Hip injury could keep Mike Pouncey out for Week One


The Dolphins shuffled their starting offensive line for their second preseason game and they’ll have to do it again for the final two exhibition contests.

The shuffling may extend to the regular season as well. Center Mike Pouncey hurt his left hip in their Friday night game against the Cowboys and coach Adam Gase said on Sunday that Pouncey will not play again in the preseason. Gase added that the injury could also keep Pouncey out for the start of the regular season.

Pouncey had surgery on his right hip this offseason, but had not been limited during training camp as a result of that issue. Any extended absence in the regular season would be a blow to the Dolphins’ hopes of having a stronger offensive line this season.

Miami moved Laremy Tunsil and Jermon Bushrod into the starting lineup at left and right guard for the Dallas game. They may be flanking Anthony Steen, currently listed as the No. 2 center on the depth chart, if they remain in the lineup for the Dolphins.

23 responses to “Hip injury could keep Mike Pouncey out for Week One

  1. TB12RALLYCRY says:
    Aug 21, 2016 3:43 PM

    It seems like every year there an annual trip to the injury list with the Pouncey brothers…………
    Not unlike Lewis and Vollmer.

  2. He’ll play and I see the dolphin 2016 market crash troll has nothing better to do again. Are you going to post 5 times or more on this thread again?

  3. Think the Pouncy brothers feel stupid for the “Free Hernandez” hats?
    They may be too stupid to realize how moranic the hats were.

  4. Steen is actually pretty good and a decent Run blocker, but needs work on the Pass Protection. Certainly better than the Jamil Douglas and McClendon experiment. I think Pouncey is average and I’m getting tired of the injury shuffle. We seem to let guys go all the time like John Jerry who is an excellent Guard with the Giants. It is the constant reshuffle and new schemes that make these solid athletes look and perform horribly!

  5. TROLLS= Donald voters. ……..no cure for stupid, so the trolls don’t realized how stupid they are. Bill

  6. noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    (echo sound)
    hopefully Gase has a backup plan, last coach had nobody.

  7. “Samson Satele, white courtesy phone. You have a call from…
    Adam. Gase.”

    Curious to see this Steen go hard in the “dress rehearsal” 3rd game this Thursday, but having a guy like Satele around never hurts. Especially with an off injured Pouncey.

  8. The Pouncey brothers are like pretzels. They collect the big bucks and spend their time injured, not playing. Neither of them are not anything special anymore. The Dolphins needed to draft a center, but…….Another 6-10 season for the Fins.

  9. The Dolphins love signing the injured and then overpaying them when they play a few games. Pouncey, Albert and James only played 4 games together last year. Ajayi was hurt, Foster was hurt, and Parker was hurt. Let’s see, Wake, Williams, Alonso, Misi, Maxwell, Howard, and Delmas have been significantly injured! Who will be left by December?

  10. Plenty of alligators in Florida now a bunch of Crocs. Just hope the other sick notes can get through the preseason. Kind of been waiting for the bad news. Every team has injuries but from past experience we never find that gem or backup that the class teams find. Hopefully that will change.

  11. I hate to admit, but I’m beginning to buy into some of the –
    “dumpster fire” talk…well at least to the point where –
    I believe there’s been a flammable substance put in the dumpster….I’m just now hoping there’s NO spark!

  12. 2016StockMarketCrash says:
    Aug 22, 2016 2:24 PM

    The Dolphins have never won in NE with Brady starting.
    Last non Brady win in NE was 2000.
    At home Dolphins are 5-5 over the last ten years against NE.
    Sept. 21 2008 Dolphins 38 N.E. 13
    Did you purposely forget that one?

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