Former NFL camper Jeremy Deering arrested for grand theft and fraud

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Jeremy Deering made his way through three NFL camps, and since he went to Rutgers, one of them was inevitably the Patriots’.

His next destination could be much different, and could involve an orange uniform.

According to Greg Auman of the Tampa Bay Times, Deering was arrested in New York on an outstanding warrant and booked in Tampa on felony grand theft and fraudulent check charges.

The 26-year-old Deering, who bounced between offense and defense at Rutgers, also spent time with the Raiders and Jaguars.

He tried to cash a pair of fraudulent payroll checks worth a total of nearly $9,000 at two different banks in June, which were drawn from a credit union in New York.

6 responses to “Former NFL camper Jeremy Deering arrested for grand theft and fraud

  1. ANOTHER PATSIE ! The list of ex-Paties getting arrested is getting longer and longer. Pretty soon it will rival the now defunct Alcatraz in number of ex felons housed

  2. Keep bleating the cheater lies kids.

    This guy never actually played for the Pats, and was booted almost before his 2 minutes with the team were over.

    Oh that’s right that doesn’t meet the narrative of your bleating.

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