Dolphins get two three-and-outs out of first-string offense


New Dolphins coach Adam Gase’s offense is off to an inauspicious debut.

The Dolphins’ first-string offense took the field for two series to start tonight’s game at the Giants, and they went three-and-out both times.

Dolphins quarterback Ryan Tannehill was 2-for-4 for eight yards before giving way to backup Matt Moore. Tannehill was hit on three of his four passes, including twice by Olivier Vernon, the defensive end who left the Dolphins for the Giants in free agency this offseason.

The Giants’ offense got a 24-yard reception from Sterling Shepard and a touchdown run from Rashad Jennings on the way to taking a 10-0 first-quarter lead.

47 responses to “Dolphins get two three-and-outs out of first-string offense

  1. Sounds like the typical Ryan Tannehill offense. If it wasn’t for the man crush that Stevie Ross has on Tannehill, the Dolphins would have moved on from him a while ago.

  2. This team is going to be 0-16. Tannehill is terrible. On third down, he always throws short of the first down marker. ALWAYS. Third and five? Here’s a three yard pass. Third and nine? One yard pass. Third and one? No gain. It’s mind boggling. Just trade him to the Browns already.

  3. Easy does it….after 1 hour rain delay, it ain’t impossible to think that everybody on the offense was already in let-down mode…it does happen. I’ve seen a lot of great teams come out from a weather delay & play flat…so lets give them the benefit of the doubt & not panic…yet

  4. That’s what happens when you don’t have a qb in a qb-driven league. Ross needs to go.

  5. Tannehill= not naturally accurate . Great athlete very smart yet he has a bad feel for passing game and is a see it throw it QB. Strong Arm yet bad anticipatory thrower

  6. Adam Gase looked like a great coach when he had Peyton Manning. Charlie Weis looked like a great coach when he had Tom Brady. I’m sure Weis and Gase are wonderful coaches. They just turn into wonderful winning coaches when they have a HOF QB. Coaching can only take you so far. Bill Walsh went 2-14 one season. I guarantee you he wasn’t getting outcoached 14 out of 16 weeks.

  7. Cant put this all on Tannehill. It was more of the O-lines fault. For those of you who didn’t watch the game, the Giants were getting pressure every time Tannehill attenpted a pass. Hard to believe Tunsil was playing with the backups considering how bad Miamis O-line is. Dont sleep on Giants D. If they’re healthy they are going to be legit this year. Back to playing Giants D!

  8. I’m a neutral observer, but I feel confident stating that the Dolphins will have a top 3 pick in next year’s draft.

  9. Well, based on the results from Thursday night, that’s great news for Chicago fans. It confirms that Loggains is still running Gates’ offense.

  10. after months of smack talk by that beachside guy and his ilk it feels good to ask this question,

    when did the dolphins acquire a first string offense?

    don’t start nothin’, there won’t be nothin’

  11. For those that didnt watch…Tannehill never had a chance. The OLine was terrible opening 0 running lanes and Tannehill was hit or hurried every single pass play. Albert and Thomas were turnstiles and the rest of the line struggled to pick up simple dline stunts.

  12. My question to those who say the Tannehill sucks and the Dolphins should go with another QB….who should they have replaced him with in the recent years?

  13. I hate to be a Tannehill defender, but the Giants D Line was overpowering the still unresolved Dolphins OLine and no matter what QB was back there would have had the same results. Who is the OLine Coach and why in the world is Dallas Thomas a Starter????

  14. I’d must rather talk smack than listen to professional babble. It is much to early in preseason but of the six plays the starting o-line was on the field I’d say they have work to do.

  15. Fans of teams that haven’t won a Super Bowl since “73” should never, ever talk smack. Period, end of story. It’s weak sauce and has no substance.

  16. 2016StockMarketCrash says:
    Aug 13, 2016 10:52 AM
    Turnoverhill is not an NFL quarterback no matter how much they try to make him one.

