Elway: I was surprised Osweiler got bent out of shape over benching

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Broncos General Manager John Elway didn’t expect the reaction the team got from quarterback Brock Osweiler last year when Osweiler was benched in favor of Peyton Manning in Week 17 and for the playoffs.

Elway told the Denver Post he wasn’t crazy about Osweiler’s response to the team’s decision, which resulted in Osweiler spending the playoffs on the sideline and Manning starting as the Broncos won the Super Bowl.

“I can understand that he didn’t want to sit down and have Peyton come back in that San Diego game, but it wasn’t the fact that Brock was playing bad,” Elway said. “We needed a change of something. So I was a little surprised just how he seemed to be a little bent out of shape about that. But he had an opportunity to make a tremendous amount of money in Houston, and for us, it just didn’t fit.”

Elway shouldn’t have been surprised because no player ever wants to get benched. Of course Osweiler wishes it had been him, not Manning, starting in the Super Bowl.

But if Elway didn’t like the way Osweiler reacted, then Osweiler shouldn’t be surprised that the Broncos weren’t willing to pay him the kind of money that the Texans paid. It’s probably better for all involved that Osweiler and the Broncos went their separate ways.

98 responses to “Elway: I was surprised Osweiler got bent out of shape over benching

  1. The fact that Elway and Denver fans in general can’t keep Osweiler’s name off their lips shows that his departure is more of a loss than they would have us to believe. Let is go.

  2. So you bring in the guy who threw 17picks in 8 games?? Sure Horsehead…..
    That SB run had nothing to do with offensive production.
    Stop it.

  3. Guess Elway was right, look who won the Super Bowl even though Payton was on his way down. As for Oweiller, in my eyes he goes from “maybe ok”, to prima donna without the history to go with it. Hope the Texans realize what they’ve bought into.

  4. Wasn’t Elway – not surprisingly – a little bent out of shape when the Colts decided they preferred to draft him when he he out of college?

  5. I’m sure it had nothing to do with being benched for HGH boy so the league could hand him a parting gift sine he was far behind Brady. Perhaps he just got tired of the cheating?

    Brock’s win over NE is the reason Binky Boy Manning had home field complete with home refs under whom he never loses at Mile HiGh.


  6. He should have stayed. The Texans have a good defense but Denver’s is better and a better WR group. He would have gotten the chance to build his own legacy.

  7. I’m really surprised Elway didn’t get his big horse teeth ground down a little “bit”.

  8. No one cried harder than Mr Ed himself.

    I remember when he was a rookie and the Raiders were throwing him around like a rag doll, he cried like a baby.

  9. Broncos getting a little full of themselves and their D… They wee good last year… But I think the O will have a big effect on D this year. Wildcard team at best

  10. Elway was a QB.

    I don’t know that I blame them for making the switch back to Peyton… Brock didn’t blow anyone away with his play so he left himself open to getting benched, but he did still outplay Peyton to that point.

    I can see and understand both points of view, but to say you have no idea why Brock would be upset about it is just stupid.

  11. Maybe its the fact you gave manning 1000 chances to play better but as soon as Brock Osweiler played a bad quarter he was yanked. I would have told you to shove it as well.

  12. It remains to be seen how BO (Body Odor) does at Houston.

    Perhaps he’ll wish he had the Denver defense to bail him out.

  13. Denver won the super bowl last year, so Elway obviously knew what he was doing. Elway’s goal was to win the super bowl. That should be every player’s goal too. Sure, each player wants individual glory, but it’s team first. Or at least it should be. Anyone who doesn’t buy into the team first mentality is better off elsewhere.

  14. So much for that qb bond. Elway acts as though he wouldn’t have been upset about being benched. Weird. How would he have felt?

  15. …it wasn’t the fact that Brock was playing bad,” Elway said. “We needed a change of something

    Well I think you answered your own question Elway. If you benched him because he was playing bad I think he would understand it more… but you benched him to give “a change of something” which he probably didn’t like.

