Window closes on potential trade of Joey Bosa in 2016


It’s official. In 2016, defensive end Joey Bosa will play for the Chargers or for no one.

As first explained last week by PFT, the window for trading Bosa closed at 4:00 p.m. ET today, 30 days before the start of the regular season. He can’t be traded until the 2017 league year opens, at the earliest.

The Chargers had shown no inclination to trade Bosa, in large part because no other team had the rookie pool space to absorb his contract. Without that, a trade couldn’t have happened.

As first explained here last week (but co-opted without credit by a certain four-letter network on Sunday), the two sides haven’t spoken since July 28. Indeed, a source with knowledge of the situation tells PFT that, as of this posting, the two sides still haven’t spoken in 12 days, and counting.

The ball, as previously explained, remains in the team’s court. The latest offer from the Chargers came on the morning of July 28, Bosa’s camp responded within 90 minutes, and the team has still not countered.

The team presumably hasn’t countered because there’s nothing to say. The Chargers want offset language to be attached to the guaranteed contract, preventing double-dipping from Bosa if he’s cut during the next four years and signs elsewhere. The Chargers also want to defer a significant chunk of the signing bonus to March of 2017, while Bosa wants the full signing bonus to be paid out this year.

Bosa is willing to concede either point. The Chargers want both offset and deferral language.

The impasse must be resolved, at the latest, by the Tuesday after Week 10. If a deal isn’t reached by then, Bosa can’t play in 2016, and he’ll remain the property of the Chargers until the start of the 2017 draft.

Again, it’s hard to see it getting to that point. It also was hard a few weeks ago to see it getting to this point.

70 responses to “Window closes on potential trade of Joey Bosa in 2016

  1. I’m not a Chargers fan, nor have I followed this closely. But I have to wonder, who the heck pays a signing bonus a year later? Whatever you want to call that, it’s not a signing bonus.

  2. How embarrassing for Chargers fans.. As a Broncos fan, I never thought I would say this but… I feel bad for you guys.

  3. This is such a fantastic business move by the chargers.
    The owners Spanos want to move to L.A.
    A few week stale mate is a great way to ensure the voters wont support financing a new stadium in San Diego.
    Excuse me while I go leverage my retirement account with more things Charger.

  4. Stop being cheap Spanos!

    If you really want a new stadium in SD, then this is the most important off season in your time as owner of the team. You kept Mike McCoy when every other team would have fired him. Because it would cost money to find a real coach. And now you’re low balling your top draft pick. Are you trying to win, or are you just nickel and diming your way through another season so Stan Kronke can pay for your stadium.

    You’ve embarrassed your fanbase enough over the years.

  5. The chargers are looking awful dysfunctional.. You make the guy the 3rd pick in the draft and worry that you’re going to cut him during his rookie contract? You’re squabbling over the day your going to pay guaranteed money? All the while letting a player that could help you next year miss valuable time..

    Historically, both of these things the Chargers are demanding the team that picks 3rd in the draft doesn’t get. The only question here is when, not if, will the Chargers cave?

  6. I didn’t look into much of the story until now. I first thought this was typical greedy player holding out but Chargers want to defer the signing bonus?

    Picks 1 and 2 just signed their contracts with no offset language. The current CBA makes these contracts cookie cutter but the Chargers are looking like fools in this instance. Now its easy to see why Eli and his dad made a power play on draft day to not play there.

  7. A signing bonus a year later? That’s like you or I getting a Christmas bonus the following Thanksgiving. Ridiculous.

  8. Bosa has no leverage. He’ll lose millions if he holds out and re-enters the draft, so he’s going to have to sign sooner or later. He should fire his agent to save face, give a public mea culpa, and work his tail off. From what I’ve been told, rookies don’t dictate offsets.

  9. Chargers are a loser franchise. No team differs the signing bonus to the NEXT year. The guys the third overall pick. If your franchise wasn’t so garbage maybe you wouldn’t have this problem? Half empty stadiums are the least of this crap teams worries.

  10. milehighcityboss says:
    Aug 9, 2016 5:43 PM

    How embarrassing for Chargers fans.. As a Broncos fan, I never thought I would say this but… I feel bad for you guys.


    dont feel bad for them donkey fan, your starting QB is the buttfumbler ! hahaha

  11. Ah, Chargers. Splitting hairs with the highest draft pick you’ve had in ages.

    Looks like we know who will end up last in the AFC West, at least.

  12. Getting the offset language means the team is holding the bag if Joey’s a bust. Teams are stupid to sign off on that.

    He has a lot of bonus money ($17MM). Nobody knows if he’s going to be a bust, but he’s insisting on ALL of it, RIGHT NOW, instead of deferring HALF of it.

    Just because other teams make stupid deals doesn’t mean they all have to.

  13. Aug 9, 2016 5:58 PM – iammrbinky says: A signing bonus a year later? That’s like you or I getting a Christmas bonus the following Thanksgiving. Ridiculous.

    If my prospective boss offered me a $17MM Christmas bonus, but wanted to give me half now and half of it next Thanksgiving, I sure wouldn’t turn my nose up at it. Especially if I hadn’t even worked a day at the company yet.

