Chargers prepare for regular-season opener without Joey Bosa


More than three weeks ago, the Chargers opened training camp. Defensive end Joey Bosa, the third overall pick in the draft, is still not under contract.

Days after news that the two sides had been talking sparked optimism that a deal will be done (PFT reported that, as of last week, the two sides still weren’t close), there’s no tangible evidence that Bosa will soon be joining the fold. As explained by Eric D. Williams of, the Chargers are preparing for Week One as if Bosa won’t be there.

Via Williams, coach Mike McCoy also declined to provide a timetable for getting Bosa ready to play if/when he signs, but it sounds as if he’ll be thrown into the fray.

“We’re going to play everybody,” McCoy said. “If you have a uniform, you’re going to play. And that’s what the good teams do up front. They’re going to rotate everyone and keep everybody fresh.”

For now, the Chargers would have to go deep into the rotation to get to Bosa. He’s currently listed as a fourth-string player. By the time the regular season starts, however, he’ll surely be higher on the pecking order, primarily because the roster will drop from 90 to 53.


41 responses to “Chargers prepare for regular-season opener without Joey Bosa

  1. The Chargers are doing their best to make sure Bosa is a Busta…what a waste of a pick, it’s negligent on their part to take such a hard stand on such a trivial matter

  2. Has he signed a contract or could this seriously get to a point where he doesn’t get paid? If no contract you’d think he’d eventually cave vs team.

  3. Would Bosa still be sneering at the Charger’s offer if there wasn’t already NFL pedigree in the family?

    Entitled brat.

  4. Regardless of who folks think is right or wrong, unfortunately this kid is going to be behind for a good portion of the season even if he shows up tomorrow. Not good for either side.

  5. What a joke. Chargers are nickel and diming a rookie when they should be focused on passing a stadium referendum.

    Unfortunately for Bosa, the leverage is on the Chargers’ side. Even if he sits out all season and re-enters the draft… 1) there’s no guarantee that the Chargers won’t pick him again (seriously!), 2) he will almost certainly drop farther down than the third overall pick, which would 3) cost him a lot of money.

    We can argue all day if he was worth the number 3 pick. There’s much less to argue about the Chargers handling all of this very poorly.

  6. Serious fail on the Chargers part with this guy. Didn’t do their homework and as a result can’t handle what should be a done deal by now. Wow…

  7. The Chargers are nuts. The way rookie contracts work all most all of the first years salary is signing bonus, which he will be guaranteed whenever he signs. The actually first year game salaries are small so he will be losing very little even if he sits out.

    Unless they are willing to flush a 3rd overall pick down the drain they need to sign him sooner rather than later.

  8. Remember when Gus Ferotte injured his neck by running his head into a wall after a touchdown?

    This contract dispute is literally the figurative representation of that act.

    Gus is the Chargers, Bosa is the wall, and the Chargers brass are ramming their heads into it after what should be a triumphant act (drafting the kid 3rd) by running into it for no good reason.

  9. This is freaking ridiculous. Not a Chargers fan, but how in the name of Sam Hill do you draft someone #3 and not get them to camp.

    San Diego, pay attention. They want you to vote Yes in November, but the Chargers and it’s ownership will nickel and dime you, short-change you the same way they are doing Bosa.

  10. It’s time for Bosa to get a new agent and new advice. What makes him so special when all the other players are in camp competing.

    It reminds me of something I heard in Navy bootcamp. 100 men are marching; everyone’s on their right foot except Johnny and his parents are in the review stands and his mom tells the dad, “Look honey, everybody’s on the wrong foot except Johnny.” Well, that’s Bosa.

    This is what happens when rookies feel privileged before suiting up for an NFL game.

  11. Maybe Joey should take a long look at himself in the mirror. He has received extremely poor advice from his family and manager (and he doesn’t know it).
    What surprises me most is to date he has been incapable of correcting the situation. The team isn’t backing down on the offsets language. Just because your family played in the NFL 30 odd years ago, doesn’t mean that their advice is relevant to today.

  12. Now it’s a pride issue for the chargers.

    And they will look so much better when their 3rd pick looks clueless on the field and is targeted by offenses.

  13. It’s the owner.

    I still can’t understand why the other owners wanted to give Spanos the inside track to Los Angeles.

  14. Bosa is obviously going to re-enter the draft next year and two things will happen.

    1. The Chargers will end up with nothing for the #3 pick.

    2. Bosa will go nowhere near #3 next year.

  15. What a dumpster fire of an organization. Don’t want to give your #3 draft pick the same contract that other #3 draft picks get because that’s not the “Charger way”. I am on mgt’s side for many of these disputes…..but this is just silly and cheap.

    This kind of stuff is the same reason they are not in LA right now. When it came time to do the LA stadium presentations, the Rams went full out and the Chargers had an intern do a powerpoint. Even the team who supported the Chargers (over the Rams to LA) were left shaking their head.

    I feel bad for anyone who roots for this team (and I’m a Lions fan for gawd’s sake).

  16. shockhawk12 says:
    Aug 23, 2016 4:04 AM

    What an idiot this kid is- His agent outta be horse whipped…His value to his team this year is evaporating as we speak..DUMB
    Not surprising this comment comes from the biggest bandwagon fan base that didn’t exist 5 years ago……The chargers are asking Bosa to do something no other high draft pick has done since the new rookie wage/draft bonus ect was put into place. Some one asked what makes him special, hes the freaking 3rd overall draft pick. Im with bosa on this one and wouldn’t sign, what makes the chargers so special that they think they can do something that no other team is doing. Either way is going to be bad for both sides IMO.

  17. Spanos takes a dump on the draft, then takes a dump on the stadium effort, then diarreahs all over San Diego for good measure. id rather have the clippers back in SD at this point.

  18. Some pretty biased views as if this is just SD’s fault.

    Tom Telesco had no problem w any other rookie deals in his 4 yrs w SD and the 8 or so yrs before in IND as Director of Player Personnel so this isn’t as one sided as the posters above would have you believe.

    The deals for the 2nd and 4th pick are similar in terms to what the Chargers want. No offset and part of the SB paid in 2017.

    In Bosa’s case he is getting 75% of his SB in 2016 and only $4.25B in March 2017 ( 2 1/2 months later).

    This will get done but the league will take notice of who Bosa’s agents are.

  19. Do the Chargers think they are improving their chances for their stadium proposal this fall by being stubborn with a top 5 pick? I’ve been a Chargers fan for a long time but their incompetence baffles me sometimes. Just pack up to LA already.

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