Steve Keim: David Johnson is probably best receiving back I’ve seen


It took most of his rookie season before David Johnson got a chance to be the lead back in Arizona’s offense, but he proved to be well worth the wait.

Johnson ran for 442 yards and four touchdowns in five starts to close out the year and build excitement about what will come now that he’s running with the first team from the start. Running is just part of the package, however.

Johnson had 17 of his 36 catches during that five-game run and General Manager Steve Keim called him “probably the best receiving back I’ve seen” before comparing him to the best receiving back that a lot of other people have ever seen.

“A lot of people have compared him to Marshall Faulk, and our coaches had Marshall Faulk in Indy,” Keim said, via “I think he’s very similar in some ways athletically and in terms of ball-catching skills to Marshall.”

With Chris Johnson back from injury and Andre Ellington still on the roster, the Cardinals don’t have to use Johnson on every down in his second NFL season. Keim’s comments suggest that he’s not going to be coming off the field much in what the Cardinals expect will unfold a lot like those final five games of 2015.

15 responses to “Steve Keim: David Johnson is probably best receiving back I’ve seen

  1. The GM shouldn’t be saying this. Next thing you know Johnson is holding out because his agent is telling him he deserves to be paid like he’s Marshall Faulk. Extremely premature.

  2. Great receiving RBS are hard to find, when they are in college everyone just hands it off to them that’s why anyone from Wisconsin Adrian Peterson and the RBS from Bama are bad 3rd down backs they are use to getting the ball and looking for the hole not getting hit in the flat or picking up the blitz.

  3. Keim should be careful but he started at the bottom as a scout and has already risen to GM do the Year and turned a bottom dwelling franchise around with the hiring of Arians, his drafting ability (demonstrated long before he became a GM), and his many free agent moves and contract situation repair since old GM Rod Graves. He knows what he’s talking about.

    Best thing I like about DJ is how humble and hard working he is. Salt of the earth type guy.

  4. Keim is a top 5 GM. And Johnson is a top 5 RB. As a result, I understand the hate.

    AZ Cardinals SB 51 Champs. You know it, I know it, we all know it.

  5. Drafted him in my keeper league last year, now I have him his whole career…..and I got Gurley, too. 🙂

  6. He is actually better than Matt Forte and I say that as a Bears fan. Bigger, faster and much better between the tackles when you need that short yardage TD or that yard or two on the ground to keep the drive going or the clock winding down. If he stays healthy he will be one of the 10 best picks of that draft class regardless of round.

  7. Steelers and Seagulls fans are the worst. That’s why they troll so hard. Hey, I have an idea – one of those teams could sign a pass-catching back. Oh wait, they won’t do that, because they’re cowards who are married to unoriginal schemes. Remember, Todd Haley is the Cardinals’ trash.

  8. I feel like he has just as much potential to be this year’s CJ Anderson; someone who performed great in a small sample size to close out the previous season, yet fails to be considered reliable over a larger sample size

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