Adam Gase on limited deep passes: If you want QB’s brains beat out, do it more


After a lackluster outing in a scrimmage last weekend, Dolphins coach Adam Gase feels better about the way his offense has looked in practice this week and he also feels comfortable about the approach he’s picked for the offense being the best one for his team.

On Wednesday, Gase was asked about the limited number of deep shots the team has taken in the passing game during practices. Gase noted that “he’s fine with it” as the guy scripting and calling the plays and said there’s “a time and a place” to go vertical in the passing game, which he says puts him right in line with the majority of the league.

“The whole league is 10 yards and under. That’s what it is,” Gase said, via the Miami Herald. “Nobody is going down the field. There’s one team that does it really, maybe two. Pittsburgh and Arizona. Hold onto the ball and they chuck it down the field. More teams than not, it’s 10 yards and under. That’s where all the passing game is. The d-ends are too good. If you want to stand back there and have your quarterbacks get your brains beat out, go at it.”

Gase’s work as the offensive coordinator in Denver and Chicago got him the top job in Miami, so there’s plenty of reason for him to be confident about the approach he’s chosen to take with the Dolphins offense. Should the results move the team in the right direction in the standings, he’ll probably be spending less time explaining why he’s chosen it.

32 responses to “Adam Gase on limited deep passes: If you want QB’s brains beat out, do it more

  1. I suppose this should silence all the Dolphins fans who criticize Brady for being a dink and dunk QB. I suppose, but it won’t.

  2. sounds like the excuse making for Tanny is already starting…. what a lot of Tanny supporters miss is that he gets a much larger portion of his yards from Run After Catch…. this is a guy who averages something like one completed throw over 12 yards per game….

    so yeah the Phins won’t be making many deep passes this year, again

  3. He’s also rebuilding the offense. Work on the fundamentals, get the offense in sync. The deep throws will come.

    I live how he treats the media. Especially the know it all Miami media. They are some of the worst in the country. Little knowledge, big egos…

  4. You need to be able to complete some deep shots every once in a while to keep the defense honest, but Gase is right that deep passing isn’t as important as people make it out to be. Watch the Patriots. Every pass Brady throws is less than 10 yards and they don’t seem to have any trouble moving the ball.

  5. You take what the defense gives you.

    The Air raid system might work at Baylor, but in the NFL those passing lanes just aren’t as open.

    That’s why the successful teams in the league have 7 8 9 play scoring drives more times than not, and good teams average 25-28 points for game.

    I think the educated fans and media understand this.

  6. kepickle says:
    Aug 11, 2016 12:25 PM
    Panthers don’t seem to have any issues deep passing last yr


    Really? Then why did Cam end the SB in the fetal position?

  7. kepickle says:
    Aug 11, 2016 12:25 PM
    Panthers don’t seem to have any issues deep passing last yr


    Because they have a mobile QB who can buy time for receivers to get down field. This is why mobile QBs are the future of the NFL. Dink and dunk offenses are easily shut down by a good secondary, see AFCC game last season as an example.

  8. Wow, Miami actually has a coach who knows football…..only took them 20 years to find one!!!

    Brady has been running dink and dunk offense since Randy left. He is right, this league is get the pass off quickly and pick your spots on the long ball. He also understands that you need to establish a run game before you can take your shots…..something the previous coaching staffs couldn’t fathom for some strange reason.

    Tannehill was 4th in the league with 20+ yard completions, 6th in 40+ yard completions last season. Just a little tidbit for the people who still think Tannehill can’t throw deep. Also the same people who claim that Miami is in “cap hell” I’m sure.

  9. Gase has been too busy calling plays to watch a game. Quarterbacks are now treated like an endangered species. The hit zone on a QB is smaller than an MLB strike zone.

  10. “Gase is happy with offense today.”

    “Gase is unhappy with offense today.”

    “Gase has pedestrian theory about the deep ball and protecting his QB.”

    If this guy wins a ring or two and it is clearly his doing, I’ll care about the day-to-day vacillations in his rather unremarkable thought process regarding his profession.

    Until then, I can do without the blow-by-blow accounts. He should say less about the inner workings of his mind. It makes him sound like a humdrum thinker.

  11. Ryan Tannehill for his usual 6.5 ypa and garbage stats on the way to another 7-9 season. Good times. Gase better learn how to power play and get rid of this fool as soon as he can if he wants to survive.

  12. No one pees themselves like Ms. Brady when faced with a good rush. That’s why he’s lost for the past 3 years in Miami.


  13. Tom Brady has made the biggest fraud of a career off this technique for 15 yrs. One yr he threw downfield, other than that its 90% screens and slants. Basically a HS offense- hence why Matt Cassell won 11 games in their system and completed 60% of his passes (they are all high percentage throws). Tom takes 3 step drops, no footwork needed, quick throws so he is never hurt and never has to utilize his arm. Thats why he is in good shape now, the dude never has to worry about being hit or overthrowing his arm. Every other top QB has proved themselves with footwork and deep balls. The only ‘deep ball’ tom throws is MAYBE 15 yards to Gronk- a huge target most of us could hit. I saw one stat from last yr, a receiver had 580 yds, 87% of those yards were yards after catch………

  14. Yep, realistic to think that Tannehill who has shown no propensity to do so will learn how to process information as quickly as Brady now in year 5. That’s sure not far fetched. Lol, I miss my trips to Miami because Dolphin fan is this dumb to believe this and are so easy to bait when you point out such absurdity. Pssst Dolphin fan, it’s not the line getting him killed. It’s him, or maybe you think 2 first round picks (now 3) and the top FA LT 3 years ago are all the problem , LOL. Just think where you’d be had Philbin, and it’s hard for me to type this, had been able to draft Derrick Carr, and Carr is hardly a finished product himself, but he’s light years better than Tannehill will ever be already going into his 3rd year.

  15. YOU:

    Pittsburg and Arizona also have a lot of injured quarterbacks. Gase is right.

    ME: pittsburgh and arizona have been to the sb in the last decade, and their offensives are feared around the league…..

    no one cares or fears anything from miami…..and hasnt in decades…..

    i’ll take ben and two lombardis, over tanny and dinkin-donuts offense anyday.

  16. DeVante Parker and Kenny Stills are going to surprise some people this year, (ahem) but of course, as coach says, they’re going to be a dink and dunk offense. Yea, that’s the ticket.

  17. Just think Dolphin fans, Tannenbaum was the same genius that threw his full support behind the Sanchize, lol. And the Sanchize actually managed to win some big games despite himself, something I can’t say for Tannehill who has barfed all over himself a couple of times with potential playoff spots served up on a platter for him. With that kind of leadership, onward and upward or something like that, lol.

  18. That’s why Miami has drafted receivers that can get yards after the catch in recent years. Parker, Landry, and Stills are all capable of making a defender or two miss to take it to the house. I noticed last season once Parker was healthy Tannehill took more shots downfield and was successful on majority of those throws. I’m very optimistic to see what a real coach can do in Miami since it’s been YEARS since we’ve had one.

  19. Note to the NFL – you don’t have to respect the Dolphins’ passing game and just like planning a defense against the Great Gimmick with the Cleveland Dog Piles, you don’t have to worry about deep passes since he can’t hit anything that is covered.

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