Karlos Williams goes unclaimed on waivers

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No one wants Karlos Williams.

Williams, the talented running back who was cut by the Bills on Saturday, has passed through waivers unclaimed. That means all 31 other teams had the opportunity to pick Williams up for his very affordable salary as a 2015 fifth-round draft pick, and all 31 other teams declined.

That would have seemed shocking not long ago, as Williams has undeniable talent: As a rookie last year, Williams averaged 5.6 yards a carry and scored seven touchdowns.

But Williams has a number of off-field concerns: He had character red flags heading into last year’s draft, he reported for offseason work out of shape and overweight this year, and he will be suspended for the first four games of the regular season for violating the league’s substance-abuse policy.

Ultimately, NFL teams concluded that those issues make Williams more trouble than he’s worth. If he can keep himself out of trouble, he’s likely to get another opportunity at some point. For now, however, he’s an unrestricted free agent.

29 responses to “Karlos Williams goes unclaimed on waivers

  1. It doesn’t make sense to waste a roster spot on him right now since he is 20+ pounds overweight.

    Once he trims the fat, some team will pick him up.

  2. Seems odd that Ted Thompson wouldn’t pick up a fat and lazy running back on the waiver wire when he drafts them in the 2nd round. Although, it is possible that Ted doesn’t know about the waiver wire.

  3. If Rex cut him because of character…he has reached rock bottom.

    No player discipline in Buffalo, on the field and off of it.

    Their QB better have career year…or …TIMBER

  4. Now is is safe to say he is a bust?


    A 5th round bust? Really? No…probably not.

  5. Move the family back in with Mom, use new McDonald’s salary to buy more pot. Meanwhile, his mom can support the girlfriend and baby with her SSI.
    Problem solved!

  6. I’m surprised nobody picked him up. The suspension in a weird way could actually be somewhat of a benefit to him and his new team at this point because he needs time to work himself into shape anyways, so he likely wouldn’t be able to contribute in the first 4 games anyways, but with the suspension he wouldn’t even count as a roster spot while he’s getting in shape.

  7. Work his way back into shape ? He weighed 267 when OTAs started in April. Dropped down to 255 then ballooned back up to 267 again. He had 5 months to get in shape. Plus people forget, both times he missed games last year was for concussions. So it not hard to see why no one picked up a player that’s subject to concussions, can’t maintain his weight and is suspended 4’games He is a good player but not that good.

  8. He had some good games but he’s no gambreaker.
    Hopefully some chick didn’t get pregnant from him with the thought that he will provide paychecks for the next 18 years.

  9. i dont get everyone piling on this guy because of the weight… Jerome Bettis played 12 years at 255 lbs… and he was 2 inches shorter. As long as he can still play, why not pick him up?

  10. After EJ Manuel, Karlos Wiliams, and Nick O’Leary I’d be surprised if Buffalo ever drafts another FSU player.

  11. He was a locker room cancer, with many teammates “tired” of him. If the Bills, the most tolerant team with troubled players dump you, with the No:1 running attack, you’re a problem. There may also be another failed drug test on the horizen.

  12. Get some Weight Watchers or Jenny Craig now Karlos!!!

    Your career’s in jeopardy.

    Hell, if your weight is down by the end of your suspension, you could reunite with Jameis Winston in Tampa.

    Their kicker stinks by missing 1-pointers. Maybe you can get them 2-point conversions with a slimmer look.

  13. I wonder if he’s worth Miami kickin the tires?
    Not for Bills playbook mining ( who cares, right ?) –
    just decent RB to add to Foster & Ajayi….plus he’d have 4 games off to watch game film & exercise.

  14. finfansince68 says:
    “I wonder if he’s worth Miami kickin the tires?
    Not for Bills playbook mining ( who cares, right ?) ”

    The Bills have a 5-1 record over the Dolphins over the past 3 years. Maybe they should care. Would be the only way the Dolphins don’t get swept for the third time in four years.

  15. canetic says:
    Aug 22, 2016 6:00 PM
    After EJ Manuel, Karlos Wiliams, and Nick O’Leary I’d be surprised if Buffalo ever drafts another FSU player.
    Ronald Darby breaks that mold thankfully.

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