Telesco says “there has to be” a Bosa compromise at some point


It’s been nearly two weeks since the Chargers and the agents for defensive end Joey Bosa last spoke. San Diego G.M. Tom Telesco believes they’ll eventually speak again, and that they’ll find a way to resolve their differences.

“Well there has to be [a compromise] at some point,” Telesco told The Loose Cannons on XTRA 1360. “It’s important to us, we drafted him for a reason, we want him here. There’s no two people here that want him here more than me and Coach McCoy. He’s someone we took for a reason, we took him to help this football team. We have to get it done some way, some how. There’s just a hurdle we just can’t get over that’s hindering negotiations right now. No one wants it done more than we do.”

Telesco declined to get into the “play-by-play” of the negotiations, but the reality is that the ball is and has been in the team’s court since July 28. On that day, the team made an offer, Bosa quickly responded, and the Chargers have not countered.

“The next update will be when it’s done,” Telesco said. But it won’t be done until the team makes the next move, unless Bosa decides to break from the etiquette of negotiating and bid against himself.

Unless the team believes Bosa eventually will blink and take the pending offer, the fact that Telesco believes a compromise inevitably will occur implies that the negotiation process at some point will continue. For now, it has stalled because the Chargers have been disengaged for 13 days.

That’s something the team should probably share with veterans like tight end Antonio Gates, who has suggested that Bosa at some point should go rogue and disregard the negotiation process and get a deal done. Then again, Bosa’s agents could do the same thing, since the same firm that represents Bosa also represents Gates.

Regardless, the recent comments from Bosa’s mother suggest that the family and the player remain on board with a process that has been waiting for the Chargers to make the next move since July 28. So if the Chargers are waiting for Bosa to do what Gates thinks Bosa eventually should do, the Chargers may be waiting a lot longer than 13 days.

53 responses to “Telesco says “there has to be” a Bosa compromise at some point

  1. No, no there really doesn’t.

    See the CBA dictated the terms these rookies sign for. That’s why you have some players representing themselves when it comes to the negotiations, as they’re already done.

    Now just because you don’t want to guarantee the kid money doesn’t mean he has to compromise with you.

  2. The fact that they Chargers are the only team that is doing this says something….I’m all for going against the grain…but this does not qualify.

    BTW, what do you think this will do to them in the future, how many agents will want their clients to get drafted by San Diego.

  3. The Chargers need to pay the man.
    This kid is not going to bust.

    Due to the Draconian nature of rookie pay scale, Offsets for the first rounders are pretty lame…
    Man up SD.

  4. This guy is clueless.

    We made him the 3rd overall pick for a reason but I want offset language because I know I’m not a very good GM and there’s a good chance he’s a bust. I also want to defer his signing bonus to next year for no good reason even though every previous 3rd overall received their signing bonus at the time of signing.

  5. Did somebody explain to Telesco that Bosa HAS compromised by being willing to concede one point or the other? It’s the TEAM that needs to compromise at this point.

  6. There doesn’t ” have to be anything”. The kid has the tight to not work for the Chargers. Maybe if you didn’t ” have to ” have your own way and would bend a bit, he would “want to ” work for you. This doesn’t happen to other franchises.

  7. nookers says:
    Aug 10, 2016 3:43 PM

    Bosa is an idiot. he shouldn’t have even been a top 5 pick.
    I believe it’s a tie on both sides for this award!

  8. Being a first round bust runs in Joey’s family, his uncle is Eric Kumerow, class of 86 who Dolphins fans unfortunately remember way too well.
    Being a Buckeye bust is quite common in the family.
    Joey will never be a permanent starter, ain’t happening, SD made a terrible pick.

  9. I believe Bosa wants to get his money and then walk away from the game after three years. Smart choice.

  10. From the conversations that I’ve heard, this is not Telesco’s call. This impasse is being dictated from above the GM. They apparently don’t want to set a precedent that they’ll have to deal with going forward.

    They’re not used to drafting so high and they might not realize that the landscape has changed. They won’t be drafting in the Top 10 again until Rivers retires so they might want to just bite the bullet this one time.

  11. Here’s the last two moves:
    1. Chargers make offer
    2. Bosa makes counteroffer

    Hmmm, seems like it’s the Chargers turn to pipe up and get moving. From a negotiations standpoint, the team expects Bosa to now bid against himself. In negotiationsland, only idiots do that. So why should Bosa bid against himself?

  12. There was a pretty good sitcom in the 1980s called ‘Who’s the Boss’. Like some other classic TV shows, they could re-boot this for the current times as a reality show/opera and call it ‘Who’s the Bosa’ starring Joey. And since it co-stars the San Diego Chargers, it would still retain it’s ability to get people to laugh.

  13. The reason why the Chargers are stupid and wrong is because you are holding up the signing for 2 things that shouldnt matter a whole lot.

    1) WHEN he gets his signing bonus? who cares?

    2) Offset money? Why did you pick him #3 if you think you will cut him before his contract is over?

  14. Why not just pay him his signing bonus like he wants, like all top 3 picks get? Do the Chargers not have enough money to cover it? Makes no sense. Get your guy in camp!

  15. Longer this goes on, the less bosa contributes this season.
    Both sides are at fault.

  16. This is all on the Chargers. Those of you maligning Bosa are horribly misinformed.

  17. If the Chargers handled these things like the other 31 teams in the league there wouldn’t be need for a compromise now because Bosa would already be signed.

