Tim Tebow’s carefully engineered baseball adventure

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Sure, Tim Tebow has every right to conjure a dream and pursue it — even if he’s pursuing it not in the old-fashioned climb-the-mountain way but in the newfangled I-deserve-to-be-placed-on-the-top-of-the-mountain-now way. As to this specific dream, there’s an unmistakable sense that the outcome may have been carefully arranged before the dream was announced to the world.

Consider the timing and the manner of the unveiling of Tebow’s new venture. His agents at CAA handed the news to a coworker, who agreed to give the situation credibility (perhaps at the expense of a little of his own), with Adam Schefter declaring to his five million Twitter followers as they sat down for their morning coffee (and promptly spat some of it against the screen) that Tebow would take up baseball with the same kind of nonchalance that Schefter would pass along the news of a team signing its punter to a new contract.

Immediately after the initial tweet came an article that conveyed without scrutiny quotes and other nuggets that gave more superficial credibility to the incredible notion that a guy who hasn’t played baseball since 2005 could hold a workout for all Major League Baseball teams and actually attract real interest. Then came a “report” from Darren Rovell of ESPN (another coworker) that the Dodgers had given Tebow a private workout before the season, that “a scout” was present for the workout (who the hell else would have been there?), and that the Dodgers thereafter showed interest.

In the aftermath of the initial flurry of “news” came the perfunctory, meaningless, publicity-seeking offers from minor league teams, one of which was passed along by Schefter on Twitter without mention of the obvious reality that this is the kind of crap minor-league teams always pull. After that, plenty of videos on ESPN.com have emerged regarding Tebow’s new endeavor, including one showing him repeatedly hitting a ball with a bat (but none actually showing where the ball goes).

What ultimately bothers me about this isn’t that Tebow has decided on the brink of 29 to take up a sport that requires years of focus and diligence and effort to master (even for those who truly possess real skill), but that it all feels contrived. Whatever the end game — and it won’t be a surprise if a Major League team not in contention decides when the rosters expand to 40 to give Tebow a job in order to sell tickets and jerseys in September — it feels as if those behind the project already knew how it will unfold before they pulled the pin on the process of unfolding it.

Regardless of how it plays out, the life story of Tim Tebow now has another wrinkle that will add 10 minutes or so to the final cut of the seemingly inevitable movie from Disney, the company that owns ESPN.

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  1. One thing I’ve learned about you Florio. You really hate Tebow. You don’t want him to play any sports. You don’t want him to have a job. Whatever he decides to do, you are going to be against it.

  2. Facetious baseball career is something that Tebow can add to his resume along with his facetious NFL career. These specious entries will of course come in very handy when Tebow answers his true ‘calling’ – a career as a politician.

  3. This article nails my issues with Tebow on the head. I’m not religious but I couldn’t care less that he is. I’m liberal & don’t care that he is conservative. To me, his whole image is contrived & fake. It always has to be a show with him. And it’s annoying… for the same reasons that the Michael Sam thing was annoying.

  4. It’s hypothetical to publish numerous articles regarding Tebow’s new baseball career and then complain about how he using the media to launch that career. Aren’t you both benefiting from this? Why can’t everyone just let this guy be.

  5. Wait, are you suggesting that people in the sports & entertainment business might be shepherding along a sports & entertainment storyline? Surely not… ; )

  6. nhpats says:
    Aug 10, 2016 7:54 AM
    The man has more playoff wins than many of today’s starting QBs….including the red-headed guy in Cincinnati….

    Man, you gotta let that go. Do you think 32 GMs in the NFL don’t know that Tebow was on a team that won a playoff game?

    There isn’t a team in the NFL, CFL, or AFL who would trade the “red-headed guy in Cincinnati” for Tebow if you threw in 5 first round draft picks and a free stadium.

    It’s over, man. Move on.

  7. You have a Probaseballtalk site. Since he’s no longer a football player and wants to play baseball, shouldn’t you post updates about his new career there???

  8. If people are honest about it, TT was black balled from the NFL. He’s going to take on criticism no matter what he does in live simply because he is so outspoken about his faith. With that being said, the guy should pursue whatever dream or desire he wants. Isn’t that what we all wish we could do?

  9. Speaking of changing sports, is there any truth to the rumor that Michael Jordan was actually suspended for the two years he pretended to be a minor league baseball player?

  10. Why all the vitriol?

    And he is not “Taking up baseball” anew at age 29 as you blatantly lay down.

