Ladarius Green says headache rumors not true

Steelers tight end Ladarius Green told reporters Saturday that he isn’t sure where rumors that he’s been held out due to recurring headaches started and insisted he remains on the physically unable to perform list due to offseason ankle surgery.

In denying those rumors, Green said he’s “confident” and “optimistic” he’ll be able to play in 2016 and scoffed at prior reports that insinuated he may never play again.

I am wondering who said this,” Green said. “I don’t think I spoke about retiring no time soon. I am only 26, so I don’t think I am retiring anytime soon.”

Steelers Coach Mike Tomlin has said little about Green, who’s yet to practice with his new team after signing with the Steelers in March, but last week insisted that Green remains on PUP because of the ankle injury.

Green had two concussions last season while playing for the Chargers but said Saturday he doesn’t think he has a concussion problem and remains focused on getting his ankle healthy enough to allow him to return.

Green said his ankle is “still weak but it’s getting a lot better. The ankle still isn’t 100 percent yet. It is still not there yet. There is still stuff I have to work on. There is still stuff I am pushing toward, but it is getting better.”

17 responses to “Ladarius Green says headache rumors not true

  1. “I don’t think I spoke about retiring no time soon”.

    Sounds like he is going to fit in with Pit fans perfectly.

  2. ben roethlisberger has cataloged this ailment for future pre-game excuses for potential defeats.

  3. “tokyosandblaster says:
    Aug 20, 2016 9:12 PM

    This franchise is broken. ”

    ^Another absolutely clueless comment. Yeah, a team that made the playoffs and has a potent offense is “broken”. Thanks for showing how clueless you truly are.

  4. So basically you’re taking almost a whole year to recover from an ankle injury? Not sure what’s worse.
    Get on the field already.

  5. San Diego to Pittsburgh? 0 Super Bowls to 6.
    Greatest franchise in North American sports.
    Depression? Seriously?
    I hope the LA Chargers have smarter fans.
    Steeler game last year IN San Diego was a home game for Pittsburgh.

  6. ‘Green said he’s “confident” and “optimistic” he’ll be able to play in 2016″

    Do those two words even belong in the same sentence?

    Where there is smoke, there is fire…the headache story didn’t just manifest itself.

    I was looking forward to seeing him on the field…But now, I doubt he plays a down.

  7. There are a whole lot of great post on this site about how players have screwed up while playing during the preseason….

    Ladarius Green need not apply….

  8. I can see the shallow end of the gene pool is well represented. Think about it Sat night trolling a Steeler thread? TedMurph what’s a matter no one to bully ?

    This guy needs to hit the field soon.

  9. Besides most players go for money since football is such a short career and they need to be set for life once they leave. I don’t blame them there..
    But since we are talking about championships. Since Pitt has 6 I guess all those teams and players that never won any should be taken out of the hall of fame. A lot of those guys never even played in a conference championship game er alone the Super Bowl

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