Lane Johnson says positive test stems from approved supplement

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After reports surfaced that Eagles offensive tackle Lane Johnson was facing a 10-game suspension for violating the NFL’s policy on performance-enhancing substances, he told reporters that “nothing is going on.” Now Johnson is acknowledging a failed test but claiming it stems from a supplement he had approval to take.

Johnson told Jay Glazer of FOX Sports that he took an amino acid that was approved. It’s unclear who told Johnson the supplement was approved, but Johnson insists he was told the supplement he was taking is permitted under NFL rules.

Johnson also said he is waiting on the B sample from his PED test, but if Johnson knows he took the supplement that has the substance in question, it’s hard to see why the B sample would provide a different result than the A sample.

The NFL tells players they’re responsible for the substances in their bodies, but exceptions are sometimes made. Texans tackle Duane Brown, for instance, tested positive for the banned substance clenbuterol but successfully appealed when he demonstrated that he had receipts showing he had eaten beef in Mexico, where the substance is sometimes given to cattle.

Now Johnson will have to hope he can provide evidence that a supplement he used was wrongly labeled, and that the NFL believes the presence of a banned substance in his body was not his fault.

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  1. C’mon, LJ, stop lying. If he is subject to a 10 game suspension, then he has already been busted for PEDs and served a suspension prior to this. That is what’s known as a behavioral tendency. What is more likely: a player took a supplement that the league supposedly approved and it just happened to have a banned substance in it, or that a player is juicing to try and justify the extension he signed back in January?

  2. These guys have so many excuses for what ends up in their body like it’s just a random event. He makes $11,000,000 a year. He could hire three people to check all his meals for him before he eats them.

  3. To all the Eagles fans that talk smack on the Chiefs for taking Eric Fisher over Lane Johnson… enjoy your LT turnstile this year. Also enjoy the OC the Chiefs didn’t want cuz he was terrible and cheating on his wife.

    And finally, enjoy your 3 QB’s. Your gonna need em all. #micdrop

  4. Typical response from a player….BUT..

    if it truly was from an amino acid….then this silliness has got to stop.

    So they are saying they cant take amino acids now?

    Child please…..

  5. LOL, Id love to see one athlete test positive and say “yeah man I was taking xxxxxx, sorry”

    Its like “nah man, i was taking omega 3-6-9 and there was traces of testosterone and d-bol, i dont know what happened… ”

    Dude, get real.

  6. Make up your mind guy, you either failed the test or you didn’t.

    Of course this was all Chip Kelly’s fault lol

  7. I’m not optimistic with this development. Always an uphill battle if you have to start filing an appeal to begin with. One big hit for the Eagles offensive line if this suspension holds.

  8. Nine times out of ten these guys know exactly what they have taken, although they seem to always claim ignorance. It’s possible it was an honest mistake, but most likely not.

  9. I am sick of the NFL’s hypocrisy on performance drugs. Do me a favor and tell me:
    1. What substances you test for?
    2. What % of players are tested each year? How many times? And what drugs did you test for?

    Until the NFL or one of you former players tells me why players are 40 pounds heavier than they were 25 years, THEN I ASSUME THE NFL IS RIDDLED WITH PERFORMANCE SUBSTANCES.

    Tell me who and what you test; otherwise, shut up!!

  10. This means about 3 or 4 (or more) games added to the loss column.

    I gotta say…this notion that the players are responsible for what goes into their bodies is bunk. I’ve been around NFL locker rooms and these guys are almost TOTALLY dependent on their trainers for what they take. If the trainer doesn’t know which amino acid supplements are current and which ones are banned, and makes a mistake, that should be on the trainer, not the player (i.e., the owner’s employee, i.e., the owner). This needs to be collectively bargained next time around. The players have absolutely horrible representation if their CBA puts all the responsibility for this sort of thing on their shoulders. Total BS.

  11. Hmmm… Philly Fans over the years writing about Miami’s Dion Jordan as a Bust. Really? What goes around; comes around. At least Dion Jordan is back and has proven when he is on the field he can be a beast. Lane Johnson… not so much. HaHa!

  12. I work in the Sports Nutrition industry and I can believe he took a product that may have been spiked without his knowledge. The only products these athletes should be taking will have an “NSF Certified for Sport” or “Informed Choice” label, which means it has been tested by WADA and other Anti-Doping agencies for any and all banned substances. A LOT of the up-and-coming brands will add banned substances to products like amino acids to make the end consumer believe their product is better than the more well known brands {i.e. MusclePharm, ISS Research (Oh Yeah!), Rivalus, etc} who are certified safe or not on any banned lists. This will continue to be an issue in professional sports until the FDA steps in and regulates the industry, but we all know the media is probably lobbying against that to keep their stories coming.

