Ladarius Green’s recurring headaches raise questions about his future, contract


The NFL Media report, attributed to an unnamed member of the Steelers, regarding the recurring headaches suffered by tight end Ladarius Green raises questions about the player’s future, and regarding his contract.

First, rumors of Green dealing with lingering headaches have been circulating since training camp opened. The person who first mentioned the ongoing headaches to PFT suggested that Green is considering retirement. If the headaches don’t resolve, retirement remains an option.

Second, earlier today the same source told PFT that there’s new speculation that the Steelers may eventually cut Green.

Third, the Steelers could end up recovering (or at least trying to recover) Green’s $4.75 million signing bonus. If he retires, Green definitely owes the money. Even if he’s cut, however, there’s a chance the Steelers could make the same argument the Patriots advanced three years ago regarding defensive end Jonathan Fanene.

in 2013, the Patriots signed Fanene, gave him a $3.85 million signing bonus, and later cut him due to a knee injury that, as the team argued, came from a condition he had failed to disclose. If Green didn’t tell the Steelers he was still experiencing headaches at the time he was signed (and if he was indeed experiencing headaches), the Steelers could try to recover the $4.75 million.

In Fanene’s case, the grievance was settled, allowing the player to keep the $2.5 million he had received while also allowing the team to keep the $1.35 million balance.

28 responses to “Ladarius Green’s recurring headaches raise questions about his future, contract

  1. Shame on the Steelers for not properly vetting this guy. Now they will have to sift through preseason cast offs to basically find their 2nd and 3rd Te because Johnson is really a fullback

  2. There HAS to be something other then what the public knows… This isn’t a normal Steeler signing… The trades last year and this signing have been big blemishes… BUT winning solves all problems and lucky for Pitt they have one hell of a squad!!

  3. I predict Jesse James robbing defenses blind in the redzone. I also predict a Wanted poster held by fans sitting in both endzones of Heinz field. Let’s make it happen!

  4. Maybe he doesn’t want to be a dirty player like is required of all Stoolers…

    Maybe he knows 8-8 is the best they’ll manage this year and wants out…

    Maybe he doesn’t want to have to hit the roids the rest of the Stoolers hit…

    Poor guy… Made a bad career decision and now has to try to fix it.

  5. If he is cut, the Ravens will sign him instantly for another fall guy when Flacco doesn’t live up to his contract.

  6. I’m going out on a giant limb here and predict that Green’s answer to the $4.75 million dollar question “were you
    experiencing headaches at the time you signed?” is going to be “no” lol

  7. When Percy Harvin first came to Minnesota, he was plagued with headaches, even to the point of missing action. Somehow, a solution was found.

    Applicable here perhaps?

  8. Where is the idiot who claimed this turkey is a BEAST?

    I think the idiot is the same one claiming Flacco is elite and Lewis is still looking for his white suit.

  9. Sounds like some medicinal marijuana will help. If only there was someone on the Steelers he could turn to…

  10. Steelers will likely cut Green, he won’t just retire knowing he will have to return the $4.75mil.

    Better get Miller on the phone and start the sweet talking! We NEED a TE! Something tells me he would come back for 1 year.

  11. It has been what eight months long months since this kid took a hit to the head and still dealing with headaches? Time to retire and do something else with his life because this LIFE not just football.

  12. Have the Steelers sent him to a neurologist to figure out the issues?

    How long has he suffered from the headaches? Did he have a history of headaches in San Diego?

    It could be something serious……..or it could be something as innocuous as a food or pet allergy.

    I’ve suffered from migraines my entire life. Hopefully, his is nothing serious and they can find him the right prescription medication. I’ve had migraines so bad where I’ve had to be rushed to the emergency room and given shots of dilaudid to was the pain. Not fun.

  13. Ravens won’t sign this guy.
    Already passed on him once. More likely Steelers sign one of Baltimore’s cast offs. They have the deepest receiving te corps in the league.
    Pitta, Watson, Williams, Gilmore, Boyle. Of course baltimore may keep them all because they have no WRs.

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