Contract extensions expected for Jeff Fisher, Les Snead

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Long-discussed contract extensions for Rams coach Jeff Fisher and G.M. Les Snead appear to be close.

The deals are likely to get done before the regular season starts, Adam Schefter of ESPN reports. That’s not surprising, as talks about new contracts have been going on all offseason.

But here’s the question: What have Fisher and Snead done to earn a contract extension? In their four years running the team together, Fisher and Snead have gone 7-8-1, 7-9, 6-10 and 7-9. That’s usually a record that would lead to a firing, not a contract extension.

The answer may simply be that Rams owner Stan Kroenke doesn’t want to make any major changes while he’s new in Los Angeles. Kroenke wants to be able to focus on building his new stadium and other off-field issues, and continue to delegate all the football issues to Fisher and Snead.

If that’s Kroenke’s thinking, well, it’s his team. He can keep Fisher and Snead as long as he wants. Eventually, however, if Kroenke wants his team to be popular in Los Angeles, he’s going to need to win more than six or seven games a year.

54 responses to “Contract extensions expected for Jeff Fisher, Les Snead

  1. Why would you give a sub 500 coach, with 20 years experience an extension? Guy should be sent out to pasture, not given a raise!!

  2. Dan Reeves should be excited about this. His NFL coaching losses record will belong to Fisher soon.

  3. This shows what a joke the mustache is. He obviously cares more about the stsdoum and money than winning. No other coach has been below .500 for 4 seasons and been extended

    Stan may want to look around. He has BA and Pete coaching in his division. The Cardinals and Seahawks aren’t going anywhere

  4. Kroenke is out to make sure LA gets its team back, and loses it just like it did before.

  5. Its as tough to find a good coach as a good QB at the moment.

    Fisher is not great, but if they fire him what are their options?

    Either another head coach that was recently fired for poor performance.

    An offensive or defensive coordinator from another team and coordinators seem to have a high failure rate in their first head coaching gigs.

    A college coach. Another group with a high failure rate when pushed into NFL head coaching jobs.

    Damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

  6. If Fisher was fired at least 10 teams would try to hire Him asap, the guy does more with less than any other HC, he’s dealt with massive injuries these past 4 years and having Sam Bradford in between didn’t help.

  7. Snead drafted Donald and Gurley in consecutive seasons. Both Rookie of the Year.

    Fisher shepherded the Rams relocation and took on all the related headaches. Wouldn’t have done that without some reasonable assurance of job security.

    You can forget about expecting Stan using wins and losses as the most important metric. It hasn’t been like that since he took over.

  8. Jeff Fisher isn’t that good of a coach. I think that’s clear. But if Sam Bradford had become the next Peyton Manning he would’ve been a winner with the Rams.

  9. Fisher and Gregg Williams are the two dirtiest coaches in the league. Nobody respects them and their QB will pay for their cheap shot defense.

  10. This is why we are the Rams … Makes no sense , costs the team millions, & make us perennial losers ??

    3 more years !! At least we know what we are getting up front … Perpetual mediocrity.

  11. I swear, Jeff Fisher is a great example of why there’s the Rooney rule. How does he keep a job, every year? If he were anyone else he’d be fired every year. There’s got to be someone out there somewhere that can at least go 9-7 just once, right?

  12. I’m starting to think Fisher has mafia ties and that they’ve helped him remain an NFL coach for so long with so poor of a record.

  13. I can’t believe I’m actually seeing Jeff Fisher apologists.

    He had all the same opportunities as Keim/Arians, who took a 5-11 team and won 10, 11 and 13 wins.

    He’s proven over time that he’s average… at best.

  14. Fisher must possess some damning video of Kroenke’s family, or else he spends a lot of time under Kroenke’s desk. Anyone could match that sorry record with the talent on that team. They should have already been to the Super Bowl by now, or at least have missed it by one game or one play.

  15. “But if Sam Bradford had become the next Peyton Manning he would’ve been a winner with the Rams.”

    I totally agree with this. In addition, if I had become the next Barry Sanders I would have made a lot more money.

  16. PFT-made-me-change-my-handle says:
    Aug 13, 2016 9:53 PM

    I can’t believe I’m actually seeing Jeff Fisher apologists.

    He had all the same opportunities as Keim/Arians, who took a 5-11 team and won 10, 11 and 13 wins.

