Dolphins shuffle starting offensive line, find better results


Dolphins coach Adam Gase said that the Dolphins were being more patient with their offense than those who wanted them to “bench everybody” after a pair of three-and-outs in the preseason opener, but he did bench a couple of starters from that game.

First-round pick Laremy Tunsil replaced Dallas Thomas at left guard and Jermon Bushrod got the start at right guard in place of Billy Turner. The change didn’t lead to immediate dividends — a sack by Cowboys defensive lineman Jack Crawford ended the first possession after three plays — but things got better as the night progressed.

Ryan Tannehill hit Kenny Stills in stride for a 55-yard gain to kick off the second possession and would have had a touchdown if tight end Jordan Cameron was able to hold onto a pass he should have caught in the end zone. The third drive finally brought the starters their first points of the year when Tannehill connected with Stills for a 13-yard touchdown to cap a 75-yard drive.

Tannehill played one more drive, facing Cowboys backups for the most part by that point, and threw another touchdown to Stills a play after Jarvis Landry dropped one in the end zone.

Tannehill wound up 12-of-20 for 162 yards and two touchdowns for a more encouraging outing than he had against the Giants. He didn’t get much help on the ground as Jay Ajayi ran six times for 19 yards and Arian Foster lost five yards on two carries in his first game appearance with the team.

There’s still work to do, but the night was a better one for the Dolphins offense.

32 responses to “Dolphins shuffle starting offensive line, find better results

  1. They will finish again in the AFC East basement. There’s just not enough talent and depth on this team.

  2. 2016SMC……… Go back and watch the film again. 12/20 for 162 yards is pretty darn good. If a receiver has butterfingers, you don’t dump the QB. That’s kind of like throwing the baby out with the bathwater

  3. 2016StockMarketCrash says:
    Aug 19, 2016 9:56 PM
    Turnoverhill is awful as usual tonight. Until this team makes a quarterback change they are doomed.
    Were you watching the game? Tannehill played extremely well. The second TD pass to Kenny Stills was thrown with power into a very narrow window. That was the throw of an elite QB. Coach Gase has improved Tannehill. It is already obvious.

  4. “Turnoverhill”

    Odd name for someone in the bottom half league for int %.

    Do you have stupid nicknames for interception machines like Roethlisberger, Flacco and Luck?

  5. Tannehill had a QB rating of 119.2. He wasn’t the problem. Defense at every possible position was.

  6. I saw just one solid hit by the D all night ..that’s it. Rashad Jones belted a guy running the sideline in the opening drive. Other than that hit I didn’t see any football players that had Dolphin uniforms on.

  7. Tanny has averaged ONE pass per game over 12 yards if you factor out run after catch….

    he’s never ever going to be a real franchise QB, no matter how much Phins management wants to pay him to pretend he is

  8. Looks like another year of going home before the playoffs, Am I right chippy? Ya know it.

  9. 2016StockMarketCrash says:
    Aug 19, 2016 9:56 PM
    Turnoverhill is awful as usual tonight.

    Clearly you are just trolling and have no command of any level of intelligence. Tannehill had a QB rating of over 119 and was dealing all night. Had multiple TD passes dropped that were on the money. He was by no means the problem.

    I suggest for you to go play in traffic.

  10. Though I do like Tannenhills QB rating, he hasn’t shown those numbers translate into sustaining drives and putting points on the board. The kid is still young and should improve his decision making with some stability with the coaching staff and offensive philosophy, but to date he has been more of the problem than the solution. Fans are fans, but facts are facts. He just hasn’t made that step to winning QB

  11. the offense looked typical… D+
    the defense looked like garbage… F-
    if this is what we have to look forward to? –
    we’ll be once again at the bottom of the AFC East!

  12. enough with the following insanity about Turnoverhill

    1. his great QB rating
    2. his passing yards
    3. his TD passes

    52% or more of these stats are accumulated in garbage time when the dolphins are trailing by a wide margin.
    it does not mean a thing when you are down in the 4th qtr and desperately need to put points on the board and you can’t game after game.
    He has proven for 4 seasons he cannot lead his team to a win, that’s all that matters the rest are stats and stats are for losers and no Gase is not turning him into Aaron Rogers or Tom Brady either.

  13. Ironically, the Trolls have picked on Tannehill all week and he was not the problem (119 QBR with 2 dropped passes in the end zone. In fact, Tannehill, Stills, Pad and Suh were the only players to show up. Koa Misi and Byron Maxwell are the worst!

    Since I am a true Dolphins fan, I have to find something positive: it was a closer game by mid 2nd Qtr. The Cowboys left their entire Starting OLine in beyond that. While not taking anything away from Dak, he was facing 2nd string and then the Matt Moore Disaster followed by the even bigger Doughty disaster. The Fins are not a good team, but they can be. It is still Pre-Season. The Pats and Jets struggled with bad teams too. Wins and losses don’t matter. It is a Coach’s strategy for how they address the games. At least I keep telling myself this.

  14. So being a “true Dolphins fan” means drinking the kool aid over and over no matter how bad it taste and saying thanks?
    These are the same fans that sell their tickets online and make every dolphin home game an away game.
    Worst fans in the NFL by far.

  15. Only preseason but that game kinda reminded me of the last few years. Huffed and puffed on offence with a lot of help from penaltys and a defence that has big holes, they have a sort of pedestrian feel to them. Also I recommend any special team player that blocks in the back gets cut, it has to be the dumbest penalty along with running OB and then being the first to touch the ball. Do these players know the rules surely the coaches do some work on that front.

  16. Let’s forget Tannehill for now! Let’s worry about the underachieving DL. Let’s worry about an invisible LB corps. Let’s pray that the flashes of competence we see in the secondary will amplify into a solid unit. If we go back to the Marino era, when we had a great offense, you have to remember that we had no defense. We lost games when the other team had the ball last.

    If Gase gets the offense up to par, we could still lose every game because of a porous defense. It maybe a long season. Tannehill may be the least of our problems. Let’s hope that other teams cut some people that we can use. Let’s hope that the DL plays better when they are getting paid. Let hope that injuries don’t decimate this fragile team.

    Enjoy the roof! GO DOLPHINS!

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