Jerry Reese: We’re still not giving up on Victor Cruz


Wide receiver Victor Cruz was held out of Giants practice on Monday after a Sunday return to the field ended with Cruz’s injured groin still bothering him after several days on the sideline.

Cruz on the side watching practice has been standard operating procedure for the Giants since he tore his patellar tendon during the 2014 season. The questions raised by the long run of injuries were clear during an appearance by General Manager Jerry Reese on WFAN.

“We’re still not giving up on Cruz,” Reese said, via the New York Daily News. “Hopefully, he’ll make it back.”

Head coach Ben McAdoo said he had a conversation that McAdoo said centered on “some different things that may be able to help” Cruz moving forward, but declined to say what they discussed. The hope is that Cruz will be able to do something on the field Wednesday and he’ll probably need to be a consistent presence at practice in the weeks to come for Reese to stick with the plan he outlined on Monday.

22 responses to “Jerry Reese: We’re still not giving up on Victor Cruz

  1. They haven’t given up because it will cost more to cut him in dead cap (6.5m) than it would to keep him on the roster. They will cut him next season when its only 1.9m if he fails to stay healthy.

  2. I thought the media had crowned this guy the next Jerry Rice, with his little salsa dances? Oh wait, Odell Backham is the next be-all-end-all GOAT receiver. Right.

  3. Oh Jerry, no one thought it was you giving up on Victor. Victor got paid a ton of money and now every little nick and bruise magically sends him off the field like a torn ACL. I don’t blame anyone, but if you had your best interests in mind, you would give up on Victor.

    Good on Vic for getting his though. Can’t say I wouldn’t do the same.

  4. I love Victor Cruz and his story, but this is getting pretty old…I hope he comes back 100% and doesn’t become the Giants version of David Wright…

  5. We all know if he’s cut the Patriots will give him a shot ,,, but who cares we beat the Patriots every time we play them in the Super Bowl !

  6. Guys like Powe, Lewis, and King are on the roster bubble while Cruz continues to limp around. It would be a tough call but, unless the coaches see something we don’t and if he continues to be hurt after the last preseason week, you have to cut him loose to get these young guys a shot.

  7. I am fine with them not giving up on him as long as they are not counting on him. Cruz has great chemistry with Eli and that’s hard to ignore

  8. I’m a Giants guy although getting tired of hearing about this garbage. It never ends. He’s most likely done unfortunately. Time to move on and talk about more important stuff such as what party did Johnny Football get loaded at last night.

  9. If Roger Lewis doesn’t make this team, Reese will regret cutting him the rest of his hopefully short career in New York.
    King, Powe and Lewis should have there “Wow” catches sometime soon, but Lewis is got the skill sets to be a great WR, deep ball speed, concentration, and most important he can catch the ball.
    Cruz had his day, and for what he did in Sandyhook School killings, I will always will a fan of his as a man. To drive up to a family who’s child was shot alone, and stay there all day, is what Cruz is, a man of character.
    If he comes back, this fan will still root for him!

    CT GIANT11

  10. Gotta give it to the giants front office. They don’t just give up on players, they give these guys (who deserve it) every chance to get back out there. They don’t just toss you to the wind. If the Giants let a player walk, it’s the players fault for not putting out. Demontre Moore, Ruben Randle, Steve Smith, Hakeem Nicks just to name a few……

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