    On another note, why is Elway talking about the benching of a player… wouldn’t that be a coach’s decision? Is Elway admitting he basically overstepped his bounds as a GM?

  16. I feel like they knew their defense could (and did) carry them to the Super Bowl title. They didn’t want to fall into the same trap the Ravens did with Flacco demanding $100m+ after ‘winning’ them the Super Bowl.

    Osweiler isn’t a Franchise QB by any stretch and now they have a chance to develop Lynch. Smart move on their part to let Osweiler go get his money so they can move on as well.

  17. watch the game tape from that game and you’ll wonder why he was taken out too. the excuse is a total BS story. elway had to put Peyton back into the starting lineup so he made Brock the scapegoat for a lackluster Offensive start.

  18. LOL @ Elway. Way to throw Brock under the bus. Did anyone else notice Mannings stats in the playoffs and Super Bowl. He had two td passes all playoffs. He has as many sexual assaults as half of that. So theres that

  19. Brock has to be a Pro Bowl player to be worth that much. Everyone forgets the first Brady Super Bowls were with a low value QB.

  20. Elway has two good reasons to keep his mouth shut;
    1) Don’t give Osweiler any additional motivation to beat the Bronco’s in the future
    2) Nobody (outside of his mother) wants to see his horse teeth.

  21. awe, sounds like someone is jealous of the world champs. Sorry but the world champs are more likely to go 11-5 and still beat your crap team… jussssssayin’
    go broncos!

  22. Hey Elway you are an executive. Why don’t you try and act like one. Just because a reporter asks you a question it does not mean that you are required to answer. As fans we expect the players to gripe and moan sometimes after they leave a team but not the front office. We get it you made him wealthy and he needs to be more grateful and kiss the ring…Got it

  23. Don’t know that there are too many NFL quarterbacks that think they belong on the sidelines. By this stage of their lives, they all think they are the second coming.

    Elway does seem to know quarterbacks. I was surprised he made the call he did with Tebow, after he won a playoff game and had great fan support. But, he turned out to be more right than wrong.

  24. Manning, at his absolute lowest performance level ever, was more effective than Brock in terms of positioning the team to win. Now, Brock obviously had a stronger arm, and could make some of the throws that Manning could not make consistently. Osweiler will not win any league MVP, player of the year, or garner All Pro honors. Definitely won’t be in the HOF.

  25. Elway is the best GM in the NFL, hands down.
    His teams win Super Bowls.
    The Broncos and their #1 Defense will win a back-to-back Super Bowl this season.
    It is a great time to be a Bronco fan.

  26. Of course Brock should have realized they were always gonna want to give Manning his dream finale, but given that Manning was a liability in that game, they’re fortunate the D had it covered, they’re fortunate the opposition didn’t have their heads quite right for the big game, and Brock’s possibly justified in thinking he could have done better.

    And, sadly with all the HGH shenanigans over Peyton and his goons, and post-SB fines instead of in-game SB expulsions for some of the Broncos’ D, it gives plenty of oxygen to claims of yet a 3rd cheated SB to add to the 2 Elway got after massive multiple cap violations.

  27. Yeah right lol, if that was Elway the player, he would’ve told daddy and threw a fit. Then he would’ve said he is gonna go play for the Yankees if the my dodnt trade him. The nerve of this jerk off. Brick is much much better off away from this double talking clown. Let it go man.

  28. If free agency was around during Elway’s early years, he may have left as well if another team ponied up. Typically players are loyal to the BIG pay day more than the team. Get over John.

  29. Peyton Manning deserves about 90% of the credit for reviving the Broncos. I will give Elway, Miller and the rest of the team about 10%.

    No Peyton and the rudderless Broncos are headed straight back to mediocrity. Elway wanted Brock. This is just sour grapes.

  30. And I am surprised that Elway allowed events to unfold to the point that Buttfumble is the starter for the defending super bowl champs.

  31. Wow. Damage control. You clowned him, Elway. Everyone knows it. Should we really be surprised that a competitive athlete got upset because he was pulled in a playoff run?

    Should we be surprised that he went to the team that offered him slightly more, to treat him much better?