  14. I cant quit on the bolts with Phil and Gates there or while I can still travel to see a game in a great city. But in a couple years I will be a free agent. And I am starting to look forward to it.

  15. Now do people see why the Rams and Raiders are preferred in L.A. over the Chargers?

  16. I hope that the Chargers org. keeps on operating in the same manner for many years. I couldn’t ask for more as a fan of an AFCW rival.

  17. Bosa should sign the day before the season starts.
    He’ll get his 26.5MM, and wont be able to play for much of 2016.
    The Chargers will “win” the battle, and pay him 6.5MM this year for not playing.

    Bosa will “lose” the battle, not play much this year, and pocket 26.5MM.

  18. For all of you people who are thinking small, this is about CAA using Bosa as a pawn to show future potential clients that they can get something for their clients that other agents can’t. Sorry CAA.

    Also, this is about the Chargers not caving to a player regarding offset language when NONE of the others on their team have it. Not 17. Not 22. Not 13. None. And if it’s good enough for them, then it’s good enough for the draft pick.

    For all of you thinking that since Bosa isn’t in camp, that the position has been vacated, think again. Philon is probably a better option at DE at this point in time and is earning rave reviews.

    No worries here. You can’t miss something that was never here. Furthermore, I think DeForest Buckner should have been the pick.

  19. Bosa is a rookie. He’s never done anything in the NFL except anger Charger’s fans.
    He needs to sign and get into camp.

  20. Bosa wants maximum guaranteed money on the front end because he is not confident he can succeed in the NFL. I agree with him on the second point.

  21. Sit until week 10 Joey, they are not going to budge so make them pay for it. Sign, barely see the field, then collect your full signing bonus a couple months into the off season.

  22. mackcarrington says:
    Aug 9, 2016 6:53 PM
    Now do people see why the Rams and Raiders are preferred in L.A. over the Chargers?
    The Raiders are the only competent team in California. Wow….never thought that would be a fact but the Rams, Chargers and Niners are pathetic.

  23. The point of this is he is being treated different than every other 3rd pick, ever. You can be on either side of the arguement, but it does feel strange they won’t give him what everyone else gets.

  24. he would get some this year and some next not all next year guys. He just wants it all up front. Most of the picks this year are getting it in 2 lump sums Bosa just wants it one

  25. That has absolutely nothing to do with it. He is getting paid the bonus money no matter what, it is guaranteed. They are disputing the schedule in which it is paid out.

    That’s how ridiculous this whole thing is.

    It’s obvious that they could compromise and get this settled, Bosa gets most of the bonus now instead of later, Chargers can preserve their ‘precedent’ (which goes against the league norm for Top 5 picks.)

    The fact that they haven’t even been talking is failure for both sides.

    wryly1 says:
    Aug 9, 2016 7:18 PM
    Bosa wants maximum guaranteed money on the front end because he is not confident he can succeed in the NFL. I agree with him on the second point.

  26. The Chargers are kings of the stupid mistakes …..what rookie player WILL ever want to play for the Chargers in the future ???

    Spanos throw down the money !!!

  27. Drunkraider, just try to win more games this season than you lose….for a change.

  28. I don’t blame Bosa. The Chargers want to defer the bonus. No other top five pick has done that so the Chargers are just being ridiculous. Now we know why Archie didn’t want Eli to play for that trainwreck of an organization. Bosa’s camp isn’t asking for anything than what is fair. The Chargers want to defer “a significant chunk” of his signing bonus until next year. So what does that mean for next year’s draft pick? They’ll want to defer his bonus until 2030?

    I just checked. Of the top five players selected, none of them have a deferred signing bonus. I bet if I did a similar search from last year I’d find the same thing. In other words, the Chargers are stupid. Good luck attracting any free agents in the future. They won’t sign with a team that wants to defer their salary and bonus and whatever else they can be cheap about.

  29. redeemerac says:
    Aug 9, 2016 5:59 PM
    I think Bosa should just sign with this crappy organization….bide his time and hightail it out of there when he can.

    14 32
    Honestly, I think that the readers on this site wear their idiotic “thumbs up” and “thumbs down” replies as a badge of honor. I truly believe some of the dumbest dip $hits on the planet are regulars here. The above comment proves it. I’m neither a Chargers fan nor do I give a damn about Bosa. But I DO understand the NFL rules. The window of one of the few viable outcomes (trade) of this debacle closed today. Now the remaining outcomes are that he sign the deal by week 10 and he plays the remainder of this year for SD. Or he signs after that and is property of SD but is out for the remainder of the year. Or he doesn’t sign and goes back into the draft next year. By all accounts that I can see, as an impartial observer and fan of a team that is not SD and not a rival of SD, it seems to me that the team is being cheap and asking for something of this dude that is not typical of his draft status. Unless he agreed to what SD is demanding prior to his selection (he didn’t) he has every right to be bitter for being dissed. So, if YOU were Joey Bosa, what would YOU do? Clearly, if he goes back into the draft next year, he loses a year’s salary, is a year older AND will probably not even sniff the top 5 again since he’d be locked out of the combine as well as any pre-draft workouts for any team but SD. So, SD screwed him, and continues to tighten the screws – for no reason other than it appears that they CAN. So the above poster who I quoted, gives the EXACT response that almost ANYONE in Bosa’s position would likely do – sign the damn deal, and play your ass off for your next contract – and sign ANYWHERE BUT SD! For an honest, obvious, and accurate reply he gets 14 up and 32 down. You people are freaking morons.

