More bizarre Tre Mason behavior: Leads cops on ATV chase


The long, strange offseason (which hasn’t ended) of Rams running back Tre Mason has taken another turn.

And this one was an off-road turn.

According to TMZ Sports, Mason led Palm Beach, Fla., police on an ATV chase recently, after he was riding dangerously in a local park.

The incident happened on July 27, when he was riding without a helmet or eye protection, and “spinning the tires so the dirt and grass would shoot out on to [the nearby road].”

When an officer tried to approach him, he sped off, and when they followed to his home, he locked himself inside. A family member eventually convinced him to come out, and he was charged with operating an ATV on public roads, and fleeing officers.

It’s the sixth time the cops have been called for an incident involving Mason, and the Rams haven’t talked to him in months. He’s currently on the reserve/did not report list, but the concerns for him go beyond football at the moment.