    Two weeks ago chippybeachgamecrash had them winning the division, last week they were going to the playoffs now they do not have an NFL QB. Things are progressing quickly this year, that type of reality doesn’t usually set in down there until week 2 or 3.

  17. mongo3401 says:
    Aug 13, 2016 10:59 AM
    Unresolved Oline ? It’s the same Oline they had in 2015.

    But, but, but…they got the greatest pick in the history of history when they brilliantly selected Bong Mask Tunsil. Guy will be the best pick since Dion Jordan just you wait…come to think of it we are still waiting on Jordan…so, yeah, never mind.

  18. Tannehill haters are just clueless idiots, period. Tannehill only makes up 0.018% of the team. Maybe try looking at the OTHER 99% of the team for some blame. Like the swiss cheese offensive line that gave him no time to do anything but run for his life.

    If Tannehill is so horrible, despite being surrounded by sub par talent, a high school offensive line, and inept coaches, then why does he have the third most passing yards in NFL HISTORY in his first four years trailing only Peyton Manning and Dan Marino????

    Also, for the many clueless Tannehill haters, try comparing his numbers to Bradys’s first four full season. They are nearly identical, except for the fact that Brady had a better team around him and coaches who knew what they were doing.

    Brady 13,919
    Tannehill 15,460

    Completion Percentage:
    Brady 61.8
    Tannehill 61.9

    Brady 97
    Tannehill 87

    Brady 52
    Tannehill 54

    Passer Rating:
    Brady 87.6
    Tannehill 85.2

    Class is over, haters turn in your Dolfan cards and never come back. Us real fans don’t want clueless hater idiots in our fanbase.

  19. You know what the worst thing about that game was…. The giants play by play and color commentator. They were just awful, they could get anything right.

  20. I saw Dallas Thomas get shoved all the way back to Tannehill more than once. I would say it’s time to promote Tunsil. Apparently, not playing Wake, Suh, Mario, Reshad Jones and others, does not make for a very good defense. All that said, it’s preseason, and that’s when you do it.

  21. n0hopeleft says:
    Aug 12, 2016 9:12 PM

    Giants looking much improved against the dolphins starters.
    Well, except for Wake, Suh, Mario, Mitchell, Maxwell, Foster, and Reshad and Jason Jones. Otherwise, you’re correct.

  22. dolphins4life
    Aug 13, 2016 12:06 PM

    Also, for the many clueless Tannehill haters, try comparing his numbers to Bradys’s first four full season. They are nearly identical, except for the fact that Brady had a better team around him.

    Yeah watching Brady’s first 4 seasons produce 3 championships looks very similar to Turnoverhill’s..ROFL

  23. Yeah watching Brady’s first 4 seasons produce 3 championships looks very similar to Turnoverhill’s..ROFL

    Yeah, you obviously failed to read his whole post. You know, about the better team and coaches thing…. Brady was average at best during those 4 years and had a passer rating over 90 only once, meaning his team was great and carried him. Typical patriot fans ROFL.

  24. Approximately 55-60% of Turnoverhills passing yards and TD’s occur in garbage time so they are completely meaningless.

    Can we compare Joe Philbin’s success to Belichick too?

  25. Omar Kelly criticized to O-line and blamed them for the 3 and out performance by the first team om Friday night. Omar made some good points. Tannehill can’t perform very well with defensive players hanging all over him. Maybe it is time to devote some practice time to our DL, whom Brandon Albert claims is so good, to beat the crap out of our O-line and sack the QB a few times. This might reveal why our starting guards get beat in games. Don’t get excited! Doughty can be the QB. Maybe Brandon Albert needs to play left guard and Juan james needs to play Left tackle again. That would place Tunsil and company in a fight for right tackle.

    I believe that practice for the line is a love fest where people hang onto each other and cheat to look good! In games they cannot perform. It is time for the new coach to dig in their – well you know!


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