Manziel realizes he won’t play in 2016

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Johnny Manziel isn’t completely delusional. Which is the closest thing to good news that he’s had all year.

Via the New York Post, an unnamed friend of Manziel said the 2012 Heisman Trophy winner knows that he won’t be playing pro football in 2016.

“He knows he’s hit rock bottom and he’s giving himself a year to get sober and get ready for football,” the friend said. “He wants to play again. He really wants to turn things around and make people proud of him again. It’s not going to end this way. He really wants to make that effort. He knows what he’s gifted with. . . . The spotlight got to him.”

The spotlight apparently still has gotten him; the Post reports that Manziel was recently spotted drinking on multiple occasions in New York. Manziel supposedly swore off drinking as of July 1.

So Manziel apparently intends to spend the next year turning his life around. Or maybe he’ll spend the next year talking about turning his life around but never actually doing it.

Manziel shouldn’t delay; every year, another class of rookies will enter the NFL, chewing up roster spots that could go to Manziel. And even if he does turn things around, he’ll need to convince a team to roll the dice on a guy who has proven to be unreliable and untrustworthy during his time in the NFL.

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  1. It’s arena football or nothing for this guy. He will go down as one of the major draft busts of the modern era. Jimmy Haslam should be truly ashamed of the decision to draft him in the 1st round in 2014. This kind of draft incompetence has put the Browns in the cellar in a very tough division and it will take Hue Jackson a good three years to dig them out.

  2. He has been hitting rock bottom for a year but always finds a way to sink lower. My guess is his true rock bottom is 6 ft in the dirt.

  3. He should switch to baseball like Tebow. That way he slum around in the minors and earn a living, while he straightens himself out.

    He’ll certainly have a lot of employment opportunities in the minors (where they’ll put a gorilla in Left Field if it sells tickets).

  4. I was at Johnny Cokeheads last game in the NFL at Arrowhead, where he supposedly got concussed. Guess I can tell the grandkids that when we’re watching the 30 for 30 on JFF.

  5. I feel bad for him.
    I wish he would make the best of second chances.
    Or is it too late?
    We shall see.

  6. Who cares!!! The guy could of been bigger than LeBron but he just didn’t care! I have a better chance in the NFL than this bum!!!

  7. Can we please stop talking about this idiot? He is what the military refers to as a “washout.” There is no longer any real need to waste time and effort on this guy until he proves himself worthy of the time and effort.

  8. He isn’t even as talented or polished as Tebow was, and has no character or dedication whatsoever.

    0.0% chance of ever being anything of value in the NFL.

    And that’s rounding up.

  9. Now who was it, again, who kept criticizing the Browns for not making him their starting QB?

  10. Does he realize that in 2017 his involvement with football will be limited to selling programs at A&M games?

  11. A ‘normal’ working stiff would have hit rock bottom by now, but when you have (had?) millions in the bank it takes a while to hit bottom. From experience, an addict does not get cured until they are at the bottom – homeless, penniless, in jail.
    It is not like cancer where you do anything to find a cure for your disease, it’s a disease where in your head you don’t want to be cured!

  12. There’s always that 1 person in my fantasy football league who’s not quite up on their news & stats. I think I’ll drop him an “anonymous tip” to draft Manziel….something about him being this year’s “breakout player of the year” or something…

  13. I’m in better shape than this guy, and I consider Cheetos as its own food group. It is finished.

  14. He’s going to turn his life around. Yeah, we believe you–NOT. I think it’s too late. He’s not that good enough to get a second chance. If he was really serious about football he’d have made some effort to get back this year instead of being such a putz. He’s probably also going to be facing a suspension for his domestic assault case (which hasn’t been resolved–though daddy has enough money to do what Greg Hardy did) and possibly facing another suspension for substance abuse, though that’s less certain. On top of that, wherever he goes, he’s going to be a sideshow like Miley Cyrus. The media are going to be all over him 24×7 watching for him to do something wrong. I don’t think any team wants that, especially, as Florio pointed out, there’s a constant stream of QBs entering the draft every year while Johnny is out partying like he’s a rock star. He probably only wants to play now because he’s broke.

    I do believe in second chances, but he had his second chance when he was cut by the Browns. He had an opportunity to work hard and get ready for an NFL training camp. Instead, he decided he’d rather act like an idiot. Nobody can trust him now. Nobody believes him. His psyche is so fragile I don’t think he has it in him to be in the NFL without pulling some of that crap he did in Cleveland. Which brings me to another reason teams won’t trust him. Missing the last game so he could go party in Vegas and send a bogus tweet that he was in Cleveland AND having his friends lie for him? Really? He’s a total idiot. In the words of Mike Tyson, I wish he’d just fade into Bolivia.

  15. chitowngronk says:

    Aug 13, 2016 2:18 AMCrazy/offseason question…would you rather have Tebow or Manziel starting under center week 1 for your team?

    Easy answer for me – Tebow – at least he showed dedication and heart. He worked his tail off while in the NFL.

  16. Sounds like his friends aren’t doing him any help as well. If Manziel can’t help himself, seems like his friends are enabling his behavior.

  17. Johnny Manziel is the modern day Todd Marinovich. Unfortunately I don’t think Manziel has hit rock bottom, haven’t heard of any male prostitution stories…… yet

  18. It’s not like this is a proven QB who needs to do some rehab. This is a failed QB who has been to multiple rehabs. He has no clue how to straighten himself out at the lowest point of his life.

  19. Screw him.

    He’s had his chance. Give the opportunity to someone who’ll appreciate it and then make the most of it.