    Get a grip dude. No one outside of Denver thinks you’re a genius.

  32. ….I don’t think Elway would have liked being benched when he was starting. Manning did nothing to take the Broncos’ to the Super Bowl…..that was ALL ON the defense.

  33. I expect this to bite the cry baby in the butt. Call it Karma. Of course you were going to get replaced by arguably the best QB to ever suit up in the NFL. What did you expect? Follow the money to a perennially dysfunctional organization because your feelings got hurt? Call the whambulance!

  34. Excuses? Telling the media that Oz was a malcontent and not worth the money he wanted? Elway has been GM for 5 years. In that time, he has 5 straight, afc west crowns, tied for best record in the nfl, 2 SB appearances, 1 ring. How’s your GM doing?

  35. Yes Osweiler wasn’t playing that well,but to be replaced by a “one legged” that couldn’t complete a pass longer than 10 yds would make anyone mad. In a way his not openly complaining hurt him in eyes of teammates, but who cares. He got what he wanted by signing w/Texans. A long,big contract that’s 60% guaranteed

  36. I didn’t see an excuse, just an honest answer about Osweiler. Something to keep in mind, since Elway has been GM the Broncos have lost 33 free agents, only one of those has made it to a pro bowl since leaving.

    Since Elway has been GM, the Bronc’s have had the highest scoring offense one year, the best defense, 5 straight playoff appearances (after going 4-12 the year before), 2 SB’s, one win, and one over 70% of their games.

    Hopefully Elway will continue to screw up, because his screw up is better than any other team in the NFL, except for the Patriots, over the last 5 years. So come on haters, tell us again how you don’t want a GM that could do as well on your team. 🐎

  37. I was surprised that Elway seemed to get a little bent out of shape that Osweiler didn’t take the Broncos’ paltry offer. Hmm, seems like a little pissing contest here, John.

  38. Not a Broncos fan, but I watched the game Osweiler got benched for Manning. 1 of the key things Manning did was to audible the Broncos offense into the right plays. Maybe Osweiler should’ve tried to learn from the situation?

  39. Elway not only overdrafted Oz– and not without considerable controversy– before Denver carried him on the roster for at least three seasons while he had no legitimate business being a #2 QB in the NFL. Heck, it took all of those 3 seasons before Oz didn’t look absolutely terrified and overwhelmed to be behind an NFL center. The loyalty and unbending confidence of John Elway is the only reason that Oz lasted long enough to dupe the desperate Houston Texans.

    So, yep, Elway has to be a little perplexed.

  40. There is a bit of revisionist history going on here… Multiple reports have confirmed that the donkeys were trying to match Houston’s offer but Osweiler didn’t give them the chance. You will probably see a few more of these statements from Elway as we get closer to Mark Sanchez starting week 1 for the defending Champs…

    “Brock didn’t dump us we dumped him because we really wanted to see what a Mark Sanchez Era is like… ” – – J. Elway

  41. What sort of coach or GM would be comfortable with any player on the roster being OK with being benched?

  42. So Osweiler questioned Elway’s judgment, and he was wrong. The Broncos won the super bowl without Brock. No big deal. Every competitor wants to play. John’s a competitor too. He wants to keep winning super bowls. Now he has three QBs who are all capable. Now Osweiler has his starting position. I think everything worked out great for both parties. Osweiler is the best QB Houston has had in a long time, and Denver is in great position to contend again.

  43. Elway man come on, seriously, you needed a change. You kinda said eff the future, win this bowl now, Peyton really didn’t play well and your defense won you that Super Bowl and now that you have butt fumble at quarterback, you realize you let a good QB go. Can’t wait to watch you guys be fugly this year, and your head coach sucks too, another version of Jim Caldwell…

  44. Elway commenting about somebody being bent out of shape is curious, considering what he did to avoid playing for the Colts.

  45. I can imagine that Brock would be extremely pissed off about the situation, but just like any other business or company, how you carry yourself after being passed over for a position or being demoted shows what kind of employee you are and pretty much dictates your future with that business.

