Jay Ajayi is the starting running back in Miami, for now


With the preseason approaching, the time has come for teams to issue initial depth charts — and then for coaches to downplay them as something the P.R. staff threw together in perfunctory fashion because the league requires a depth chart to be issued.

In Miami, the first, non-binding depth chart of the year lists not Arian Foster (pictured) but Jay Ajayi as the starting tailback.

Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald has the full breakdown of the depth chart, which also has rookie first-rounder Laremy Tunsil behind Dallas Thomas at left guard.

Jarvis Landry continues to be the starting punt and kick returner, jobs that the team hopes someone else will be able to win so that Landry can be used only at what he does best: Run pass routes and catch footballs.