  20. Or 17, 18 , 19 ete !!!! In the words of Willy Wonka ” You get nothing ,,you lose ,,,,good day sir !!!

  21. I love all these internet tough guys who think they have a better chance in the NFL than Manziel. Maybe you should tell your agents to start making phone calls and writing e-mails to teams to arrange your tryouts.

  22. ok, just read it, one response to this statement…..

    “He wants to play again. He really wants to turn things around and make people proud of him again. It’s not going to end this way. He really wants to make that effort”

    people in jail want the key
    people in hell want ice water
    I want this week’s powerball numbers

    What does “wanting it” have to do with getting it?

  23. Chitowngronk, this is an easy answer. Tim Tebow because I know on Saturday night, he won’t be followed by tmz cameras. Johnny Manziel is a good quarterback on the field, but off of it, he’s untrustworthy and is injury prone. If Tebow had Manziel’s ability to throw, he’d be starting in the NFL right now, that’s Tebow’s issue. His passing mechanics are awful at best, Johnny (in his short spurts) has shown that he can play, but he cares more about hanging out with the boys.

  24. Manziel has gotten so bad at life that his football skills are looking good in comparison to some people. That’s scary. He isn’t a pro-level quarterback and he’s a downward spiraling failure at life. Everything’s relative, I suppose.

  25. I knew guys like him in college. Would claim “next semester I’m going to buckle down and get a 4.0”. Never happened. Never. If you’re telling everyone else then you’re just trying to convince yourself. Good luck Manziel with your life outside of football.

  26. He’s a long shot to ever take an NFL snap. Look at just about every roster, short QBs not named Wilson or Breed are not in demand.

  27. oldbrowndawg says:
    Aug 13, 2016 12:43 AM
    It’s arena football or nothing for this guy. He will go down as one of the major draft busts of the modern era.


    Tim Couch, Kellen Winslow III, Brady Quinn, Brandon Weeden, Trent Richardson. And Johnny Manziel is the major draft bust of the modern era?

  28. Didn’t he already give himself a 1 July date to be sober? I think it didn’t even last a week. Why pick up this headache when there are so many young qbs out there that are willing to work hard for a shot at playing in the NFL?

  29. He can’t be drinking, partying, and doing cocaine for the next year as he is trying to get clean for the next year.

    Seems like Johnny decided that instead of quit date being July 1st, since he’s not going to be playing in 2016, he’s pushing the date back. To when? Who knows.

    Probably never.

    For Johnny, it IS ending like this. He is seeing his NFL ending going by. He’s out of football, and he isn’t doing what is necessary to make a comeback.

    But he isn’t that talented anyways. He was always a product of superior line and receiver talent at the college level. His style of play, and throwing up a prayer somewhere over there doesn’t work in the NFL. He can’t run around and survive. There’s just not much to work with… even if he was sober.

    The spotlight didn’t get to him. This is how he partied. It just isn’t compatible in the NFL. He decided by his actions he’d rather party, drink, do coke and whatever else. That is himself. He said so himself. He doesn’t want to change that. He just wants the NFL to allow him to be those things and play.

    His problem is he wants two things that aren’t compatible, and football is #2.

    He can talk all he wants, but it’s 100 percent clear.

    Meanwhile he still has his anger issues(3 or 4 documented times since the girlfriend incident), and the court case ahead.

    He hasn’t hit rock bottom yet. He’s starting to feel the rocks piercing him on the way down from the side, but he’s not there yet.

    There is still quite a bit lower he can go. Still quite a bit more problems that can arise.

    He’s got any penalties for his upcoming court case, which could include jail time. This hasn’t happened, nor has he served any time he might get.

    He still wants to drink and party… so he can still get into more fights, more car crashes, trash more rented anythings, rack up more lawsuits, and get in more trouble with the police. He still risks his body in numerous ways (as well as others).

    He also has the final realization that he missed his shot at the NFL because of his lifestyle that he championed all along.

    …and quite a bit more.

    He’s not at rock bottom. I hope he gets his life together, but going halfway, or quarter way or 1/8th way isn’t going to cut it. Having ‘friends in the industry’ is not a valid excuse to be at clubs. You can hang out with them outside of industry locations. Johnny is still very lost. He doesn’t know what to do that isn’t part of his lifestyle.

    He needs to cool off, get off social media, stay away from all the previous social functions he’d attend. Find some new ones, that preferably there aren’t cameras (or alcohol) around and just have a good time. Find new hobbies. Find a new group of friends who don’t aspire to be rich, famous, and consistently messed up.

    Johnny is still in denial. Maybe not 100 percent right now, maybe 10 percent of reality is now getting through, so just like 90 percent.

  30. It’s often said reality is a condition brought on by a lack of alcohol, welcome to the exception that proves the rule

  31. Johnny must be running out of money if he says he wants to return to football.

    Jerrah already has the contract drawn up.

  32. Glad he cleared that up. If drinking and getting in trouble all summer was all you needed to do to play in the NFL, put me in. What a jerk. Stop reporting on this waste of human flesh.

  33. Put aside partying and drinking, does anybody realize that this guy gas a below average arm, terrible accuracy, horrible pocket awarness and awful decision making? And he has half of the athletic ability of Tebow.

  34. I have had the misfortune of being around some addicts and his behavior is classic. Being enabled by friends and family and of course the classic. “I am going to start being clean and sober on this date and get serious” then that date goes by and then repeat and repeat and repeat.

    This guy will only hit rock bottom when the money dries up, no one talks about him anymore, and all the fame is gone.

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