Bills could be forking over $250,000 to the league, due to player suspensions

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If injuries and suspensions counted as wins, the Bills would already be close to locking up a playoff berth.

As a result of today’s news that Marcell Dareus will be suspended to start the season and the report that Manny Lawson is facing a one-game suspension, the Bills will be at three total suspensions, if Lawson’s suspension is upheld. (Previously, running back Karlos Williams was suspended four games under the substance-abuse policy.) By rule, the Bills will be required to surrender 25 percent of the money the players will lose during their suspension, up to a limit of $250,000, once Lawson’s suspension becomes final.

Thanks to the $7.9 million salary to be paid this year to Dareus, the Bills will easily hit the limit. For Dareus alone, 25 percent of his lost salary exceeds $464,000.

The Cowboys also are facing $250,000 in fines as a result of three suspensions, and the Steelers will be coughing up 15 percent of lost wages experienced by receiver Martavis Bryant and running back Le’Veon Bell, if Bell’s four-game suspension is upheld.

8 responses to “Bills could be forking over $250,000 to the league, due to player suspensions

  1. Wrecks has presided over an all out freak show the day he stepped into the building there in Buffalo. If it wasn’t bad enough before he showed up. Sheesh.

  2. $250K fine is nothing to these billionaire owners who view their teams as toys. Perhaps they should make it $10M or $20M and the message might be taken a bit more seriously.
    It has been suggested that up to 70% of NFL players smoke marijuana. The players are aware when the testing period occurs but even then, some with lesser intelligence are prepared to take the risk. Commissioner Goodell presents a stoic image that the NFL takes pot smoking really seriously but it is a total and complete sham. Either take it seriously with big fines and random testing all year for all players or don’t test for it at all.

  3. He said they won the OFF season, not the PRE season, because the off season can’t be measured like the preseason.

    Easy to boast about something that can’t be measured, but that’s good enough in Buffalo.

  4. Fines mean nothing. Starting confiscating draft picks and these owners will find Jesus immediately.

  5. PFTFan, I agree. The fine system doesn’t work on teams nor players. They should just start out with half season, automatic suspensions and move on to draft picks. I am sick of the NFL being a haven for PEDS and a forced rehab method. If the owners truly wanted drugs out of football, they only have to adapt to a zero drug policy, the same one most of us work under.

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