  30. I have to give the Chargers credit for one thing. By engineering this holdout fiasco, they’ve managed to completely distract people from recognizing that this was a horrible draft pick

  31. Wow! The Chargers have to be the most embarrassing franchise in the NFL. I can see why Eli didn’t want to sign with them. Bosa deserves better than that pathetic franchise.

  32. I’m stunned that anyone here comments in support of the Chargers position here. They’re attempting to establish a new precedent by getting the player to accept terms/conditions that fall outside the standard established by the rest of the teams in the league. Sometimes you have to just stand up for what’s right and I’m happy to see Bosa is doing that. He’s offered a compromise but the team is being obstinate. I say, screw the Chargers, Joey. Don’t sign, and go back into the draft next year. Bet on yourself.

  33. Draftees haven’t earned anything before the first season has arrived, and there’s no guarantee they will ever perform to the level of the pay they are given. Teams that don’t get offset language are just stupid. And, if I was Joey’s tax accountant…I would advise him to take the bonus in 2 installments. That would give him the opportunity to save on taxes. Ultimately, the signing bonus would still be guaranteed…so his only loss would be the lost investment value.

  34. well Chargers are becoming the team nobody wants to play for. At the end of the day the nfl is a brotherhood, and players are united in getting paid…..Pay the kid like every other team in the nfl does….if not trade your draft picks.

    Choo Choo!

  35. As a Buckeye fan, I hope they make him sit out this season. I, and many other Buckeye fans, have lost respect for him.

  36. As a Charger fan I 100% agree with thandy59’s statement.

    Joey Bosa is 100% in the right on this one.

    I am saddened and embarrassed by Dean Spanos as an owner. As a San Diego native I will support my home team but it is nothing short of astounding the way the slum lord ownership of the Chargers do business.

    They picked this guy third overall and are actively telling both the player and the fan base, he’s really not worth the pick we used so we don’t want to pay him. Solid business logic. Los Angeles please take them.

  37. This is all just a smokescreen…….isn’t the most important thing the referendum in November? Who cares if Joey gets his offset or if he gets his signing bonus in December or March if the team isn’t there any more? This is all to make it LOOK like the Chargers care. I do realize the average career is about four and a half years, but if you have to worry about offset language, do you not have to clean house in your scouting department? I appreciate SD taking Bosa. I think the pick threw a curve at Dallas who could sure use anybody on defense. Do you think that he would still be unsigned in the big D? It is going to be must watch tv to see if the Boys can out offense every team to win.

  38. If he’s willing to accept the offset, which the article says he is then the only issue is the schedule of the bonus. It is strange that the chargers are the only team that wants to push it back a year.

    At the end of the day though, they have the leverage on the player. If he doesn’t sign eventually it will cost him millions to go back in the draft.

  39. theandy59 says:
    I say, screw the Chargers, Joey. Don’t sign, and go back into the draft next year.

    — And hope he doesn’t drop like a stone after all this.

  40. As previously said, Deano is trying to anger the fans, so the stadium vote will Not pass.
    Deano wants to move to LA. The only reason he has gone thru the motions, on these impossible stadium deals, is because the NFL forced him to.

    I say goodbye & good riddance!
    The city is long overdue for luring a franchise that actually wants to be here.

  41. I used to think it was both sides being stubbornly stupid, but now I see it’s just Chargers brass as Bosa has said he’ll accept a deal that loses one or the other. The precedent is already there. No other top 3 pick has EVER had money deferred past October. Stop trying to improve your cash flow, Chargers.

  42. As a Broncos fan I think this is pretty hilarious. Not so much that they can’t sign their most important draft pick, but that a bunch of people think the Broncos are gonna tumble down the AFC west standings and finish in last place. Too funny.

  43. Rivers window is closing. This seems like being penny wise and dollar foolish. Bosa was supposed to be a big cog for the team this year.

    They are nickel and diming and setting their team back.

    Also looks bad for future picks or FA to sign there.

    No one likes cheapskates.

  44. This seems easy to me. If Bosa will give one of the 2 points of contention, then the Chargers should take the smaller financial hit – give Bosa the whole bonus and take the offset language, preventing the double-dipping if you drop him.

    I think one of my wife’s stuffed animals could figure this out.

  45. The 2nd and 4th picks have deals that are similar to what the Chargers are offering.

    No offset meaning they aren’t on the hook to pay for yr 4 if the player is released in yr 3 and signs and is paid by another team. Seems reasonable.

    And a deferring of part of the SB. We are talking about getting 50% of the SB $8.5M 2.5 months later vs all in 2016.

    This is $35K. On a $26M deal you would think either side would just throw this in and be done w it. Bosa’s agents sound like rock heads

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