“Quite likely” Jared Goff plays with first team this week

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Rams quarterback Jared Goff went to the bench a bit earlier than expected against the Cowboys on Saturday night because of a sore left shoulder, but coach Jeff Fisher said it was a minor issue after the game.

Fisher reiterated that diagnosis on Sunday, saying there are “no concerns whatsoever” and that Goff will be practicing all week despite being “banged up and sore.” Assuming all goes well during the practice week, Fisher also hinted at Goff seeing time with the first team when the Chiefs pay a visit to Los Angeles.

“I’d like to get Jared some snaps with the ones at some point, and it quite likely would be this week against Kansas City,” Fisher said, via ESPN.com.

Goff was 4-of-9 for 38 yards and an interception in his first taste of NFL game action while starter Case Keenum was 6-of-7 for 58 yards to open the game. If Goff puts together a better showing in a taste of life with the first team, he probably won’t be waiting too long before he gets another look in his eventual starting role.

20 responses to ““Quite likely” Jared Goff plays with first team this week

  1. After being shown up by a 4th rounder… LA needs him to show out like Dak or the attendance will go from 90k to about 30k

  2. joeflaccoallday says:
    Aug 15, 2016 11:26 AM

    Should of never drafted this bust

    Your football “knowledge” is only matched by your grammar skills.

  3. possumsauce says:
    Aug 15, 2016 11:14 AM

    So has he figured out where the sun rises and sets yet?
    “technically, the sun doesn’t rise or set, the earth revolves around the sun” or something like that.
    That discussion was almost as funny as Tannenhil not know who played in their division.
    Actually, first would be Cromartie not knowing the names of his kids.

  4. Having Goff and Wentz playing behind 2nd and 3rd string oline is plain dumb. I get they dont want to rush them into starting but you have to protect the future of the franchise… Make them start or make the 1st string oline play longer. That doesnt mean they would start the regular season tough.

  5. The Rams actually used a first overall pick in a guy with a weak arm who still needs to learn how to take a hike from under center, something we’ve all learned in Pop Warner that he never did. If a guy doesn’t know how to accept the ball from under center, better just sit him for a couple years, work on that other stuff later on, like reading defenses and actually throwing the ball. Lol Lambs.

  6. Only preseason but he didn’t look ready to play. Maybe nerves . First game. Not saying he is going to be a bust. Prescott , QB for Dallas , looked great. Confident , made good throws and ran the ball. It will be interesting to see where they both wind up this season. Goff is going to play. He has to. Fisher has staked his job on him. Right now based on the last game , he should be the third QB. They traded 6 draft picks to move up to draft him. He is going to play.

  7. Don’t do him what Shanahan did to RG3. Make him a pro bowl player and the best statistical year in the history of the NFL as a rookie. That would be horrible!

  8. I never got the Gof hype and was high on Mannion the year before coming out, but I do get that you couldn’t just go into a season hanging everything on him. However, trading picks to go get him like he was Jameis Winston or Mariota in last year’s draft? That’s a stretch. Last year when it was clear that Foles was falling apart away from Kelly’s offense and everyone knows Keenum is a backup at best, why not give Mannion snaps in live games to look at him then? But maybe it’s best for Mannion to get as few reps under Jeff Fisher’s offense as possible as he’s been a total disaster on that side of the ball since Mike Heimerdinger died.

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