Matt Jones heads to locker room with shoulder injury

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Quarterback Kirk Cousins was one of many Redskins starters to get the night off on Friday and one of the few who did make it to the field had to leave early with an injury.

Running back Matt Jones came down hard on his left shoulder on the second Washington possession of the night and went right to the sideline after the play to talk to members of the training staff. Jones then left the sideline for the locker room. The team announced he’s getting x-rays.

Jones is the leading returning rusher for the Redskins and is expected to hold down the No. 1 job with Alfred Morris now plying his trade in Dallas.

Chris Thompson and seventh-round pick Keith Marshall are the next two backs on the depth chart, which would almost certainly mean an addition to the group in the event Jones has to miss any serious time.

UPDATE 9:26 p.m. ET: The Redskins announced Jones has an AC sprain.

13 responses to “Matt Jones heads to locker room with shoulder injury

  1. imo its great that a team would give this guy a second chance despite his drug issues. i was a big fan of his on the jags and still think he can be elite. i just wish teams would be wise enough to do the same for johnny football.

  2. td30 says:
    Aug 19, 2016 8:24 PM

    They really took Alfred Morris for granted…


    Did they ever!!! I have no idea why they were so eager to jettison Alf after last season.

  3. We are pleased as punch to have Alf!!!!!! Talk about a humble, team player, from all the reports I have read! Redskins may possibly be regretting that decision…….

  4. Alf was a great guy, loved him. However his pass blocking and receiving skills leave a lot to be desired and he wasn’t bouncing off guys last year like usual. That’s why they didn’t resign him.

  5. Agreed. They let their main work horse go. He was a tough resilient guy. This Matt Jones guy just seems to look lost back there. They should bring Pierre Thomas back. He had a better year last year than this Jones guy.

  6. Uh oh is all I can say. Should never have gotten rid of Morris. And not playing Cousins? Bizarre. Your hot-and-cold guys need to be in there.

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