More than 90,000 could be at Coliseum for return of the Rams

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On Saturday night, the Rams officially return to L.A. with a game against the Cowboys. The Coliseum could be at or near capacity for the preseason home opener.

According to Sam Farmer of the Los Angeles Times, the Rams will be expanding the seating beyond its normal configuration for the preseason game against Dallas and the regular-season home opener against Seattle on September 18, selling tickets to seats in the upper level corners of the venue that previously weren’t going to be sold.

The Rams sold 70,000 season tickets, and they’re selling another 10,000 single-game tickets per contest. For the games against the Cowboys and Seahawks, the extra seats will push the crowds toward the full capacity of 91,000.

That’s an impressive turnout. Hopefully, unlike Sunday night in Canton, the game will actually be, you know, played.

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  1. I hope the Rams crush Seattle on their home opener. There’s just something about listening to all the Seattle “fans” complain and whine when they lose that makes football just a little sweeter.

  2. And by halftime when the poseurs who just came to take a selfie and call someone from the game have done what they came to do, there will be about 15,000 left in the stadium for the 2nd half. Less if the Rams are losing big.

  3. I knew the NFL belonged in Los Angeles. Not having pro football in the second biggest city in the nation was a joke. The Colisuen will be a sea of blue and yellow.

    Cue up the songs “I’m Coming Home” and “The Boys Are Back In Town” THE RAMS ARE BACK!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Lol these LA haters are amusing.

    All the people with season tickets know we’re gonna suck. Stop acting like LA has only front runner fans. You’re thinking of NE and Seattle.

  5. The Coliseum is a huuuuge dump. Been there for a concert, the bathrooms are a joke (be ready to walk in urine), the hallways are narrow, then on top of all that, you’re in S. Los Angeles. You couldn’t pay me to go there again.

  6. It’s LA. There will be way too many people who are going just to be seen at the return of the Rams. The novelty will wear off. If the Rams are good, then it will remain cool to be seen at a Rams game. If they struggle, not so much. No doubt that is true of many NFL teams but it is amplified in places like LA, San Diego and Miami.

  7. Now we know why Kronke, Spanos, etc were climbing over themselves to get to this market first……

  8. This may seem like an odd question to ask, but are the Rams going to return to their LA Rams uniforms? I never was much of a fan of this look they changed to after they won the Super Bowl.

    There is precedence. The Detroit Pistons changed uniforms in the 90s to something beyond hideous. But a few years ago they admitted the mistake by returning to the uniforms they wore during the Bad Boys days. Hoping the Rams do the same.

  9. This may seem like an odd question to ask, but are the Rams going to return to their LA Rams uniforms? I never was much of a fan of this look they changed to after they won the Super Bowl.
    It appears the team is sticking to the NFL rule forcing them to two years from the request (which will be in January 2017). I wonder if the league would have made an exception if the Rams pressed them on it due to the relocation, but the team is probably happy to have the change align more with the new stadium.

    FWIW, the signage at camp and in the coliseum is primarily in the 1960’s blue and white color scheme. The team’s alt jersey is the familiar Los Angeles blue and yellow. They will wear it twice along with a solid dark blue (aka Violet Beauregarde) color rush jersey on Thursday night.

  10. I’m a Seahawks fan now but when I was a kid before we had our own team here, my favorite football player was Roman Gabriel. Its great having the Rams back in LA where they belong. The best part is no more 10:00 games in the dark stadium in St Louis.

  11. Seeing as that was 2 games worth off attendance in St Louis this is starting off on the right foot.

  12. Wait until Kroenke’s new stadium is finished. That will be an amazing, off the charts, palace. The new stadium will be perfect for the second largest city in the U.S.

  13. Trust me the novelty will wear off, it’s LaLa land. After about 4 weeks, the Hollywood elite will become annoyed that someone had the audacity to ruin their perfect Sunday afternoon by staging a football game.

    Soon enough the league will realize why the Raiders and Rams left town in the first place..! Hopefully it won’t be until Kroenke dumps 3 billion on his piece of crap stadium…!

  14. Oh please! Stop! You’re shattering the narratives of those who claim there are no Pro football fans in LA. And as far as the Coliseum being a “dump” in “that part of town”, with cars being stolen by the dozens, That hasn’t stopped fans of USC from attending games and enjoying tailgating in the lots.
    Some of you people need to find something else to rag about.

