Maclin, Joyner ejected for fighting

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It used to be the Battle of Missouri, and apparently the bitter preseason feelings between the Rams and Chiefs still exist.

In the second quarter of Saturday night’s preseason game in Los Angeles, Chiefs wide receiver Jeremy Maclin and Rams cornerback Lamarcus Joyner were ejected for fighting.

A preseason ejection is one for the scrapbook.

Maclin caught three passes for 48 yards and a touchdown before throwing punches got him sent to the locker room of what has been, at least by preseason standards, an entertaining game.

The Chiefs took a 20-14 lead into halftime.

10 responses to “Maclin, Joyner ejected for fighting

  1. This was nothing. If this “enforcement” carries over into the regular season, guys are going to get ejected every week. I like a clean game of football, but this was nonsense.

  2. If this is a sign of the new NFL then flag football is the next step. I’ve seen bigger battles in line at the grocery store

  3. I feel like I say this about the NFL every other day, but this is absolutely pathetic. They shoved each other for 2 seconds. Is the plan to eject 20 players a game, because that’s what’s going to happen if this rule is enforced the way it was last night.

    We get it. This is your non-admission for completely screwing up the Beckham/Norman fight and the Steelers/Bengals playoff game. Non-apology accepted. Cut it out before it effects a real game.

  4. I’ve seen worse fights between patients in nursing homes. This better be just a ‘warning’ for the regular season and not the norm or the NFL will become unwatchable.

  5. Joyner should have been gone. He threw a punch. Not sure if Maclin gets tossed on this in regular season. I doubt it.

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