Darrell Bevell: Christine Michael has “had an awakening”

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Running back Christine Michael got a fair amount of work in the backfield for the Seahawks last preseason, but averaged 3.7 yards per carry before Seattle opted to trade him to the Cowboys rather than carry him on the 53-man roster.

Things didn’t go much better for Michael in Dallas and he never made it off the Redskins practice squad after the Cowboys dropped him, but things ended on a better note. Michael returned to the Seahawks with Marshawn Lynch and Thomas Rawls out of the lineup and ran for 192 yards on 39 carries in the final three weeks of the season before going for 70 yards in their Wild Card victory over the Vikings.

The 2013 second-round pick re-signed with Seattle as a free agent and that final flourish has him in the mix of backs trying to step into the void left by Lynch’s retirement. During an appearance on 710 ESPN, Sheil Kapadia of ESPN.com asked offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell why people should buy into the idea of an improved Michael.

Bevell said that the running back has “had an awakening,” which fits with how Michael has described his mindset after the “humbling experience” early last year.

“I was here and I felt like I was back on my fourth opportunity,” Michael said. “I wanted to run the ball well. I can’t say I was worried or not worried about getting another chance. I got out here and want to do the best I can.”

With Rawls off the PUP list and three 2016 draft picks on the roster, there’s going to be a lot of competition for playing time in the Seahawks backfield. The Michael that closed out last season would seem to be in a good position to earn some of it.

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  1. Burn me in FF three consecutive years, shame on you. Burn me a fourth year… oh who am I kidding, definitely going to happen again.

  2. Thomas Rawls is very, very good. But a Christine Michael–one who has had an “awakening”–can be a superstar, too. As they try to outperform each other in the practices, preseason, and beyond, it is the Seahawks who will benefit.

    It will also be interesting to find out which runner the offensive line blocks for better. Sometimes a line has a particular style that suits one runner better than another.

    And with Alex Collins waiting in the wings, we’re in good shape at running back.

  3. He played great at the end of last year and I have a hard time seeing him not make the team. Especially if these rookies can’t get on the field with their nagging injuries.

  4. You didn’t finish your sentence. Russell Wilson’s gonna be running for his life this season… on some plays and making magic out of them. He’ll also sit in the pocket when it’s there and pick you apart. 4 years is a big enough sample size that shows he’s able to stay healthy and make his team a super bowl contender. I’m pretty happy with that. Top 5 QB last year and will be again this year. I do commend you about knowing this was a Seahawks article though. Notice how there’s none of the typical Seahawks trolls. The headline had Bevell and Micheals name so they didn’t even click on it.

  5. Michael will have an awakening, that the Cowboy’s O line is night and day better than the semi pro group Seattle is assembling.

    Seattle should have had an awakening to Michael, that if he could not thrive behind the Cowboy line he probably sucks.

  6. I am cautious of Michael, I watched his pre-season games and what he was doing in practice he was moving at a different speed than any other player.

    I was so optimistic about his potential but was let down when his maturity didn’t let him see the field. He came back to Seattle humbled and working hard by the sounds of it. The guy has true talent. To the Cowboys fan- Seattle’s offensive line may not pass block that well but they are one of the best run blocking teams year in and year out. They have been to two Super Bowls when Cowboys have yet to sniff a wild card.

  7. I’ve pretty much heard all of the camp news and it does sound like the switch has flipped for this guy. Talent was never the problem…it was always about getting his head right and being a professional.

  8. With that make-shift O line and possibly five new starters in all five positions, it could be a long season for the Hogs. Put a TE who cannot block like Jimmy Graham in there and things don’t look any better for the running backs. Last year’s full back was cut too. And yet some sports writers and Vegas pick this team to win the Super Bowl. Go figure.

    They will be lucky to make the playoffs, let alone win their division. Without the 12th man drowning out the other team’s offensive signals, they have no chance to advance in the playoffs. Unless Goodell tells the NFL officials to stop calling defensive holding again, the Sea Hogs have no chance of returning to the Super Bowl.

  9. The Hogs also suffered losses on D. Gone are Brandon Mebane and Bruce Irvin. They drafted a rookie in the second round who is supposed to replace Mebane but I haven’t heard anything about him. Michael Bennett is angry about his contract, and Brandon Browner is one of the most penalized DBs since Goodell told the officials to start calling defensive holding again. The D, if they play like they did in the first half of the playoff game against Carolina, will mean the Hogs will simply miss the playoffs. I predict a 7-9 record for them in 2016.

  10. Hey omeimontis…..

    Seahawks fans have heard this same type garbage youre spewing that last 3 years…. I think the team has done fairly well…… but if it makes you feel better…

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