Greg Roman on Marquise Goodwin: What a weapon he is


Missing out on the Olympics might turn out to be a good thing for Marquise Goodwin’s football career.

Goodwin took some time away from the Bills in order to try to qualify for the long jump in Rio, but didn’t qualify for the U.S. team earlier this summer. If he had, the wide receiver would be missing training camp right now but he’s in Buffalo and offensive coordinator Greg Roman says that he’s making the most of his opportunities in the offense.

“What a weapon he is huh,” Roman said. “World class speed. The guy has got a different attitude about him and a different look in his eye this year and I like it. He’s showing up every single day. On his off day he was in the weight room with [quarterback] Tyrod [Taylor] working out. He was asking good questions in meetings. All the things that impress you. He’s somebody who is on a mission.”

Coach Rex Ryan said he believes Goodwin’s familiarity with the offense is allowing him to “let his physical gifts jump out.” Goodwin, who is listed behind Sammy Watkins on the team’s depth chart, has only played 24 games in his three years with the Bills, so his health has kept him from letting those gifts show on the field in the regular season.

A change on that front won’t result in a gold medal, but other benefits appear to be in reach based on his work in camp thus far.

9 responses to “Greg Roman on Marquise Goodwin: What a weapon he is

  1. ah, four more weeks of pre season hype to look forward to…

    The hype with Goodwin is real, and it always has been. When hes been on the field, hes been virtually uncoverable due to his speed. Ive watched him outrun a CB and then outrun the S help beyond them. The dude is unspeakably fast and has decent hands. If you hit him in stride, theres nothing a defense can do. His problem has always been that he cant go a full game without getting injured. Its given him a major stigma in town and the team is openly frustrated and drafted another speedster (who is ironically injured). That said, his name is mentioned most in training camp out of any of the WRs, including Sammy Watkins.

  2. When I see him make it through a few games( regular season)and actually play well I’ll believe it… But until then he stays on the list with guys like TJ Grahm.

  3. So everything sounds great on paper but honestly, he’s had 20 receptions in 25 games over 3 seasons. And while I agree if you hit him in stride he’s gone, Tyrod needs to have the time to be able to let him get downfield. For me, with the Bills, I have to see it to believe it. With our first 2 picks already out for the season, I am worried. And Rex brought his idiot brother on board, the same guy who ruined the Cowboy and Saints defenses. I’m sorry, but I am glad I decided not to renew my season tickets and will watch games on TV.

    – A Bills fan since 1973

  4. @ bobthebillsfan, you may very well be a genuine Bills fan but you clearly don’t watch football as a whole. Rob Ryan didn’t ruin the cowboys defense at all. If anything, they were nicer with him as the coordinator than they are now! They should’ve fired the HC and/or released Romo, but instead they got rid of Demarcus Ware and fired Rob, both idiotic moves. The Saints were trying to recreate their own version of the Seahawk’s defense and wanted Rob to learn it and then teach it to his guys. The scheme was trash and their record proved it. Rob Ryan will prove to be a valuable resource for this defense, wait and see man. They just gotta get these injuries under control and keep our key players on the field

  5. joetoronto says:
    Aug 10, 2016 4:39 PM
    Just another Buffalo bust, always injured just like Watkins.
    A bust just like your trolling. Try harder Pastie fan

  6. this dude is so fast it gives me the chills. he can be a ridiculously dangerous weapon if healthy and used properly. If he wasnt so injury prone I would love to see him return kickoffs…

  7. Goodwin is a weapon for sure, but he is always hurt. That said, he can blow the top off of the defense. Also, one of Tyrod Taylor’s best assets is that he can hit the WR in stride on a deep ball – see Percy Harvin wk 1 last year….

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