Christine Michael’s good summer continues


The Seahawks drafted three running backs in April as they worked to flesh out the backfield in the wake of Marshawn Lynch’s retirement, but it looks like a player who was already on hand will wind up as the top complement to a healthy Thomas Rawls.

Unless Rawls turns out to be a complement to Christine Michael. Michael’s attitude adjustment since returning to the team late last season has been well received by coach Pete Carroll and offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell and his play through the first two weeks of the preseason has been just as welcome in Seattle.

Michael followed up a strong preseason debut with 55 yards on 10 carries against the Vikings on Thursday night. Carroll said he was “really happy” with the ground game and quarterback Russell Wilson called it an “impressive” outing for Michael.

“It feels good,” Michael said, via the team’s website. “The running game is going well. But like the coaches say, you’ve got to be a football player without the ball in your hands. We’ve got to pick up blocks better, we’ve got to catch the ball when you get the opportunity. We’ve got to be complete backs to help Russell Wilson and the offense.”

Things have changed quite a bit in the Seahawks backfield over the last year, but Michael’s reversal of course may wind up as the most surprising and most positive parts of the new look.

11 responses to “Christine Michael’s good summer continues

  1. He’s going to get drafted high in Fantasy Football drafts this year.

    Who knows what he’ll do. Seahawks are overrated, I live in Bellevue. Sorry guys.

  2. Is was happy with 55 yards on 10 carries? Happy with 4 sacks on Wilson. Don’t take lot to make this guy happy. Sure Glad Zimmer aint happy is not happy at all with out his team played .

    Vikings are coming……… Bwhahahah

  3. Vikings 1st string D was on the field or only the 1stQ.

    Our 2nd string D held their own against the Seahawks 1st string offense.

    That’s right, Russell Wilson played the entire 1st half, and we shut them out…..ZERO points.

    Vikings D is the absolute real deal.

    Oh, and Bridgewater and Peterson of course, NEVER STEPPED ON THE FIELD.

    Vikes combo of 1st and 2nd string D, and their offense WITHOUT Teddy and Peterson win the first half, 11-0.

    That is the story!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Vikes will go very deep this year-with a D that is Championship level.


  4. Christine?? Why did his mother give him a girl’s name? Was it a “Boy Named Sue” thing where she wanted to toughen him up?

  5. Wilson was 5 for 11 for 77 yards and sacked 4 times in the first half and no points. But don’t tell those “12’s” that their o-line is garbage. It’s a sign of what’s to come. 7-9 at best.

  6. R.E.L.A.X…… Only you @niner816 and a bunch of hopeful Vikings fans would put this much stock in preseason games. In the last 4 years our starting offense has looked a lot like they have so far this year. We played a good chiefs and Vikings defense. Last I heard games don’t start counting for another 3 weeks and until then these exhibition games don’t mean a whole lot. Your guys’ wishful thinking proves what we all know. The Vikings and niners are so far from being a championship caliber team they’ll take solace in a game on Aug. 18th. That’s the story actually. Over 2 decades of nothing will change your perspective on things. See you week 2 in the real season. More pragmatic niner fans aren’t looking forward to that game.

  7. Change that. It’s week 3 we play your pitiful niners. There’s nothing is this preseason that could change the outcome of that game. Our varsity team is gonna make your JV team look like the 4 win team it is.

  8. The Vikes trolls remind me of that Mike Klis story when the Broncos beat the Seahawks in preseason: “This means something!!!” LOL

    Pitiful when the only happiness the Claranette can get is from other teams.

  9. Now Viking fans are hyped about an August 18th practice? Everyone knows Minn has a strong defense. Unfortunately, for skoal fans, they have no QB and an aging running back.
    Seahawks main goal in these ‘rob season ticket holders’ 4 practice games….figure out who starts where in OL, and no major injuries.

  10. The best part? HE CHANGED HANDS! Maybe I’ll be able to snowboard in hell after all.

    BTW anybody SKOAL-trolling based on a preseason game is… well, I guess you’ve got to get excited about something when you’re the Packers permanent doormat. Don’t worry, guys, Aaron Rogers is already 32 years old, bound to retire eventually.

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