    He could have just bit his tongue, put on his game face, and in a couple of months have a big fat contract and a promotion to the starting quarterback of the Superbowl Champion Denver Broncos. Instead, he acting like a child and sealed his fate.

  46. elway was right. i’m no elway fan, but i have to give him credit. he had the stones to bring peyton in, and despite not getting the hall of fame peyton, still won the big one.

    as for osweiler, i think elway knows qbs better than the commenters here, and i think he knew the price above which he wasn’t going. just like with kaepernik..

  47. Osweiler isn’t going to be a good starter in this league. He has to many mechanical problems for a guy who has been in the league for 3 years. He has probably the worse footwork of anyone I have ever see play the position. Have fun Houston.

  48. The benching came immediately after Osweiler suffered through a 5-turnover game and he hadn’t been tearing it up even before that. The thought process clearly was that Manning would be a safer option because his knowledge of defenses would help him to better avoid disastrous mistakes.

    Manning didn’t play well last year but I would bet he was audibling out of at least 2-3 bad play calls per game that Osweiler wouldn’t have even recognized as being horrible calls until it was too late.

  49. Maybe if Brock had played better and more consistently, they wouldn’t have gone back to Manning. Payton wasn’t exactly setting the world on fire last year, but Brock sure wasn’t either. Brock can be mad all he wants, but he was given an opportunity and did basically nothing with it. Houston better hope that he’s better than what he showed last season or they basically just set a giant pile of money on fire by signing him to that contract.

  50. I’m apparently in the minority here but I would expect a rookie who wasn’t setting the world on fire to gracefully handle a benching in favor of a future HOF’er. Especially on a team with Super Bowl aspirations.. and ESPECIALLY when the result of that benching was a super bowl ring.

    I don’t have anything against the Texans, but if I was a fan of that team I’d be more than a little worried about the temperament of my new QB.

  51. Brock was playing because… Peyton was benched. 4 years & not one pass thrown in a reg season game to evalulate Brocks QB value .

    Brock never played in the West Coast Offence … was NOT a natural fit for it and admitted as much several times. The hybrid offence was about 90% peyton …10% westcoast.

    The only things he learned from Peyton that he could use here…(1) come into work 2 hrs early and leave 2 hrs later. (2) There will be no Brock hybrid. …. He ran for his life.

  52. I can’t wait until Osweiler FAILS in Houston. What kind of prima donna backup QB thinks they’re ACTUALLY going to replace the GOAT? I’ve got news for you- any GM or head coach on the planet would bench you for a healthy Peyton Manning as long as he’s not retired.

  53. captainobvious says:
    Aug 8, 2016 10:49 AM

    Osweiler thought he’d play better than a first ballot hall of famer. Makes sense.

    It was obvious that Osweiler couldn’t have played any worse. Was Manning even at the Super Bowl?

  54. Elway is the most successful GM over his first 5 years in NFL history. Articles like this are mostly about the media trying to get back over on being so wrong about him. The early stories were how Elway would get schooled, knows nothing about running a team. Now the stories are Elway is lowballing players and lost Brock Asswiler to the Texans.

    The facts are the Broncos just won the Superbowl, have all of the stars signed, and have a lot of cap room coming up next yr.

    He may need a couple years to find the right QB again but that’s how the NFL goes. Obviously he/Broncos expected Brock to be a Bronco and they misjudged what another team would pay him. This story is as much about the Texans and their huge risk taking acquisition as it is Elway and his more conservative approach.

  55. finchy74 says:
    Aug 8, 2016 11:14 AM

    I’m apparently in the minority here but I would expect a rookie who wasn’t setting the world on fire to gracefully handle a benching in favor of a future HOF’er. Especially on a team with Super Bowl aspirations.. and ESPECIALLY when the result of that benching was a super bowl ring.

    He got benched for one of the worst quarterbacks of last season.

  56. It’s pretty funny how even after Peyton Manning stuck it to all the haters & nerds, who were predicting his demise from the comfort of their fat couches, by winning the Super Bowl, they still can’t shut up and eat their plate of hot crow.

