Royce West files request for more than $500,000 in sanctions against Dez Bryant


Forgotten but hardly gone, the litigation between Cowboys receiver Dez Bryant and Texas state senator Royce West has returned to the front burner, at least for now.

West has filed a motion for sanctions against Bryant, based on the counterclaim filed by Bryant in response to West’s lawsuit seeking compensation for damage done to rental property. West wants Bryant’s counterclaim to be dismissed, reimbursement for the legal fees incurred in connection with defending against the counterclaim, and an order requiring Bryant to donate $500,000 to the United Negro College Fund as punishment for his allegedly frivolous claims.

The case started with West seeking payment from Bryant of $60,000, the alleged damage that Bryant did to property rented from West. Bryant, in lieu of defending the case on its merits, asserted claims against West based on allegations that West connected Bryant with David Wells, a non-party whose name appears prominently in the litigation, that West “absconded” with more than $200,000 in money owed to Bryant from endorsement deals and other agreements, that West received more than $300,000 in compensation while West “simultaneously was breaching his fiduciary duties and other obligations to Bryant.”

The 20-page brief consists primarily of perfunctory legal mumbo-jumbo aimed at persuading a judge to grant the requested relief. But there are a few interesting nuggets lurking in the materials.

First, Bryant texted West after filing the counterclaim and said, “I wish you thought about it before you thought it was a smart idea to go after me.”

West responded by saying, “I wish you had personally come to me to discuss the damages done to the house.”

Bryant’s reply: “Naw it’s too late for that… How you forget about all of the sh-t y’all put me through… I left that sh-t along [sic] because I wanted to forget about it.. I no longer have sympathy for y’all people.. Just know you started this.”

Second, West attaches to his submission a 2012 “Security Detail and Consultant Agreement” between Bryant and Wells. The document contains plenty of intriguing terms.

The agreement begins by detailing Wells’ responsibilities in connection with then-pending criminal charges arising from allegations that Bryant assaulted his mother. As part of the agreement with Wells, Bryant agreed to a 12:00 a.m. curfew, with limited exceptions, agreed to attend “[a]bsolutely NO Clubs, Strip Clubs, or Parties,” and agreed to submit to random alcohol and drug testing.

As part of the deal, Bryant received 24-hour security services via a three-man crew, at a cost of $16,986.66 per month. The security detail agreed to drive Bryant to all practices and games, with “no friends or family loitering in any facilities.”

Bryant also agreed to pay for the installation of surveillance cameras in his home, with Wells being made specifically aware of “ALL visits to AND/OR from Ilyne Nash and Angela Bryant.” (Angela Bryant is Dez’s mother; if Nash’s name sounds familiar, here’s why.) Bryant agreed to make Wells aware of Bryant’s whereabouts at all times, and to apprise Wells of all “relationships, personal, professional, and acquaintances that will occupy Mr. Bryant for more than just a ‘meet and greet.'”

At some point after that, the professional relationship between Wells and Bryant deteriorated, as did the relationship between West and Bryant. Despite the potential collateral damage Wells and/or West possibly could do to Bryant based on the things they may know based on their work with him, Bryant did not abandon his claims against West before West made the next public move in a lawsuit that could get a lot uglier, if cooler heads don’t soon prevail.

40 responses to “Royce West files request for more than $500,000 in sanctions against Dez Bryant

  1. Wow!!!! The NFL is a real soap opera!!! Dayum.

    Seems like anyone who is anyone who is connected to the NFL has their hands in the pot. It’s not enough money to go around??????


  2. I know the normal thing here is to point fingers at Bryant, but I heard from the Dallas beat that he had to work with the Cowboys to shed these people that were supposed to protect him. I wonder what really went down… and if these folks really did wrong Dez, I hope justice comes from this. Dez should get a restraining order. He’s done well getting himself back on track and shedding the negativity. Don’t let those people keep pulling you down. Continue to surround yourself with the right people, and things will get right for you. Tyron Smith managed to do it, I now Bryant can as well.

  3. Bryant is a hot headed idiot. I have a feeling that not only is he going to lose but alot of things that Jerry Jones and Bryant wish never saw the light of day get exposed.

    If given the opportunity, I’m sure Jerry Jones would’ve paid the $60,000 to make it go away after the PR disaster the cowboys have been in recent years.

  4. Dez Bryant had a lot of growing up to do (and has from all accounts that matter), West on the other hand, is a leech and pariah that has infected our society. Do absolutely no work or invest finacially but expect to be compensated.

  5. You guys are terrible. I get it those documents in the ‘here’s why’ link are public….but do you really have to post the dude’s business from when he was 22. Give him a break.

  6. Don’t know anything about the character of either Wells or West.

    Do know that, early in his career, Bryant repeatedly behaved like a totally self-absorbed, irresponsible punk who acted as though the rules of civil society did not apply to him.

    Has he matured with the guidance of a squad Jerry’s mentors/baby sitters? Apparently, not very much.

  7. Bryant texted West after filing the counterclaim and said, “I wish you thought about it before you thought it was a smart idea to go after me.”

    The next time anyone wants to go after Cam Newton for his poor use of grammar, please keep this silly quote in mind.

  8. The NFL is sure going down the toilet. Way too much drama and rules changes, along with shipping games overseas, only a matter of time before the public gets tired of the garbage.

    Its very sad as the game of football is second to none but it is now a corporate product that stinks.

  9. Love these fans who always blame the players posse or crew or friends. Never the guys fault right? Was it the crew who held Bryant’s mom down so he could beat her up? Dez is a vile uneducated animal. His career is over in about three years. Prison within two years after that. But, no doubt, his posse will be blamed. Wait, never mind, no NFL job no posse. My bad.

  10. “It may be difficult to identify a dumber individual in the United States then Dez Bryant.”

    Not at all: Trump (any of them), Sarah Palin, Johnny Manziel, Justin Bieber, Steve-O, Peter Griffin, just to name a few. I mean come on, the list is endless.

  11. it’s the monkey’s fault, he’s the one that absconded with the loot that’s why he’s on the lamb.

  12. “Bryant’s reply: “Naw it’s too late for that… How you forget about all of the sh-t y’all put me through… I left that sh-t along [sic] because I wanted to forget about it.. I no longer have sympathy for y’all people.. Just know you started this.””

    Yeah he just wanted to forget the 60k he owed because of his own irresponsibility.

    Also blaming the victim for putting Bryant through having to accept responsibility for his own actions.

    SMH The year Bryant was in the draft I was very disappointed the Pats didn’t take him as he was still on the board when they picked. Am really really glad they didn’t in retrospect.

  13. “Punk life.”

    Please stop insulting punks.

    I would place Dez in the bottom feeder/insect category

  14. What a piece of trash Dez is. First he beats up on his mom, now he rent a place, trashes it, and won’t pay to repair what he was responsible for?!?! Last I checked he got a 70 million dollar contract and he is willing to further sully his name over a measly 60 grand. What an idiot this guy is.

  15. If there’s one thing Jerry did right was to hire the 24/7 babysitting security service. Dez is a complete mess, and if he hadn’t hit the genetic lottery for athleticism, he’d be in prison by now. Can you imagine how bad it would be if not for the security team to keep him from hurting himself or others? To their credit, they’ve kept him as straight as anyone possibly can.

    Maybe this is why Jerry thought he could sign all sorts of criminals. It worked when Jimmy Johnson ran the team and with Dez Bryant. I guess he didn’t hire too many security guards for Randy Gregory, Greg Hardy, the underwear-stealing running back, etc.

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