  15. Jerry Jones effectively controls both teams. He is the one who directed the owners to ignore the 6-1 vote of the NFL owners LA committee to keep the Rams in a new $1B stadium in St. Louis, and also to ignore existing market league franchise relocation rules and move the team in spite of St. Louis meeting all the retention requirements. That will be a home game for Cowboy fans.

  16. When the Rams moved to St. Louis, STL also had deposits for 70,000 Season Tickets. But the stadium only held 66,000. And St. Louis is a much smaller metro. Wait until LA finds out they have to watch the Rams on TV every week. And also that Kroenke will charge way more than normal people in LA can afford when he opens his Jet Noise Chamber.

  17. 90000 for a pre season game, yeah right.

    90 thousand people “could ” show up for my sons birthday party too but that aint gonna happen either.

  18. Lolz. Ppl remember Roman Gabriel but they don’t remember the Anaheim Rams and the wave of indifference that swept over the south land when they left the first time. The Mehs will eventually settle in, it’s just the way it is.

  19. mf7krime says:
    Aug 10, 2016 5:04 PM
    Lol these LA haters are amusing.

    All the people with season tickets know we’re gonna suck. Stop acting like LA has only front runner fans. You’re thinking of NE and Seattle.

    If its anything like a Laker game it will sell out but the stadium won’t fill up until the third quarter.

  20. Bright lights, big city, a couple hundred thousand new (expert) fans – all will be wondering by week 2, why some guy named Fischer is employed in a job he clearly is not qualified for… and single handedly ruining their Sundays.

  21. jagsfanugh says:
    Aug 10, 2016 5:53 PM

    So much for the crowd saying that LA wouldn’t support a team.
    Almost everyone who said that meant long term. The most shallow people on the planet, Californians still have a long way to go before they can call this a success.

    This isn’t over.

  22. Wow, so many haters. I guess it’s easy to hate folks that have everything. Can’t wait for the opener, and when the new stadium opens, its going to be AMAZING.

  23. Toronto could get 90000. If you total the actual tickets sold for the 6 Bills in Toronto series games.
    Congrats on getting the Rams back LA.

  24. ReligionIsForIdiots says:
    Aug 10, 2016 8:40 PM
    Toronto, like any mega city would support a winner. Chan Gailey Bills was a disgrace to the fans intelligence

    Toronto, might want to consider actually supporting football at ANY level to prove to the NFL that it likes the sport. We don’t go to games NFL but really promise to show up if you give us a team!!!
    Here come the excuses of why Toronto didn’t attend the Bills games. Of course, London doesn’t need excuses, they just buy tickets.

  25. 90,000 in that stadium is so dangerous. The stadium is so old that the stairs are uneven and super steep with no hand rails. I was just there at Rams family day and the stadium is terrible good thing it’s just a temporary home. Supposably USC is going to be sinking 250 mil in upgrades over the next couple years but for now that stadium is junk it looks and feels like a crap hole. Good to have the Rams back and can’t wait for their new stadium to open next year. But I guess we will have to suck it up for now.

  26. LA is not a football town, I went to a Superbowl there years ago and was talking to a local. Ask him what it was like to host a Superbowl. His answer “I can’t wait till all you guys leave, I can’t stand football, I ‘m a Laker fan”

    Let’s see how many fights break out when each seat there is is only 14″ wide Hey NFL why not put a team in Rome and you can play where they use to fight lions instead of playing against tthem

  27. 4 years from now, most of those season tickets will be owned by companies and it’ll be 1/2 full but sold out.

    It’ll be great for Kroenke but bad for football in general. History will prove itself again that LA just isn’t a football town…

  28. Yes, it will be reminiscent of baseball opening day. The stadium is sold out for opening day and then…attendance falls off the cliff!!

  29. From Seattle, live in Oceanside, CA, and will be at the LA opener against Seattle. Should be fun!… Amazing number of Seattle fans in so cal…. So far, since I have been here on a three year re-lo job, I have counted over 30 Seahawk sports bars…

  30. LA has waited 20 years to get a team. Im sure every other fan in the US is happy now that LA has a team for one reason only , after the Chargers move there also , we wont ever have to hear about LA getting a team again. You will have two . With the wait of 20 years and with the population at 20 million people , there should be way more than 90,000 people trying to get in the stadium. I mean this IS the sports capital of the universe right? BTW….. enough of the STL attendance BS. If you don’t live here and haven’t followed this franchise for the last 20 years , with all the lies and mismanagement of the team , you have no clue what you are talking about. Is John Shaw still lurking around somewhere ? A LA guy brought the team to STL and a Missouri guy brought the team back to LA. We are even.

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