Titans send Dorial Green-Beckham to Eagles

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A year after the Eagles presumably would have liked to have gotten its hands on Tennessee’s first-round draft pick, the Eagles have acquired its 2015 second-round selection.

The Eagles announced on Tuesday a trade that bring receiver Dorial Green-Beckham to Philly in a return for offensive lineman Dennis Kelly.

In 16 games (five starts) as a rookie, Green-Beckham caught 32 passes for 549 yards and four touchdowns. That doesn’t sound nearly as good, however, as the glass-half-full characterization from the Eagles’ press release announcing the move: “Among his fellow wide receivers in the 2015 NFL Draft class, Green-Beckham ranked fifth in receiving yards. He totaled more receptions, receiving yards and touchdowns than six of the seven wide receivers selected before him in the draft, trailing only Raiders WR Amari Cooper (72 receptions for 1,070 yards and six touchdowns).”

Kelly was a fifth-round pick of the Eagles in 2012. Beckham-Green had been buried on the 2016 depth chart in Tennessee; given the team’s commitment to the running game, a player who simply wouldn’t be catching many passes apparently wasn’t worth keeping around — even though it appears that the Eagles initiated the move.

“Not to speak on Philly’s behalf, but they inquired about it,’’ Titans G.M. John Robinson said. “They thought it was a good opportunity for him, and we thought adding Dennis would be good for our football team. We are moving on. I appreciate everything Dorial did when he was here. He bought in to what we are trying to do. But in the end we felt like this was the best decision for the team.”

It’s good to admit a mistake, especially when Robinson wasn’t the one who made it. It remains to be seen whether it was a mistake for the Titans to give up on Green-Beckham.

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  1. 2 immediate reactions to this deal:

    1) The Titans may be deep at WR, and yes I know that Beckham-Green was drafted by a different GM with a different head coach… but WOW, is that early to give up on a 2nd round draft choice.

    2) The Eagles are about to lose Lane Johnson for the first 10 games of the season, and they aren’t exactly the deepest or most talented offensive line in the league… so they are trading away a tackle with starting experience?

  2. not that I’d like the birds to collect players with off-field issues but refreshing to see them bring in some low risk, high reward guys that Chip wouldn’t have even considered

  3. Seems like a very “Titans” kinda deal..

    Nashville got an early taste of success when the Oilers moved there, now they know what Houston went through with that team.

  4. You may have gotten a steal on this one, Eagles fans. DGB had the biggest upside of all the Titans receivers. While he may prove to be the next Andre Johnson, many of us were concerned he would be the next Kenny Britt. Incredible natural talent, just not sure how much he wants to apply himself.

  5. I know Kelly is a 2nd string guy but with Johnson’s looming suspension, does this make sense for the Eagles ??

  6. Eagles fan here, just getting rid of Dennis Kelly is a win. Ive seen turnstyles impede peoples progress more effectively than Kelly ever has.

  7. It’s seems odd to give up on a young talented player that seemed like a good fit for their offense as he is a physical WR that can run block(see DeMarco’s long TD run last week). I know he had many off the field issues in college, I guess the risk wasn’t worth the reward.

    The Eagles know have two young big WR’s in Matthews and DGB, some nice targets for Sammy boy.

  8. I’ve been a fan of all of Jon Robinson’s moves so far, but I don’t know about this one… It was frustrating to keep hearing that DGB was inconsistent and all that, but it seemed like they weren’t even trying to use him. I don’t know how any team could prefer Harry Douglas over DGB. Just the potential alone should be enough to keep him for at least a 2nd season.

    And what did they get in return? An offensive lineman who contributed to DeMarco Murray’s bad season. Great idea!

  9. Lmao. Eagles with the HUGE steal here. First Tennessee botches it by taking Conklin over Tunsil, and now this? For a lineman who will probably be out of the league within a couple years? Must suck to be a Titans’ fan when your GM is this dumb.

  10. The Eagles were never going to be contenders this year. Not sure why people are upset they gave up a career back up O-lineman for a high risk/high reward type of player.

  11. jimmypx says:
    Aug 16, 2016 10:50 AM
    I know Kelly is a 2nd string guy but with Johnson’s looming suspension, does this make sense for the Eagles ??


    I am guessing the coach doesn’t see a huge drop-off between him and the next guy up. It’s not like Kelly was an elite lineman.

    Worst case this is a throw away year for the entire team. Beckham is a move for the future, not necessarily this year.

  12. ……the Eagles WON on the trade…..pure and simple. You don’t give up on a 2nd round WR that’s only in his 2nd year, is big and fast, and isn’t in trouble with the law or isn’t taking PEDrugs (Heck, the Browns have been putting up with Josh Gordon’s nonsense for over 4 years)
    . Kelly is a average lineman at best. Nice move Eagles!!!!!!!!

