Chargers attack politician who is opposed to Ballot Measure C

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The Chargers know that they have a steep uphill climb to the 66-percent threshold of votes needed to approve a hotel tax increase that would partially pay for a new stadium. In an effort to win the hearts and minds of San Diegans, the Chargers have decided to target a politician who is opposed to the use of public money for the proposed project.

Via Brent Schrotenboer of USA Today, the Chargers have purchased Facebook ads calling out a 33-year-old Republican City Council member for his position on the effort officially known as “Ballot Measure C.”

Why does Chris Cate want the Chargers to leave San Diego?” the ad says, supplying Cate’s office number. “Please call and ask him.”

“It has gotten personal,” Cate said, via Schrotenboer. “I think having fans call my office will have zero impact on how the measure performs on Election Day. I’m surprised to see this level of investment and how they’re really trying to attack me, as opposed to promoting their position or answering any questions that I’ve raised.”

The effort may be less about helping Ballot Measure C and more about laying the foundation for placing blame on someone/anyone other than the Chargers if the Charges leave town following an unsuccessful vote. Cate will clearly be one of the persons blamed.

“I’m a Chargers fan,” Cate said. “I want them to stay. I do not want them to leave, but at the end of the day, I just think this just a bad deal for the city and San Diegans.”

The deal would consist of the hotel room tax from 12.5 percent to 16.5 percent to fund $1.15 billion in bonds. The league and the team would kick in the remaining $650 million for a stadium that will cost $1.8 billion to build.

And if that’s the initial estimate, chances are it will cost even more than that by the time the ribbon is cut.

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  1. I think he’s right, attacking him is going to changes voter’s minds how? An NFL team prints money, so they should pay for the stadium, the Pats did, and I assume others as well. It’s not like the Chargers are going to create 10,000 new permanent jobs.

  2. This franchise is pathetic can’t even sign Bosa, never won a super bowl and no fan support what so ever!!

  3. A hotel tax is paid by visitors, who don’t look at taxes when comparing room rates. How is having out of towners “buy” you a stadium such a bad deal for San Diegans? Sounds pretty good to me.

  4. *****
    A hotel tax is paid by visitors, who don’t look at taxes when comparing room rates. How is having out of towners “buy” you a stadium such a bad deal for San Diegans? Sounds pretty good to me.

    I’ve been in the hotel industry for over 25 years, yes the tax is mainly paid for by out of towners, however what you don’t realize is that those out of towners have a choice where they hold their conventions. When they compare guest room rates PLUS tax rates, and now it’s 4% more than the already high cost of holding a meeting in San Diego, you will start to see those events and conventions going elsewhere….

  5. Republicans and Democrats alike love the “no welfare for billionaires” mantra. It’s so easy to connect with the low information voter.

    Meanwhile San Diego uses taxpayer dollars to support any number of other entertainment venues, civic and convention centers, etc. Where is the outcry about that?

  6. I’m sorry but with as much money as NFL teams make I find it silly they need public money for their stadiums. Maybe I’d be ok with it if I actually saw a story where the teams actually paid the money back but I’m not holding my breath for that one.

  7. There is value to having an NFL franchise in a city. For those who complain about Billionaires getting tax dollars the real question is whether you would think it O.K. for your city council to pay $1.00 to sway a decision to land an NFL franchise in your city. I assume most would say it is worth $1.00. From that logical point the question only becomes How Much is it Worth.

    The focus needs to be on what is being purchased not on who is selling it. The local Governments are buying something. We don’t squawk when they buy Police Cars from Billion Dollar corporations like Ford. Don’t get hung up on the “worth” of the seller but do question whether the price tag makes sense for your city.

  8. Has anyone noticed how the NFL’s contribution to stadium deals has risen exponentially if the last few years?

    Does the NFL have a “let’s help our billionaire buddy rainy day fund” with hundreds of millions of dollars just sitting around.

    Man if this doesn’t illustrate how much money these owners are making on our favorite “sport”, I don’t know what will.

    Is the obvious rise in the NFL dishing out discipline related to their ever increasing profits?

    Something stinks.

  9. FYI San Diego, Vegas is expanding their convention center. Tread carefully. And yes, I do factor in all costs when deciding where to vacation. 4% hotel tax increase on an already expensive room is something to consider.

  10. Typical RE-CRAP-LICANS!

    Do everything in your power to make sure something fails, then blame everyone else when it does. So typical.

    you get utter stupidity when you vote for a RE-CRAP-LICAN!!!!

  11. Former Charger fan here, please give no public assistance to a billionaire and the NFL. They take plenty of money from the hard working fans now. Let Spanos get a loan from the NFL to do this. Remember the ticket guarantee deal for the Chargers so the games would not be blacked out? How about how the play off ticket package works for season ticket holders? We are still paying for the stadium upgrade from last time and will be for seven more years!. While the proposed tax is on visitors, it is still on the general public, and its just corporate welfare to billionaires who will make even more money off of this.
    Think about this before you vote and follow the money on who will benefit the most. It is not the fans, but the NFL and the Spano’s family. Both of this will be perfectly fine if it fails. Robert Kraft managed to get a stadium built without public money, why can’t the Chargers? But if it passes will make more money off the general public.
    Please vote no on this.

  12. It should be noted that Cate represents the district that covers Mission Valley where the current stadium exists, and where the city had the plan to build a new stadium. A plan the the Chargers quickly dismissed because they want to go Downtown.

  13. “high cost of holding a meeting in San Diego, you will start to see those events and conventions going elsewhere….”

    Hahahaha where they going to go? Arizona? Or LA? Las Vegas? Nothing but 100+ temps, traffic and smog. Meanwhile 75 degree weather with plenty to do and beautiful ocean front.

    You cheap out on that then you’ll lose your clients.

  14. The Charger fans, Aztec Alums, and Comic Con fans need to network and get out the YES VOTE in full force. Losing Comic Con and an NFL franchise are two steps backward in my mind. To retain and modernize are cultural institutions, VOTE YES on November 8th.

    For the 100th time, visitor and tourists will be paying the $350 million portion of the funding, not San Diego residents.. The city would own the stadium, not Dean Spanos. If it was easy as Spanos “just paying for it himself,” it would have already been done.

  15. San Diego is up at the plate with two outs in the bottom of the 9th inning. Dean Spanos is giving us one more chance. Let’s come through and hit a home run by voting yes!! It is time to show the world that San Diego is a modernized NFL city.

    Here is the result if the vote fails.

    San Diego Chargers 1961-2016 RIP

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