Avenatti says NFL is being cheap with its settlement offer

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On Thursday morning, the Hall of Fame/NFL made a settlement offer to fans who attended a Hall of Fame Game that wasn’t played. Lawyer Michael Avenatti, who filed the lawsuit that sparked the enhanced refund policy, wasn’t impressed by the move.

“Once again, the league is trying to get off cheap with their fans,” Avenatti said. “Our offer of $450 per fan stands and is more than reasonable.  It is a drop in the bucket for a league that pays Goodell $45 million a year and receives $14 billion in annual revenue.  The fans should get what Goodell gets — cash, not commemorative photos, copies of yearbooks, etc.

“If Goodell, the owners and other league execs will take photos, yearbooks, tickets, etc. for the next year in place of cash, so will the fans.  We are not holding our breath.”

The offer from the Hall of Fame/NFL also includes the face value of tickets and “all processing, shipping and handling fees, pre-paid parking purchased through the Hall of Fame, pre-sale reservation fees, and one night of hotel accommodations to eligible fans, subject to appropriate review, approval, and verification.”

Avenatti applied an August 19 deadline to the offer of $450 per customer with no fees for the lawyers. The league has not yet directly responded to Avenatti; Thursday’s move likely means the NFL won’t be accepting the offer.

22 responses to “Avenatti says NFL is being cheap with its settlement offer

  1. If the fans are being properly refunded for the ticket, travel expenses and hotel stays, what am I missing here?

    I hate to defend the lying, corrupt and despicable Goodell, but a full refund is what the customer should be getting.

    The only issue I see is the “one night of hotel accomodations”.

    It should be every single night the customer paid for during the trip.

    No one travels to that thing JUST for the game. Most are already there for the HOF ceremony the night before, and certainly very few are driving home on a Sunday night after the game ends.

    That’s the only issue I am seeing. It’s a bit embarrassing that a multi billion dollar operation penny pinches in these kinds of areas, while continuing to to treat the NFL fan like a moron.

    But, wait! The boogeyman knocked out Ray Rice’s fiancee and Tom Brady has such small hands, he chooses a heavier, slower rotating football and sends in a guy he doesn’t even know to doctor the balls before games, because Johnny Harbaugh and the Colts wanted the Pats weakened in the AFC!

    Didn’t ya know?

  2. Yeah, this is cheap. Too cheap. Could Packers fans get cushions for their bench seats? Then we’d be OK with it.

  3. Do you have a good point. I’m sure Jed York & the 49ers FO would not have a problem with me paying for my season tickets with older photos of Rice, Young and Montana…right?

  4. The league offer is fair, reimburses fans for their ticket and hotel stays, throws in alot of garbage that nobody probably cares about, but its a nice gesture nonetheless. Its a fair offer.

    But lawyers gonna lawyer tho.

  5. Well, by mentioning the leagues revenue and Goodells salary, it is obvious this lawyer is attempting to make the tired big business vs the little guy. League revenues and Goodell’s salary have no bearing on the leagues liability on this issue.

  6. So we have an article about a lawyer who profits from the settlement saying the league is being cheap? What else exactly did you think he would say?

  7. The League will fight it even f it costs more to do so. It’s called spending money to save money. To settle can lead to setting a precedent.

    Insurance companies fight every lawsuit up until trial nowadays too. No more small amount go away money.

  8. Rather than pay a blanket $450 each in a class action, the league would rather do ticket-value + hotel + some other stuff on a case-by-case basis? Are they insane? With the cost of the bureaucracy behind sorting out every single individual case (which will entail an exorbitant number of league employee man-hour$) added on to the settlement, they’re going to spend close to $450 apiece anyway and waste a crap-load of time. They should have just taken the class action offer.

  9. They should be happy they are getting anything back at all. If I travel to watch a baseball game and it gets rained out I don’t get a refund. Before you knuckleheads start saying that is an act of god or whatever, I already know that I’m just saying that any time you buy tickets to a game you risk something happening. I think that offering to pay for the tickets, fees, and hotel room is more than generous. People that expect more is why everything is so expensive. So tired of people suing over everything. Last time I was at a football game the guy at the urinal pissed on my shoes so should I sue the NFL for new shoes? Or better yet $10 million for emotional stress.

  10. Whaaaaaaaaaa.

    The NFL is being cheap.

    When you force the case into court, you automatically are going to have to work toward a settlement – not what you want, but what is willing to be paid.

    This case should be thrown out of court.

    This is like NASCAR having a track develop a hole after a rain that cannot be repaired SAFELY in time for the scheduled event.

    You don’t get your accommodations reimbursed – you just get what you were going to get – a reimbursement for your ticket or a ticket to the next event.

  11. “Avenatti says NFL is being cheap with its settlement offer”

    Yeah that’s a big newsflash there Mr Avematti.

    The shocker would have been if the headline was “NFL is being generous with its offer”.

    When are the scumbag billionaires not cheap? Pretty much never unless they’re spending public money on their own stadium.

  12. NFL owners and Goodell are the classic chameleons. They are greedy capitalist pigs when it comes to revenue, socialists when it comes to paying for their stadiums, dictatorship on player discipline and stingy misers when it comes to reimbursing fans and paying players

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