    “Uhh, well, uh…that Super Bowl win was all thanks to the defense”

    Bunch of losers.

  57. Manning may not have outplayed Osweiler, but he certainly outplayed Brady in the AFCC game. Despite Brady having a superior offense, Manning scored twice as many TDs as Brady in the AFCC game.

  58. Neither Manning or Osweiler were good last season. In fact, they as a group were horrible. Osweiller could’ve sucked it up and been handed the reins to an amazing defense and supporting cast, but took the money and ran to Texas (who doesn’t have a terrible team either).

    Denver lucked out not having to pay a QB with 7 games experience 18 million a season and drafted a great fit for Kubiak’s offense. The overlooked bonus to this is that Lynch will cost practically nothing against the cap for the next 4 years. This allowed Denver to sign Miller and keep the best player on their #1 defense on the team for the rest of his career.

    In the end, both sides won. Elway has been the best GM I have seen. He has put the best possible product on the field the last 5 years. Regardless of the outcome, he did everything he could possibly have done to produce a SB winner. It is a shame that they only have one ring during Manning’s time in Denver.

  59. patsfan4lifesbchamps says:
    Aug 8, 2016 5:11 PM

    Manning may not have outplayed Osweiler, but he certainly outplayed Brady in the AFCC game. Despite Brady having a superior offense, Manning scored twice as many TDs as Brady in the AFCC game

    No healthy starting receivers, starting rb out for the season. patchwork online. How the he double hockey sticks do you figure NE had a superior offense?

  60. Ol’ Elway is about to have to take full responsibility for his team. Manning is gone and he can’t ride the coat tails of Wade Phillips being a 3-4 genius forever. Denver and especially Elway has gotten full of themselves. They’ve done nothing but lowball players and act like they’re the smartest guy in the room since signing Manning, now they have Sanchez…… HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  61. Osweiller is the reason the Broncos even made the playoffs. He got screwed out of the playoffs. The broncos didn’t need a “spark” in that game…they needed receivers to stop having passes bounce off their chests and into Charger defenders.

  62. truevision21 says:
    Aug 8, 2016 8:44 AM

    Manning, at his absolute lowest performance level ever, was more effective than Brock in terms of positioning the team to win.


    Don’t know what you were watching, but if manning did anything effectively, it was put the defense in a short field (inside the 50) position. It was the defense that positioned the team to win. The only relief they got was when Brock was playing, as he could easily shorten the field with his arm, and help the defense by either scoring or move the ball deep into the opponents defensive end of the field, lengthening drives, eating the clock and pinning opponents deep.

    Manning managed the offense in short field situations. In long field positions, he consistently punted or engineered a turnover.

    I don’t care about Denver. But that team’s defense can and will carry them back to the playoffs.

  63. Manning stunk as always in big games. Bronks would have won it with Osweiler and had a better QB for a long time. Now he’ll make them pay.

  64. Elway hit the nail squarely on the head. They just needed to do something in that particular game. Osweiler was ineffective and perhaps Elway and company had a hunch and so they put Manning in. It paid off and the rest is history. You can say what you want, but it worked. Osweiler should have respected that but regardless, he also had to go where the most money was offered.

  65. bondlake says:
    Aug 8, 2016 7:15 AM

    It remains to be seen how BO (Body Odor) does at Houston.

    Perhaps he’ll wish he had the Denver defense to bail him out.
    Your joke stinks… lol

  66. varangia says:
    Aug 11, 2016 7:27 AM

    Elway hit the nail squarely on the head. They just needed to do something in that particular game. Osweiler was ineffective and perhaps Elway and company had a hunch and so they put Manning in. It paid off and the rest is history.

    One could also say that the Broncos won DESPITE Elway’s decision to bench Osweiler. The defense bailed out Manning time and time again. If not for the cowardice of Cam in not recovering his own fumble, the history could be rewritten.

  67. That’s EGO speaking for both Peyton and Elway…. Really, surprised, how could you be.. Os wants to be a starter and seems to be ready.

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