Trent Baalke: Colin Kaepernick’s arm is fatigued, not injured


Colin Kaepernick is still not throwing, but 49ers General Manager Trent Baalke insists that Kaepernick isn’t injured.

Baalke said today that “injured” is the wrong way to describe what Kaepernick is going through.

‘Fatigued’ is the better word,” Baalke said, via the Sacramento Bee.

Whatever word you use, Kaepernick still isn’t throwing a football, which is kind of an important part of a quarterback’s job. But Baalke says Kaepernick still has a chance to earn the starting job, which at the moment appears to belong to Blaine Gabbert.

“Like we maintained all along, Kap’s going to be given every opportunity, just as Blaine is, just as Christian [Ponder] is, just as Thad [Lewis] was. They’re given every opportunity to earn that role,” Baalke said.

But Kaepernick can’t get an opportunity until he can throw. And it may still be a while before Kaepernick’s fatigued arm allows that.

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  1. As a Bronco fan that was at the joint Champ camp practice today, I will say two things about the 49ers…1) Navarro Bowman is still one of the best inside LB’s in the NFL. Dude was everywhere today, and 2) the 49ers 1st round pick, DeForest Buckner is a stud. What a physical marvel he is. Should be very good for a long time.

  2. It’s a game of chicken and nobody is blinking. Everyone is smiling. The 49ers don’t want anything to do with Kaepernick, and Kaepernick doesn’t want anything to do with the 49ers. The 49ers are going to make life as difficult for Kaepernick as they can, hoping he gives in. Kaepernick is just going to come to the facility with a big smile on his face, but will be quick to put on a painful grimace, and grab a shoulder or something, if he’s called on to play. Chip Kelly thought he was lucky to get out of Philly. Lol.

  3. td30 says:
    Aug 17, 2016 5:59 PM

    Thank god this isnt a bronco problem…


    You have a MUCH bigger problem than that, it’s called Mark Sanchez….

  4. I’m thinking he knows he’s the starter and doesn’t want to risk injury. And, I’m pretty sure 49ers management is on board with it.

  5. But, but…he’s an “athlete” right. Put him out as a wide receiver. His arm won’t get fatigued catching passes. Get something out of the bum for all the money he’s making while doing nothing.

  6. danceformemarionetteboy says:
    Aug 17, 2016 6:04 PM

    Richard Sherman should apologize for shattering Kap.


    Delusional doesn’t even come close to describing the 1-2 band wagon.

  7. It’s probably from standing in front of a full-length mirror with a hairbrush in his hand for twelve hours per day.

  8. Not sure why they’re portraying it this way. Seems a good way to utterly destroy trade value. An injury can heal, but “fatigue” seems guaranteed to send any potential suitors running to the hills.

    Maybe they’re just accepting the $11 million hit and deciding they’re going to take down the guy’s career while they’re at it.

  9. 9ers don’t want…Kap wants out…”wink, wink you’re “fatigued” until a starter goes down, then u come back & throw for a week & you’re out the gd door…I’m trent baalke…that’s why it’s come to this…”

  10. Trent to Jed: “Man I really effed this up. I think we should ask for a 2023 7th rounder for him.”

    Jed to Trent: “Youre the man, Trent. I love you.”

  11. Let’s be honest. Kaep sucks. Period. The 49ers also suck. Period. Nothing delusional about that unless you’re a niner fanboy who thinks you’ll crack five wins this season.

  12. Colin Kaepernick had to have three different surgeries this offseason. Dude is beat up, period. But he would appear to be a good fit for Chip Kelly’s offense. You already have to pay him his $12 mil or whatever, so let him get perfectly healthy, start the season with Gabbert, and at some point you can see if Kaep can still play or not later this season. The problem is, the disconnect is between the FO and Kaep, not Kelly himself. No reason to straight give up on the guy now, IMO.

  13. Kap didn’t “have to have” those surgeries. He chose to have them, and delayed them long enough to ensure that the 9ers couldn’t cut him before April 1 when his contract year kicked in, guaranteed for injury. He’s scamming the organization shamelessly, and has no incentive to do anything other than show up and wave a limp arm in the air.

  14. He was always a jerk…but for awhile he could play…and then he turned into a vegan hipster skinny pile of slop…

  15. thegreatgabbert says:
    Aug 17, 2016 8:50 PM
    Kap didn’t “have to have” those surgeries. He chose to have them, and delayed them long enough to ensure that the 9ers couldn’t cut him before April 1 when his contract year kicked in, guaranteed for injury. He’s scamming the organization shamelessly, and has no incentive to do anything other than show up and wave a limp arm in the air.

    I’ve thought the same thing. I’d say any doctor can make the case for any professional athlete that’s played sports nearly their entire life needing some kind of surgery at any given point, the timing for Kaep’s surgeries (well after the end of the season, close to time for the guarantees to kick in) seemed suspicious at the time. I’d say he figured out a good way to make $11mil with minimal effort this year.

  16. HA!

    “Fatigued”. That’s a good one.

    I can only imagine how much of an idiot Trent Baalke feels like for having to say that publicly.

    So, what happened? Did Chip Kelly put Kaaepernick through some crazy insane form of endurance training to see if he is the man to run the offense, and as a result, he’s “Fatigued”? Or is Chip just holding out on his magical super smoothies the way Kaepernick held out on wanting to play for the 49ers this year?

  17. Coach asking to do something he not use to he a runner coach not a thrower, but he do have swag.
    That he do.

  18. Jed. Please. Call your Hall of Fame Uncle Eddie. Pick up the darn phone and stop being stubborn. But clean out your ears first. The guy didn’t win five super bowls because he didn’t how to run a franchise. Eddie won super bowls with different coaches and different QBs. He’s probably the best owner of all time, and he’s your friggin uncle. Call the man.

  19. Arm fatigue from text fighting with Yorke about who’s actually cooler.

    We raise Super Bowl banners baby!

    It’s like Frank McCourt has bought into baseball.

  20. Until the niners get rid of balke they will be bottom feeders. Harbaugh was the real deal and they kicked him to the curb. No coach will be safe with balke in charge.

  21. Besides predictable, this is merely the play he and his agent are making for next year’s salary.

    He is trying to hammer as many checks as he can before he opens he chain of fro-yo’s.

  22. Baalke is playing semantics because the 49ers are on the hook for 2017 if he gets “Injured”

    Notepad is done. Only the 49ers would keep this guy around to save mgmt face and bog down the franchise as a consequence. Time to move on.

  23. This bum is gonna collect millions in “team-friendly” cash.
    I kinda admire squidbert for this, but he has to realize he’ll never be a starter anywhere in this league.

    Good work Jed & Trent.

  24. Smart of the 49ers to keep him on the shelf for “arm fatigue” in the summer, no matter how minor. He probably still has injury guarantees, so suppose he tears a UCL next week and needs Tommy John or something crazy- then SF will be on the hook for his 2017 salary.

  25. Delusional is when you don’t think Sherman sent Santa Clara and kaperchoke down such a hole that it might take fifty years to dig out of. It’s already been 20 and you thought you had it better than everyone, so in your world 30 more should feel great. You’re happy and that’s all that matters. You seemed to be buying what baalke, York, harbaugh and kaperchoke were selling you which was more almost trophies. When they couldn’t believe the lies anymore harbaugh and anyone with the means to get out did. Funny how the “fan base” held on and still thinks they could get this going again. @braceyourselffor12 losses. @ctiggs @niners816 #realitycheck

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