anti-Fan.

  37. In other words, let’s find the actual guy that painted the field and fire him, therefore management and ownership will accept no blame. Nice leadership. If you want to find incompetence look no further than Jim Irsay.

  38. yahdoood says:
    Aug 7, 2016 11:51 PM
    Tom Brady > Jim Irsay
    Stands up for his “equipment manager”

    Let’s see if the National clusterFudge League can figure out a way to pin this on the Patriots.
    I agree with you however, this game wasn’t supposed to be played at Gillette. Imagine if it was? The comments on this thread would be doubled with so much mindless and egregious rhetoric, peoples heads would explode with dismay. Sadly, I surmise that this is not the end.

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