    Coming from a Panthers fan, I hope he gets cleared.

  13. The rampant, REAL cheating throughout the league, allowed by Goodell, especially in Denver, Indy, Baltimore and with the Jets, is appalling.

    Gaining a physical advantage like this is actual cheating.

    Like in Denver, with cap and roid cheating.

  14. Not necessarily defending the guy because who know, but it is plausible. Mislabeling is rampant in the unregulated supplement industry and research have found PEDs in over the counter products. Shady companies put them in the products illegally so people using creatine or whatever will get better results and propel the product’s name brand

  15. As an Eagles fan, I hope it’s true and Johnson took something that was approved but had a banned substance in it outside his knowledge. It’s the second time around so I’m cynical but not 100% convinced this is fault yet because anecdotally, mainly Joe Rogan’s podcast, I’ve heard of several instances where mislabeling and banned substances are secretly added to supplements. Like I said, I have a hard time believing that’s the case here, but I’m biased and hopeful.

    This raises another question though, say he did innocently take this substance, now what? He shouldn’t get the benefit of taking it. Obviously, it shouldn’t be punishment – meaning he should be paid – but how long would someone have to be suspended to make sure they no longer have an unfair advantage?

  16. Eating beef in Mexico, right? Gee, guess I should mozy on over to TJ for my weekly ingestion of tainted beef, might help me bulk! What a crock of BS they get away with .

  17. THIS is why NFL teams should not guarantee contracts.
    De Smith and his union buddies will do everything in their power (along with their minions ESPN and PFT) to publicly smear Roger Goodell (who will discipline Johnson) and the Eagles (for “not doing enough to protect Johnson from himself”) with the goal of getting the suspension reduced (thus setting a legal precedent which can be used when other players do PEDs and want to get away with it).
    IMO all NFL contracts should have a clause that if a player tests positive for illegal drugs, PEDs, commits crimes (rape, battery, dog-killing, etc) that by the players own action, they surrender all future earnings (salary + any bonuses) from the team, the team can seek repayment of signing bonuses that were paid in order to have funds to pay for the replacement for the idiot player. The team has the option to cut the player or put them on the “I am an idiot drug-loving football player” list which does not count against the active roster. The player can be reinstated in 1 year at the earliest.
    Moreover, the amount that the idiot player counted against the team’s salary cap would immediately be freed up so that the team does not have to suffer the consequences of one of these idiot selfish players.
    This gives every NFL player the incentive to not take illegal drugs, do PEDs, or get into trouble with the law. Plus it minimizes the penalty that the team, and the NFL as a whole, must endure. The NFL can also claim moneys paid to the player in order to offset the PR costs of defending the NFL brand. this is b/c the NFL’s brand would not be damaged if it weren’t for idiot players who are enabled by an entitled union who is enabled by a hypocritical liberal sports media that is wholly anti-capitalism and pro-union.

  18. All of these players have agents that are paid a good chunk of change to represent them. Why don’t the agents take some responsibility for advising players on allowed/disallowed supplements.

    Or….the Players Union could keep a comprehensive list of supplements/drugs/food/drink that is banned.

    It shouldn’t be that difficult.

  19. Doesn’t matter if he’s guilty or not. Doesn’t matter whether he tested positive or not. Doesn’t matter if he even took a test or not. The Court of Appeals ruled that Goodell can suspend anyone for any reason. Heck, Goodell can suspend a player for not brushing his teeth! In fact, he could suspend Eli for Lane’s failed test if he wants.

    Does this sound familiar…”Man up and just accept the punishment! We don’t care if you’re guilty, or not!”

  20. This is just the league doing a favor for the owner getting him out of those guarantees while keeping him the contract. Dirty pool to screw the players.

  21. LMAO is everyone on PFT just a moron???? All’s u guys do is hate and call everyone who isn’t on your team a liar. You guys are pathetic just a bunch of trolls who know nothing. It’s hilarious how 90% of the people on here that comment just ruin the comment board. There are still some good ones on here he with logical comments but they get buried by the trolls on this site.

  22. If he was a bronco or jet he’d get a letter of warning, but when an ex eagle who got cut by them in charge of discipline watch out. Most corrupt management in pro sports in America.

  23. It’s that old bum who hangs outside the liquor store. For $20, he’ll get the teenagers a bottle of gin and for $5, he’ll tell you your supplement is permitted.

  24. This is pointless. Of course he can claim he was taking a legal supplement that did not contain a banned substance. Maybe it didn’t. That doesn’t mean he didn’t take the banned substance. If it’s in his system it doesn’t matter. Anyone can buy a container of supplement and dump it in the trash and fill it with something else and then claim it was a legal supplement that was mislabeled.

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