    He’s proven over time that he’s average… at best.
    Maybe if you knew how talent deficient the Rams have been and how Fisher had to turn over the roster to make them respectable you wouldn’t ask such a question.

  17. harrisonhits2 says:
    Aug 13, 2016 8:06 PM
    Its as tough to find a good coach as a good QB at the moment.

    Fisher is not great, but if they fire him what are their options?


    Who said anything about firing him? This article was about giving him an extension.

    What on god’s green earth has Jeff Fisher done to deserve an extension?

    Has any coach in the history of the league been awarded more for accomplishing less? This guy is going on 25 years as a head coach with virtually nothing to show for it.

  18. Jeff Fisher has a .522 career winning percentage with 6 playoff appearances in 21 years and one SB appearance.

    Lovie Smith has a .506 winning percentage with 3 playoff appearances in 10 years and one SB appearance.

    Jeff Fisher is universally considered to be an elite coach who gets an extension after going from 6-10 to 709.

    Lovie Smith gets fired and can’t get another job after taking going from 2-14 to 6-10.

    Keep telling me how we don’t need to worry about the lack of minority opportunities in the NFL.

  19. Fisher finally blamed his mediocrity on dudes with chicks in the dorm and he’s tired of it.

    So, no more girls in the room. It is about time a Fisher based team can move into the 10 and 6 world.

  20. As a Seahawks fan i love this. Yeah they play their “best” games against us with all their plays that they have designed up to specifically counter what the hawks do, but they will never do better than 3rd in the division.

  21. This a big issue

    Fisher has been mediocre at best. But he has had a long career in the league. So he gets the benefit of the doubt, but he has only won big a few years, got to 1 super bowl. Only one.

    Owners seem willing to stick with guys like Fisher or hire them. Hence the Rooney Rule is not really working. Owners bring in minority candidates to INTERVIEW, but they have already decided on who they want to hire 99% of the time.

    Makes the rule pretty pointless, just insulting to the guys they bring in for an interview to get it over with.

    A football lifer like Fisher gets a lot more latitude than a rookie head coach. Not really fair–its tough to get the head coaching job and tougher to keep it at first.

    If Fisher DOES gets fired– his name will pop up for another team wanting to go with an experienced head coach. In the NFL being experienced and .500 will get you a job much more often than being a minority and damn smart.

    Its all about a chance. There are only so many teams in the league and how often do you get that shot to be a head coach? Hence, easier to play it safe. Thats why Fisher has been around so long.

    It just means that fewer opportunities for the truly deserving.

  22. LA fans, as a St Louisan that followed the Rams for the last 20 years I feel bad for you guys. Kroenke does not run his sports teams as a fan or competitor. He runs them as a money making businessman. It’s his right to do so. The guy left a city that was supported and willing to spend more money on a stadium to keep him to move to LA because he can make more money. He bought a huge ranch in Texas and evicted a bunch of old people out of their homes, because he could and probably would make more money down the road doing so. Kroenke only has loyalty to his pocket book. While having a crappy owner sucks, it’s still better to have a team with a crappt owner than now team at all. This is going to sound morbid, but I honestly do not see the team being any good until he dies, or sells. Look at his other franchises and you’ll see the same things. He has every right to do what he is doing, it just sucks for the fans. 20 years in St Louis, 4 winning seasons and the worst 5 year stretch in league history. For your sake I hope you guys don’t have to go through that, but when your owner hires a coach because he knows how to deal with the relocation process and not because his team’s are successful on the field, I wouldn’t hold out much hope.

  23. 6 playoff appearances in 21 seasons.

    Jeff Fisher makes Steve Mariucci look like Bill Belichick.

  24. I honestly can’t remember the last time a Jeff fisher team did anything. Was it that year Vince Young played decent?

  25. Used to think highly of fisher until the mess of him cheating. Then will more number ones then any team could stand, he still cant win or get to the big dance? Plus he jumps all over Goeff.
    Cam went number one because he was 6’5, fast , mobile, accurate passer. leader and used to winning. Goeff doesn’t seem to have any of these attributes.
    Why they arent telling fisher win big this year or your done is beyond me.

  26. Jeff Fisher and contract extension! Seeing these 2 things in the sentence just makes my day! Since fish traded the #1 overall pick away for the next few years, he should be held accountable and besides, who else is going to step into that annual 5-11 mess that gave away its future! Congrats LA!

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