Pete Carroll says Christine Michael used to be a “loose cannon”


Last year, the Seahawks gave up on 2013 second-round running back Christine Michael, handing him to the Cowboys for a conditional seventh-round pick after undrafted rookie Thomas Rawls showed he could be a competent understudy to Marshawn Lynch.

It was an injury to Lynch, Rawls, and others that brought Michael back to Seattle late in the 2015 season, and the team noticed a changed man. That changed man continues to impress the team — and to push for a chance to succeed Lynch and to supplant Rawls as the No. 1 tailback.

So what has changed about Michael?

“Physically, I think he shows a greater consistency in hitting things the way we expect him to hit them,” coach Pete Carroll told reporters on Monday. “He was kind of a loose cannon at times — just trying to make things happen instead of really staying with the discipline of our zone run and stuff. He’s really on, he had a beautiful day [against the Chiefs] the other day to start us off, and just like he’s looked at practice again. He’s another one who looked really good at practice and carried over to the game. Mentally, certainly he’s different, he’s just grown up. He’s embracing his opportunity, he’s taking advantage of the chance that he’s getting by applying himself completely, totally. We have no reservation in saying that he’s doing a great job.”

This prompted a question regarding the manner in which players mature and grow once they are in the NFL.

“The guys stop trying to push the edges all the time,” Carroll said. “They realize they don’t have to try so hard to show who they are and what they’re all about. They settle in and they just fit together and they do things right more of the time. Year three, it’s usually two to three is when you start to make a transition if they’re going to do it.”

Michael didn’t make the transition in year three, so the Seahawks gave up on him. And that experience appeared to spark a maturation process that has allowed Michael to become a serious contender for the job the team envisioned for him when they made him a second-round pick three years ago.

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  1. There are any number of players who need that “kick in the pants” of being cut by the team that drafted them before they wise up and start working the way they should, which turns into a plus for the team that picks him up. What makes this story rarer is that the team that gave him that kick is the one that gets the benefit.

  2. The C Mike Hype Train is in full motion AGAIN this year… however fantasy drafters will once again be broken-hearted.

    I hope he pulls it together, you don’t usually get a third chance in this league… all the talent in the world, if he could only get his head out of the way…

    The best running backs don’t try to take it to the house every play. They get the yards the play was designed to get and then try to make something happen. The only guy (off the top of my head) that this didn’t apply to was Barry Sanders, because the play design was usually destroyed by bad blocking…

  3. says the guy named shady… might as well call your self scandalous or atrocious or suspicious.

  4. I guess all it took was getting traded for a 7th round pick, and cut by 2 other teams all in the same year to humble him. Michael is as talented as any back in the league. It’s nice to see that he’s finally got his head on straight. He looked amazing on Saturday. If he keeps it up, Rawls might not be the automatic successor of Lynch.

  5. csneekz says:
    Aug 16, 2016 10:23 AM
    says the guy named shady… might as well call your self scandalous or atrocious or suspicious.

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    Lighten up, Francis, we’re on the Internet. Just jokes. FYI “Shady” is my nickname from when I played semipro ball, as in “Slim Shady”, like Eminem. Blond hair and I listen to rap, on a mostly black team. I was “Shady” within ten minutes of my first practice, haha.

  6. Damn watching him hit the hole and move. Guy looked like he was shot out of cannon. He didnt even look like the guy from the last 3 years.

  7. They will need him to play well because Rawls may not be ready until mid-season. Same thing with Jeremy Lane last year. He missed the first half of the season after suffering an injury in the Super Bowl.

  8. Christine Michael looked unbelievable in pre-season again, that burst is explosive as any RB in the NFL. I have proclaimed him twice to be one of the next stars and the RB to take the reins from Beast Mode. I am hopeful this the year.

    There is a saying Tennessee, I know its in Texas but its probably in Tennesse that says “Fool me once shame on, shame on you……Ahhh you can’t get fooled again”

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