  13. Seems like a bad move from the Titan’s from everything I read and heard he made a big change in his character from when he was in college and at Mizzou, which is the only reason he went as late as he did in the draft. He had the size and the talent to be good, and also produced for hours rookie year. So I was looking forward to his second year with more touches I think he will be a steal for the eagles paired with Jordan Matthews as long as qb is solid they should put up for numbers.

  14. Dennis Kelly is horrible. I’m trying to figure out who the Eagles could have gotten for him to make it a bad trade. I’ll take a 2nd year 2nd round pick with tremendous upside all day over a turnstile OT. Not too sure what Tenesee was thinking on this one.

  15. i think this trade was a little premature.. 549 receiving yards is pretty respectable for a rookie… not like they have any other guys on the roster who light it up for them consistently

  16. Roseman is sitting there patting himself on the back for landing Odell Beckham for a 5th round lineman.

  17. Before we all anoint the Eagles for having “won” this trade, just remember, Howie Roseman has an itchy trigger finger and there’s a reason why the Titans would be willing to cut bait with a talent like DGB for a middling O-lineman like Kelly.

    We just don’t know what that reason is.

    And I’d be willing bet Howie doesn’t know what that reason is either, and so we’ll have to find out while this kid is wearing midnight green.

  18. He has attitude issues…..so did Randy moss and Terrell Owens. His physical attributes are ridiculous, his speed is amazing. He has top 5 wr in the league written all over him. Chances are he won’t get there, but it’s worth the risk. Whoever the eagles gave up, he’s a journeyman. He will be serviceable and that is it. Dgb could be so much more. And this means Josh huff is gone, which is a bonus within itself.

  19. I wouldn’t assume this means that Huff is gone, not with Agholor and Randle sleepwalking through practices and preseason games (and strip clubs, in the case of the former).

  20. I remember when the eagles “stole” donte stallworth from the saints. He was a 25 something wr with high upside who flashed at times but had a boat load of issues. It feels a lot like that. Buyer beware here. The people that drafted and knew this guy the best are already giving up on him. Eagles don’t seem like they are losing much but with Johnson out ten games and peters aging they better put their qbs in body armour. This is a new age eagels move. Reid knew you won with o and d lines. D line looks good but this online is a trainwreck. Oh how I love the circus.

  21. This is probably a complete non-event. Kelly stinks and DGB is uninterested in playing football. If there was much hope for DGB turning into a contributing player Tennessee would have been able to get more than just Kelly for him.

  22. Eagles have easily won this trade regardless of how DGB turns out. Kelly is nothing more than your run of the mill journeyman Linemen. The fact that he lasted on the Eagles this long is pure luck. The Titans could have kept DGB and got a linemen as close and maybe even better when cuts are made.

    As for DGB, he has potential. Even if he never reaches that potential, or is some how a troubled player that keeps having issues…… At worst, it becomes a wash. I would do that trade a million times over. Honestly, I am surprised that the Titans would do that deal. I feel like something has to be so bad with DGB that they had to get rid of him, because they got almost nothing for him, or maybe Tennessee sees something in Kelly that they can work with and make something special. I doubt the latter but maybe.

  23. Jon Robinson continues to send messages to his team…. Being mediocre won’t cut it in Nashville anymore . But it will get you cut.

  24. I know nothing about Kelly, from the comments here Philly fans aren’t going to miss him.
    DGB wasn’t working out for the Titans so moving him makes sense and because injuries an O-Lineman is needed however I now wonder if we got a capable one.

  25. @psubeerman21 says:
    Aug 16, 2016 11:25 AM

    And this means Josh huff is gone, which is a bonus within itself.
    Early word is Rueben Randle has been a bust so far and could be cut.

  26. Kelly although may have starter experience, is a stand straight up after the snap O-lineman. Only started because of injuries and will remind those watching his tape of an old wild West saloon door blowing in the wind

  27. Eagles literally gave up nothing so a great move to potentially get something they desperately need in return. Hopefully BDawk can talk some sense into the kid.

  28. The world is now finding out what would happen if you placed a run of the mill fantasy football player in barge of an NFL roster. Howie Roseman is going to keep shuffling the players over and over, trading guys and making “awesome value for a wr2” deals. If they go 3-13, it will be pretty clear where the responsibility lies.

