Doug Whaley: Guys below Karlos Williams surpassed him


The Bills cut running back Karlos Williams on Saturday, ending his stay with the team after one season that saw Williams run for 517 yards and score nine touchdowns.

That production would seem to be enough to earn a second season, but Williams didn’t help his cause by earning a four-game suspension to start this year and showing up to spring work overweight. General Manager Doug Whaley called the move “strictly performance based” and that he was “so far out of reach” of his target weight that other backs were zooming past him on the depth chart.

“I think it’s just all on the field,” Whaley said, via the Buffalo News. “I mean, if he’s not out there being able to perform and he can’t perform at the level we expect him to, then that’s on him. So it’s not a question. I always say the information makes the decision and the information was he wasn’t ready to play and guys underneath him surpassed him.”

The suspension and lack of conditioning may keep teams from clamoring to add Williams immediately, but last year’s work should help him when he’s eligible to play and if he can get himself back into football shape.

18 responses to “Doug Whaley: Guys below Karlos Williams surpassed him

  1. So they cut the rookie who scored nine TDs and kept the punk that beat up off duty cops….. No wonder the Bills haven’t sniffed the playoffs in over 16 years…..

  2. Karlos Williams doesn’t have the heart or commitment to be a professional football player. Another team will give him a shot but I doubt he will make an impact again in the NFL.

  3. Bills would have been better at RB with an in-shape, dedicated Karlos Williams. They will be just fine without him and what he has let himself become.

  4. Bills made the correct decision. Williams was running last among RB’s in training camp. This sends a message to all who think football is not a year round job. I just hope Rex was the Bill who cut Williams.

  5. joetoronto says:
    Aug 21, 2016 10:04 AM

    Going anywhere else is going up, because Buffalow is as low as it gets.
    No, I would say being you is as low as it gets.

  6. Not a Bills fan, but I completely agree with their decision to drop him. He may get his act together and be productive somewhere else, but he probably needed this as a wake up call either way.

  7. @butwhatabouttheintegretyofthegame
    It is obvious you didn’t see the Bills Giants game yesterday. The Bills look dominant all over the field. I know you’re just nincompoops and don’t understand football, but real NFL fans can see a monster rising in the AFCE.
    It’s the same 6-7 dimbulbs every Bills post. Must have been kicked out of the stadium for peeing their pants or something. Nothing better to do ? No life for them.

  8. Thank God for the Buffalo Bills, what would Joetoronto have?

    Poor guy. The Buffalo Bills are the narcan to his heroin (Oakland Raiders).

  9. Anyone on the jills roster would be outplayed by any high school player, what’s your point? You can’t assess talent? You’ve had the worst drafts in recent history? You’re over your head? You’ll never get a job with a real NFL team?

  10. Some of you people will just complain no matter what the Bills do. If they had kept an overweight, out of shape, suspended Karlos Williams it would have been “typical Bills and typical Rex, no discipline blah blah blah”
    And when they release Karlos, it’s the same “typical Bills” comments.

    Some of you just like to complain about the Bills and Rex no matter what they do.

    I actually have high hopes for this season. Lots of you have joked about Rex’s “all in” slogan this offseason. But the defense sure looks like they are all in and could be a scary unit to face. We will see soon enough…

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