    Whatever. It says volumes about your credibility and tactics.

  11. I heard he once went to a camp when he was like 12…learned how to ice skate…. NHL might be next on his list

  12. Mike, you’re taking this too seriously. You need to laugh at this like most of your readers are doing. It’s obvious that Tebow has become just another relentless, publicity-seeking, self promoter like many we’ve seen in sports and in other arenas.

    Tebow will never, ever make in organized baseball. Everybody knows that – well, except for one self-deluded person who’s orchestrating this stunt.

  13. Since when is selling tickets to sports games a conspiracy?

    Fans make the games work. They keep the whole thing going duh!

    NFL didn’t want the fans. Especially the NFL sports writers.

    MBL might want them.

    So good for them.

    Tebow is a great guy to have on your side. You don’t want him, don’t get mad at those who do!!

  14. If Tim Tebow has a difficult time throwing a football he is in for a big surprise trying to hit MLB pitching. Hitting a baseball being thrown in the mid to upper 90’s is the most difficult thing in all of sports.

  15. If you want some insight on why some people hate Tebow so much, unrelated to the “TebowMania” angle; look at all the College QB’s that changed positions to play in the NFL. Then look at how many were more accomplished passers in college in regards to pro style passing yet still did whatever it took to play in the NFL. If you don’t get it at that point, then you are Tim Tebow….

  16. The US Olympics team are considering adding him to gymnastics bc they saw his hop/jump pass.

  17. Caitlyn Jenner pursues her desires because of the way she feels on the inside. Gets insane media coverage:


    Tim Tebow pursues his desires because of the way he feels on the inside. Gets insane media coverage:


  18. So, you’re saying that a desperate team hurting for publicity and ticket sales would sign Tebow. Is this what Tebow has been reduced to, being a sideshow gimmick just to bring in the gullible? Why not sign another dwarf like Eddie Gaedel in 1951 to take an at bat?

  19. Aug 10, 2016 11:01 AM – regassert6 says: If you want some insight on why some people hate Tebow so much…

    So… his unwillingness to change positions is the reason you hate him? Got it.

  20. The problem with Tebow in general is the need for public adulation. Everything is contrived and he continues to get the attention because of his outspoken views on religion. Without the white Christian background, Tebow is a non story that people have forgotten about long ago. This latest attempt at professional sports fame is another example of a guy who has a sense of entitlement because of the attention he has been given. Nowhere do you see Tebow wants to work hard in the Minor Leagues to work his way up to fulfill a dream of playing in the major leagues. Instead it’s Tebow wants to fulfill his dream of playing in the major leagues and wants pro scouts to attend a workout. He’s not going to make it to the major leagues and I doubt he will want to put in the minor league time either. He’s already shown he’s not interested in the work it takes to achieve the pro sports dream by forgoing other Football leagues. Just another non story blown out of proportion because he’s a good Christian white man.

  21. Wow, that’s a really crappy Disney movie. You know who knew when to quit? Rudy. He got his 10 seconds of fame, and didn’t try to be on any more rosters. Why?


  22. People hate Tebow because he’s the liberals biggest enemy right now: he’s white, smart, successful, athletic, filled with faith, and well-spoken. Libs don’t like that, they like “victims” and “safe-places” and “other people’s money”, so they do everything they can to drag down someone described above who chase their dreams.

  23. Aug 10, 2016 11:01 AM – regassert6 says: If you want some insight on why some people hate Tebow so much…

    So… his unwillingness to change positions is the reason you hate him? Got it.

    Yeah; he isn’t good enough as a passer to be an NFL QB but he is potentially athletic enough to bring value elsewhere. But he won’t swallow his pride. Isn’t Pride a mortal sin? You can’t be “willing to do whatever it takes to make it in the league” so long as it’s 100% on your terms.

  24. keys2heat

    People hate Tebow because he’s the liberals biggest enemy right now: he’s white, smart, successful, athletic, filled with faith, and well-spoken. Libs don’t like that, they like “victims” and “safe-places” and “other people’s money”, so they do everything they can to drag down someone described above who chase their dreams

    No there are actually a lot of Liberals who fit that description too. Nobody hates Tebow. Many are just tired of the story. He’s not dedicated enough to play in the NFL and he likely isn’t dedicated enough to play in the Major leagues. It’s a non story that gets traction simply because he’s an outspoken Christian.

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