  29. Here is what you need to think about. DGB would not even run a go route Saturday against Chargers 2nd and 3rd team. Simply refused to run. DGB talent does not compensate for his attitude and unwillingness to compete. He was likely the 6th or 7th receiver on this team and they arent keeping that many so why not trade him now rather than cut him in 4 weeks. Atleast this way they get bodies on the O’Line to play in game 3 of the preseason. Whether that guy stays or not, its not relevant. What is relevant is timing. This happened Tuesday morning which means someone chewed on DGB’s ass Sunday and Monday and his trade tells you exactly how DGB responded. GOOD RIDDANCE.

  30. How often do guys with little to no NFL success get traded for a pick on par with the pick they were selected?

    With that in mind, Philly probably overpaid here based on history. It MAY work out for them, but DGB and DHB are just one letter off…

  31. “……the Eagles WON on the trade…..pure and simple. You don’t give up on a 2nd round WR that’s only in his 2nd year, is big and fast, and isn’t in trouble with the law or isn’t taking PEDrugs”

    FYI: DGB has been in trouble with the law several times, though not at the NFL level as of yet

  32. Barbre is kicking to RT I read, so Kelly was just a swing guy/backup. This is a good pickup. I am surprised they gave up so quickly on DGB, they must know something we dont or they are just a dumb team

  33. Something doesn’t smell right here. Hate to speculate but maybe there’s a failed drug test or two that hasn’t been made public.
    From a talent aspect this trade is completely one sided, makes you wonder what are we not aware of

  34. lol can’t believe they got anything for kelly , let alone a former 2nd rd’er .
    now , aside from this dude’s herb choice , if he’s got half a brain it’s a plus for howie .

  35. “DGB wasn’t working out for the Titans so moving him makes sense and because injuries an O-Lineman is needed however I now wonder if we got a capable one.”

    You def did not! D Kelly is REALLLY BAD, as in SUCKY suck sucky bad!

    – eagles fan since the 80’s

  36. Having been to a couple of Titan practices it’s easy to see why this was done. DGB was getting beat consistently by 4th and 5th string DBs. We have no depth at OT. The 3rd string tackle is currently starting at LG.

    I’m glad to see Robinson getting rid of all of Webster’s early round project players that never produce. Hunter is next.

  37. gojags says:
    Aug 16, 2016 12:46 PM
    Whats Next? Marcus Mariota traded to 9ers.
    No worries about that happening! Baalke resides in a fantasy world where he believes the team is fine at that position. In fact if Trent were awake and searching, like he should be, he would have made this trade for DGB since his WR group’s ability is another area where he lives in fantasy land.

  38. vikingsdefineaverage says:
    Aug 16, 2016 12:10 PM
    Watch film on DGB and you’ll realize 3 things.

    1. He’s an athletic freak
    2. He needs time to develop
    3. The Eagles are already planning on drafting Deshaun Watson


    I can agree with the 1st 2, but the 3rd one makes absolutely no sense.

    1. The Eagles already drafted their QB of the future in Carson Wentz with the #2 pick in this past draft.
    2. You’re assuming that either the Eagles tanking or that they will just suck that bad. While they may not be a good team, they are far from the bottom.
    3. Even if the Eagles are one of the worst teams or even the worst. The Eagles already traded their 1st rounder for next year, so unless Watson falls to them in the 2nd round, it can’t happen.

  39. Eagle fans, don’t feel too bad about Lane Johnson’s suspension. In 10 games Jason Peter’s quad will have him back on the DL and Johnson will have fresh legs to replace him.

  40. People keep saying this is a good trade for the Eagles based on DGB potential. Thats not even close to being true. This is a good trade for the Eagles based on his production. What he did last year is worth 2 Dennis Kellys. Kelly was buried on the depth chart behind backups Gardner, Vaati, and Tobin. He was the Eagles 3rd string OL even with the Johnson suspension.

    Players of Kelly’s talent level will be littering the waiver wire and free agents after the 3rd week of the preseason, when rosters shrink to 75.

    Even if he never gets better DGB is still the 3rd best wr on the Eagles. With the potential of being top 2 with Matthews.

  41. Meanwhile in San Francisco Trent is sitting on a bunch of 3rd string lineman and no receivers. If this man isn’t fired by December. He has the drop on lil jed!

  42. macjacmccoy says:
    Aug 16, 2016 1:32 PM

    Even if he never gets better DGB is still the 3rd best wr on the Eagles. With the potential of being top 2 with Matthews.

    that is some WR corps.. LOL

  43. Pioniere said:

    “LOL, welcome to the Mike Mularkey era Titans fans!”

    Actually, it’s the Jon Robinson era. With him as GM, even if Mularkey simply improves to “decent,” we’ll soon be reaching the playoffs every couple seasons.

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