Colin Kaepernick not playing for 49ers on Sunday


49ers coach Chip Kelly hopes to resolve the quarterback competition in San Francisco based in large part on preseason performance. In Week One of the exhibition slate, Colin Kaepernick will be doing nothing to help his chances. Or, technically, to hurt them.

The 49ers have announced that Kaepernick will miss Sunday night’s game against the Texans, due to shoulder soreness. Kaepernick has been limited in practice lately due to a sore arm.

That gives Blaine Gabbert, by default, the reps with the first-string offense — and a chance to establish a gap between himself and Kaepernick. Or, if Gabbert performs poorly, to give Kaepernick an edge by default.

Kappernick has been trying to play catch up in camp, after missing the offseason program due to a cocktail of surgeries. Although he asked to be traded and met twice with the Broncos in connection with a potential deal to Denver, the 49ers seem to consider Kaepernick to be a serious contender for the job.

Or maybe the 49ers still hope to send him to a team that suffers an injury to its starting quarterback — or to a team that decides that adding Kaepernick in late August or early September would still be better than going with the candidates they currently have for the job.

In other words, maybe a trade to Denver could still happen.

Meanwhile, it’s hard not to wonder whether the 49ers, if they retain Kaepernick, plan to keep him in bubble wrap this year, like Washington did with Robert Griffin III a year ago. Unable to cut the cord on Kaepernick’s $12 million salary before it became fully-guaranteed in April because he was still injured, there’s a chance the 49ers want to do everything they can to keep him healthy this year, so that they can cut him before another $14.5 million becomes fully guaranteed as of April 1, 2017.

41 responses to “Colin Kaepernick not playing for 49ers on Sunday

  1. Bubble wrap him, time to turn the page.

    He is a great athlete but he hasn’t improved enough in pocket passing and going to his second or third options. He also could use more of the leadership and maturity qualities you would want in an NFL QB.

    49er fans wish he had worked out but he didn’t.

  2. The 49ers effectively fire a head coach who was one of the best in the NFL; the “brain” (dead?) trust hires a one and done understudy (they had to know he’d fail). The QB that took the team to the Superbowl is now a dog; and the same GM is calling the shots. Wow! Sounds like the Tree Stooges have taken control of the team. Gotta love karma.

  3. There’s something fishy here…
    He’s been limited for three or four days with “arm fatigue”?
    I think they’re keeping him clean and out of media-heavy sessions hoping he has trade value.
    They don’t want him hurt and they don’t want him seen.
    I think his ridiculous contact precludes a trade, but Trent probably thinks he’s being a wily GM.
    I honestly don’t think they see him in their plans.

  4. Kaep wanted a trade in the off-season.
    He also didn’t want to leave his money behind in SF.
    Part of his Contract language involves a Lloyds of London policy, which he pays for, with SF as the Beneficiary.
    Seems to me his Agents were the meatheads on that deal.
    I don’t think the 9ers are too worried about the Contract.
    They’re simply looking for some Trade leverage perhaps?
    Seem just a LITTLE curious that Kaep wouldn’t take a reduced salary in Denver, while Elway grabs Chip’s ex-QB immediately afterward?

  5. My image of him will always be that picture of him posing next to his tennis shoe collection. That was about corny.

  6. impressivenecktattoo says:
    Aug 14, 2016 6:13 PM
    Ctiggs, for your sake I hope that’s you trying to be funny. Kap is no starter, even for that pathetic team.


    Ctiggs isn’t trying to be funny he’s all over PFT. He’s got a lot to say. None of it is ever insightful, clever or based in any type of reality. If you have never watched a snap of football and just read ctiggs posts you would think the niners had won the last 20 Super Bowls and kaperchoke is a future hall of famer. Reality is they haven’t won in over 2 decades and kaperchoke has fallen off a cliff.

  7. Well in the grand scheme of things he still is only 1 td pass behind Brady’s td total for the pats 2001 playoff run. You know the run where the pats “didn’t steal super bowl practice film” from.

  8. staff2cj says:
    Aug 14, 2016 8:12 PM
    Sad watching 49ers run a gimmick offense


    When shall we expect you to be coaching in the league? I’m sure your probably Saban or Miles. Continue to watch football and dream of your jv days in high school bro.

  9. When shall we expect you to be coaching in the league? I’m sure your probably Saban or Miles. Continue to watch football and dream of your jv days in high school bro.
    Lol enjoy your uptempo gimmick bro…bill walsh probably rolling in his grave no pun rip bill

  10. Sadly for them, excluding possibly the Bears, there isn’t at team on SF’s schedule that isn’t better than they are.

    They could go winless.

  11. Steadman Clinic in Colorado.
    Broncos in Colorado.
    Sanchez in Colorado.


    Yes. There are several other things in Colorado, actually.

  12. Kaep isn’t playing because Yorke gave him a much more important job….

    Teaching Yorke how to be cool. He’s totally convinced it’s working though.

  13. Maybe Kaepernick figured his best chance to be named the starter would be to let the coaches see the other guy play.

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