Terrell Suggs shuns media (for now), issues statement after returning to practice

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Ravens linebacker Terrell Suggs has returned to practice, nearly a year after tearing an Achilles tendon in Week One of the 2015 regular season. In lieu, however, of speaking to the media, Suggs issued a statement through the team.

“Darth Sizzle is back,” Suggs said. “It felt great to be back on the field with the team, there is nothing like it. Didn’t get to do too much today as I am working my way back. I will speak with the media when I am fully back practicing.”

Suggs, who joined the Ravens as a first-round pick in 2003 and has spent his entire career with the franchise, has 106.5 career sacks and a Super Bowl ring earned in 2012, a season during which he got a late start after an offseason Achilles tear. One of the few remaining fixtures from the days of Ray Lewis and Ed Reed, Suggs is the kind of presence that the Ravens need to they hope to get back to the postseason.

13 responses to “Terrell Suggs shuns media (for now), issues statement after returning to practice

  1. Kleenex is hoping for Suggs to return sooner than later… they always get a major boost in sales in Western Pennsylvania when he’s healthy. 😛

  2. Suggs could make the HOF. Didn’t realize his numbers were that good.

    What’s up in Pittsburgh? The Steelers have not been doing well against the Ravens for at least 5 years now.

  3. Yeah I’m sure that western Pennsylvania team is shaking in their boots.Sales are pretty good on Monday after every game in Baltimore when your head coach cries a river because he doesn’t know the rules.

  4. Surprised that Suggs doesn’t have to go in front of Adolph Goodell for his March 2016 incident — leaving scene of accident, driving on suspended license

  5. classyjacklambert says:
    Aug 15, 2016 1:58 PM

    James Harrison is still twice the player of this joke.

    Yet the Steelers released him a couple years ago. If this statement is true it means the Steelers front office isn’t very good.

  6. Darth Sizzle! I love it.

    Suggs love to play the villain. And for some of you folks that don’t know, the dude is a serious movie buff and has even produced a few too. Hate him all you want, but he is a very likeable guy, on and off the field.

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