    And this is the level of effort you get from a front office begging the taxpayers to fund a new stadium for them. Because nothing says “support us” like keeping your top draft picks off the field. Maybe they should suspend Rivers and announce they’re going to play the year with only 10 starters just to drive the point home more.

  18. nookers says:
    Aug 10, 2016 3:43 PM
    Bosa is an idiot. he shouldn’t have even been a top 5 pick.
    – – – – – – – – — – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

    Chargers are an idiot….they should not be allowed to draft players if they are not willing to pay them

  19. Hey Charger management,
    Keep up the good work! Might we suggest that you use this same tactic with ALL first round picks going forward? The hell with precedent, you guys are the goldang San Diego Chargers! You can make up your own dang precedents!
    – Raiders Fans

  20. the Chargers are breaking with previous #3 contract conditions and they are surprised that Bosa is holding out ??? really ??

  21. the Chargers are doing this on purpose to upset the fans and thus kill support for a new stadium. Then they can leave for a better deal and try to avoid any blame…..

  22. Give him what every 3 pick since 2012 has got!

    Lesson to anyone thinking about becoming a fan of an NFL team. Sure starting QBs are important but they come and go. Ownership is critical and not likely to change even in 15 seasons.

    Don’t pick a favorite team with idiot owners.

    Long Time non-resident bolts fan.

  23. If I’m Bosa, I sign giving them the offset and deferred payment, as long as they guarantee he gets no 5th year option, no franchise or transition tag.

  24. The Titans got into this same nonsense last year with Mariota. It was silly then and is silly now. The owners already duped the players into selling out the rookies, as this would have been a $55 million guaranteed deal if the rookie wage scale wasn’t implemented, and no, that money hasn’t gone to the veterans who have figured this out and thus are retiring earlier and earlier. So exactly what are they trying to save money on? So you are concerned that the guy you took 3rd overall is a bust and that you’ll have to pay him an extra $10 or $15 million if you have to cut him before his 4th year? That’s just dumb logic and why it’s very revealing when you look at the teams that always get into this situation and the ones who do not.

  25. Boss is putting his pay day at risk. He can’t win if he does not show the Chargers don’t have to pay him the full amount, since they the amount is predicated on his being under contract which puts his amount at jeapordy. Also, not coming in at all is not an option since he won’t be taken any higher than third next year. Game over JB get to work.

  26. Bosa is putting his pay day at risk. He can’t win if he does not show the Chargers don’t have to pay him the full amount, since they the amount is predicated on his being under contract which puts his amount at jeapordy. Also, not coming in at all is not an option since he won’t be taken any higher than third next year. Game over JB get to work.

  27. If I were Bosa (thank god I’m not…), but if I were I’d get to Rio most skosh and let TMZ to get a photo of me between a few Brazilian lovelies watching beach volleyball… That would jolt the SD “establishment” into action…

    What better way to remind them that they need him worse than he needs them.

  28. I’m a Chargers fan but I think they are handling this poorly. If he is simply demanding what other players in his draft position received then they just need to suck it up and give it to him. They have a stadium initiative on the ballot in the fall and they can’t afford the negative PR they are generating right now. This franchise has a poor reputation as it is and it’s not getting any better.

  29. Billionaire nickle and diming is never a good look.

    This is just rich-guy stubbornness. Owner thought he could go alpha on Bosa, didn’t work, now he’s going waaaa! to his GM and telling him to hold the line. Pathetic.

  30. joetoronto says:
    Aug 10, 2016 4:25 PM

    I hope he continues to hold out and re-enters the draft next year.

    It would be interesting to see where he would get picked (round and team) if he did that.

  31. And with the fourth overall pick in the 2017 NFL draft – The Dallas Cowboys select Joey Bosa (previously of Ohio State)…..

    crowd goes wild….

  32. I’m SICK of hearing players say, “Well he got this from the Packers or another guy got that from the Steelers so I want that, too.” THAT IS TOUGH. You don’t play for the Packers or the Steelers or anyone else but the Chargers, Joey, and it doesn’t make any difference what others got. You have an offer, take it or leave it. But the Chargers don’t give a rip what other teams do contract wise and neither should any other team.

  33. olly1234 says:
    Aug 10, 2016 7:31 PM
    And with the fourth overall pick in the 2017 NFL draft – The Dallas Cowboys select Joey Bosa (previously of Ohio State)…..

    crowd goes wild….

    Then they offer him a similar contract to Elliot, which included a partial deferment of bonus payment to 2017 and off-set language, which he accepted.

  34. Just who is asking for the unusual terms and what are they? If Bosa is at fault and I’m the Chargers then I’d start taking something away each day.

  35. The Chargers are not a good organization and it has been obvious for years now. Telesco needs to concede one of the two items holding up the signing and most teams choose to give up the signing bonus vs. the offset language as the language offers more of a barrier to a bust pick.

    Telesco and Spanos have been abusive during contract negotiations for years hence why you heard Gates chime up as they have tried to do it to him too. I am shocked Rivers has not decided to take his talents elsewhere when he had the chance a few years back.

  36. So sick of supporting this suck ass franchise. We seriously might have the worst ownership in all of sports. Both sides are being unreasonable, but there really is no reason this shouldnt be done by now. It almost seems like a joke.

  37. Let us see… The headline during rookie mini cap was that he didn’t win a single snap! Need anyone wonder why he wants all bonuses up front? Drafting Bosa is the same as if Jamarcus Russell had a son taken with the same pick!

  38. Archie kept Eli out of there for a reason. Whether you like him or his family, you can bet he knows these teams/owners inside and out!

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