Browns, Rosenhaus negotiating possible payment of Desmond Bryant

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Browns defensive lineman Desmond Bryant suffered an injury last month while working out on his own. The team has no obligation to pay Bryant a single penny of his $6 million salary, but maybe it will.

Bryant’s agent, Drew Rosenhaus, met with the Browns on Tuesday in an effort to persuade the team to pay a portion of Bryant’s salary for what technically is a “non-football injury” because it didn’t happen on the premises of the team or during an officially-sanctioned game. Under the labor deal, the team has no obligation to pay Bryant, and Rosenhaus told Adam Schefter of ESPN that not much progress was made during the meeting.

The real question becomes whether the team is willing to penalize a guy who was trying to stay in shape by lifting weights during the period between the end of the offseason program and the start of training camp. If the Browns stiff Bryant, every Cleveland player should perhaps sit on the couch and watch bowling and eat pork rinds between the end of the offseason program and the start of camp in 2017.

A separate question relevant to this situation could be whether Bryant was following a recommended exercise routine provided to him by the team’s strength coaches. If so, the moral obligation to pay Bryant is even greater. At some point, an argument could be made that, if Bryant is working out at the behest of the team during the last window of down time before camp, any injury suffered is, as a practical and legal matter, a “football injury.”

12 responses to “Browns, Rosenhaus negotiating possible payment of Desmond Bryant

  1. If he was working out in good faith, doing what football players do, it would only hurt the Browns to not pay him. Players have to work out, that’s what they do.

  2. The 3rd stop on Rosenhaus’ publicity tour. He shows up in Foxboro, even though Gronk is signed thru 2019(he will have to be bumped eventually). Then he shows up in Pittsburgh, even though the steelers have no cap room, need to take care of DeCastro, and don’t do contracts until the last yr(ABrown). Then he shows up in Cleveland, where he has no chance. And, he makes sure it’s leaked to the right people. It’s about,’Look at me future recruit. See how I go to bat for my clients?’ ‘Help me, HELP YOU’. Shameless or good businesss. You be the judge.

  3. Kellen Winslow III just changed his story. He was working out also, definitely not doing motorcycle tricks. Tell Rosenhaus to get a meeting scheduled.

  4. So a player that’s trying to stay in shape by eating healthy goes to the grocery store and trips in the banana aisle, are the Browns obligated? How far do you wanna take this moral crap.

  5. Its the players responsibility to stay in shape – all the time. I wouldn’t pay him a dime for this injury since it was his responsibility to stay in shape during the off season. Maybe if the players accepted more Performance based contracts the maybe more owners would then also help cover them during the off season.

  6. Players and agents around the league are watching this. If the Browns stiff Bryant on a good-faith workout injury when he was trying to be a professional and be in shape for camp, the organization becomes an even tougher sell for players (even if they like Hue Jackson). Cleveland already has to overpay to sign free agents as it is.

  7. The lesson for players here is to work out and stay in shape, but don’t be power lifting or maxing out to the point that you tear something. It doesn’t mean the alternative is to sit on a couch and eat pork rinds. Give him $100,000. and call it a day.

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