Tomlinson puts heat on Bosa, too

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As if unsigned defensive end Joey Bosa wasn’t hearing enough chatter from current Chargers about his contract situation, one of the franchise’s all-time greats recently called out the No. 3 overall pick in the draft.

“The agent works for him,” LaDainian Tomlinson recently said on NFL Network. “At the end of the day if he wants to be here he is in control of that and he’s missing a lot of time obviously. Critical time he’s missing. The chemistry that he could be building with this defense. They’re starting right now to get a rotation going and the longer that Bosa is out the more that it’s gonna be difficult for him to get in here and learn the system. So I would tell him remember he’s in control. If he wants to be out here tell his agent to make the deal get done.”

But was Tomlinson in control when he held out until August 22 in 2001? Did he eventually tell his agent, “I don’t care what you say, I’m taking the best offer the team will make?”

Regardless of who’s at fault on this one, the pressure coming from current and former Chargers is being applied to Bosa. As if he’s the only one capable of bending.

The team could bend, too. Current and former Chargers like Tomlinson could be saying that the contract negotiators work for owner Dean Spanos, and that if the end of the day Spanos wants Tomlinson here, Spanos is in control of that.

On the surface, it’s not a shock that Tomlinson is taking a subtle pro-team position on this. After all, he currently works for the NFL and, necessarily, each of its 32 teams. At what point, however, does it become relevant for folks like Tomlinson and Antonio Gates to mention that they once had to hold out to get what they wanted from the team, along with plenty of other current and former Chargers — from Drew Brees to Philip Rivers to Quentin Jammer to Shawne Merriman to Antonio Cromartie to Vincent Jackson to Marcus McNeil to Corey Liuget to Eric Weddle and more.

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  1. Bosa is the only reasonable one I see in this whole deal. All 31 other teams handle those items exactly the way Bosa wants his contract done. The fact the Chargers want to get off on a bad foot with him on a couple technicalities is a bad sign and Bosa is smart not to cave.

  2. Bosa is a fool…

    The team will make millions of dollars this year – with or without Bosa.

    Boss will not make millions of dollars this year – unless he signs the current offer.

    Bosa only has a limited number of years to play a very physical game – so he can’t afford to miss a single year and the millions of dollars that it represents. Bosa will cave – because the team doesn’t care either way. The team is not interested in playing in SD in the future, so they have no pressure to sign the player this year.

    Bosa played his hand – and lost. His only option is to sign and play. If he doesn’t, he only hurts his future earnings potential as well as losing millions this year. His agent should be fired for backing him into a no-win corner. Bosa is a fool for not taking control and allowing it to happen…

  3. Of course all of the aforementioned dudes don’t bring up their holdouts. Once they got theirs done it was suddenly just business and love for the organization. Seriously, either give him the offset or give him the guarantee, he’s agreeable to either.

  4. Those guys can say what they want, but it’s a valid point that Tomlinson works for the NFL, especially considering the NFL itself publicly criticized Bosa and attempted to shame him into submission. That should not be happening. It seems like the Chargers want to get the benefits of a high pick without making the upfront investment required. Maybe they should’ve traded down. Players (at least the ones still playing and playing in the future) should want Bosa to maximize his deal, as it sets precedent for future players in that spot. Also funny that the guys criticizing him were holdouts.

  5. Hey Ladanien? Flashback to playoff game in Foxboro. Rivers out there putting everything on line with a BROKEN LEG in freezing temps. Where were you ? Huddled up under tarp on bench with nothing visably wrong with you. Shut up please

  6. For the record I’m with Bosa on this one. Hopefully the Chargers will come to their senses and give him one of the two concessions.

  7. 90% of Chargers fans who have been real Chargers fans since Eli Manning, are incensed over Cheryl “the Bitch” Bosa telling she would do an “Eli Manning”. The vast majority of Chargers fans would only vote for a new stadium if they DIDN’T sign Bosa. “The Bitch” ruined any sympathy the fans may have had for him.

  8. I think when you look at all the other teams signing their guys with no issues and the seemingly endless list of guys the Chargers had trouble with, it’s on them.

  9. Was Tomlinson sulking in his helmet when he said this? Don’t listen to anybody Bosa. Hold out, go back into the draft. You don’t want to be stuck with this crap franchise for four years.

  10. LT, loved you as a player and I always thought you played the game the way it was meant to be played, but you’re hurting your stock here.

    This is in no way on Bosa, really anyone the Chargers drafted at 3 would have responded this way because the Chargers are attempting to circumvent stipulations in the CBA to potentially save a few million in case the kid gets injured or turns out to be a bust.

    That’s it.

    Bosa isn’t greedy, or putting himself first, he’s doing what 100% of players would do in exactly the same situation. To say otherwise proves you have no understanding of the issue at hand.

    And really as a former player that issue should be near and dear to your heart, which is the unchecked power of owners in contract negotiations moving forward, because I guarantee if the Chargers won with Bosa the next crop of rookies loose with 31 other teams.

    So please think before you speak so as not to tarnish the legacy you left in San Diego.

  11. The Truth says:
    Hey Ladanien? Flashback to playoff game in Foxboro. Rivers out there putting everything on line with a BROKEN LEG in freezing temps. Where were you ? Huddled up under tarp on bench with nothing visably wrong with you. Shut up please

    Nothing visibly wrong? He had a torn meniscus, the sane injury that ended Stevie Johnson”s season earlier this week. Rivers played after having ACL surgery earlier that week cause he’s a tough SOB but also he’s not a running QB. Tomlinson took the first 2 handouts to try to play with his knee torn up but realized the team had a better chance without him and took himself out so Michael Turner and Darren Sproles could shoulder the load. I agree that him sulking with his helmet and parka on wasn’t the best choice but not being able to help your team in the AFC championship game is something most people wouldn’t take maybe you should shut up til you learn some facts

  12. There is a reason why the Chargers who were once holdouts are the ones who are speaking out a bit more vocally. Looking back, they understand the impact their holdout had on their own development. They also have not said anything inherently wrong. Gates and LT have simply stated that if Bosa really wants to get to camp, he has the power to get involved and reach a deal with the Chargers.

    The biggest red flag here for me is that there are only 2 items being negotiated. What happens when Bosa hits his second contract and it is open season for contract negotiation. That may be the real indicator of whether or not the issue here is purely on the Chargers or if the issue lies with the Bosa camp as well.

  13. How many of the players criticizing Bosa held out under the current rookie contracts system? I am guessing zero. So comparing their situation to Bosa’s isn’t apples to oranges.

  14. If Bosa sits out a year, he will have lost a year of his career and probably (although what do I know) will go lower than 3rd. The only time I remember a pick sitting out the season was Kelly Stouffer who was traded to the Seahawks just before the next draft. Didn’t work out that well for him. Don’t get me wrong, I think the Chargers are playing this badly but Bosa needs to consider his career.

  15. If they didn’t want to pay for the number 3 pick, they should have traded down,
    They are getting a steal compared to what the number 3 would have cost them in the past.

    All the teams are getting a bargain with all the young players.
    All the younger players are getting screwed.
    The vets who voted for this rookie scale THOUGHT that it would line their pockets… Nope just picked the pockets of the kids and made it easier for the teams to drop players in years 4,5 and 6. Not too smart guys.

  16. Tomlinson had DONE something already… All Bosa’s done is confirm his reputation as a spoiled brat me-first malcontent diva. Let his arse sit, save the money on a surefire bust and team-wrecker. On the other hand, he and the Bolts deserve each others, losers with attitudes.

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